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I took a half day off from work today. I didn't feel like taking the whole day off today in protest since I didn't really have anything planned to do, say community service wise, so I didn't feel there was a positive point for me to be out all day just to protest Prop 8 and marriage rights.

No offense to those who called in gay today, I just felt like I do more by being in the office. my whole team knows that I got married a month and a half ago to Chris, so i think that does more for awareness than anything else. I remember that I didn't exactly come out and say anything right away about the wedding to my co-workers, but I had to tell my boss just incase there were any HR issues I needed to tackle.

My boss wanted to make a big deal about it to the team, but I didn't think it needed to be. I haven't worked here for even a year yet, and I don't know all my team members that well (I'm kind of quiet at work), so I didn't want anyone to be offended or anything. My boss eventually leaked it to the team and everyone was pretty positive about it. One of them asked me why I didn't announce it to the team. I told her "Have you seen how many McCain stickers are in the parking lot?" My fears were allayed, and I found my team is very accepting.

Another reason not to call in today was that all of my co-workers saw me last night at the holiday event. The company took us out to Main Event - sort of a Dave and Busters type of place, but with crappy food. I managed to win in bowling and wiped up on trivia against a large group of managers. I not only wanted to boast, but not appear that I shrugged work off the day after the holiday party.

While I won on bowling and trivia, I didn't do so well at lazer tag, but wasn't the biggest loser (that gal had negative points) and ended up working a sweat.

So what did I do with my half day off? After going to lunch I went over to the mall thinking that it would be less crowded than usual, which was true. It's been cold, and we try not to turn up the heat too much in order to save money, so I wanted to get some pajama pants or sweats or something. Well, the mall closest to us isn't good for such mundane items.

The lowliest store there is Dillard's and although they do have a large big and tall selection, it's all overpriced. Since retailers are having a difficult holiday season, just about everything was 25% off, but even at that, I think those should have been the prices to start with. I know I'm cheap, but come on, $40 for sweats? I guess I'll wait until late January when all the winter stuff is 70% off.

I got home and I took Joey for a walk before it got dark. We walk for about 45 minutes. I worked to catch up on some little projects I've been needing to do, including changing the vehicle registration in my car. While I have the car door open and went back to get some Windex, Joey just jumps into the car, plops herself in the passenger seat and waits. I thought that she'd get out as she usually associates getting in the car with going to the vets or to the pet hotel. She's never jumped into the car voluntarily without coaxing from Chris or I.

I waited a bit to see if she would get out, as I had finished removing the old sticker and placed the new one on (Check the Date, Love Your State, the sticker says). I went back into the house and she just stayed there, so I got the keys and we decided to take a drive in the nearby neighborhood to see the holiday lights. Just the dog and I. Joey doesn't get very excited about car rides, and she didn't try to hang her head outside the window or anything. She only got excited when she saw someone walking another dog on the sidewalk. Once we got back into the garage Joey was ready to jump out of the car and go back to doing the normal things she does around the house. Those being eat, play ball, chew on her bone and of course, sleep.

Well, now I should get back to the laundry so I can say I did put some of this time to good use.
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Joey, originally uploaded by eggwards.

Joey wants you to vote, especially you Californians who can vote NO on 8, so her daddies can stay married.

She's been told that both of her daddies have voted for change. They voted early.

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It's been a low-key Thanksgiving around here. As usual, I had to work the day after Thanksgiving, since the Stock Market is open that day, but this year because my department is so understaffed, and so behind, we were asked to come in for a half day on Thanksgiving. Since I wasn't traveling, and there were no plans until later that night, I went in. Heck, for double time and holiday pay, I'll take it.

Even though I'm really down on my job and am looking for something new, I do have to say that there has been some good with all the overtime I've been able to accumulate this year. I've been a good boy and have been applying much of it to larger credit card payments. Oh, and gas, of course. I guess the Thanksgiving paycheck will go to buying Chris his Christmas present.

I haven't purchased Christmas cards this year...maybe I'll just go without this year.

Mikel ([ profile] soonercubntx) cooked up a nice Thanksgiving dinner for us he was also showing of his new HD-DVD player. Of course Chris goes out on Saturday and picks up a Playstation 3 because they were giving away 10 Blu-Ray movies with it. We are all set here, with both the XBOX HD-DVD player, Blu-Ray in the Playstation and the Wii. There's no new game or movie release we can't see here.

Chris is almost through with the new Ratchet and Clank game for the PS3. It looks really good in HD.

Joey has a friend over this week. He's Fidel the basset hound and we're sitting him for a friend. Fidel doesn't smoke cigars as far as I can tell, but he does have a little of that basset hound smell. It's fun to watch him hop his way down the stairs. He's a little gluttonous and has eaten Joey's food as well as his own, so we have to keep them apart to feed them.

Joey has been in alpha dog mode trying to make sure Fidel knows who's house this is. she's not mean or anything, but their play together certainly shown signs of dominance play. Joey is a natural herding dog, so you see she's trying to make Fidel go where she wants. They like to try to out nuzzle the other. No biting or scratching, just nosing each other around. It's funny to watch. It reminds me of Zoolander where the guys are "breakdance fighting."

We have been trying to save money by resisting turning the heat on - and wearing layers. I think I might break down and turn it on tonight though, the cold damp weather gets on your nerves after a while. We did go out to the mall where it was warmer today. I know our nearby mall is pretty empty on most days, even this time of year. The mall has too many luxury stores, and few practical ones. It was interesting to note that the Apple store was the most crowded place there.

Of course the usual thanks to partners, pets, family, good fortune and health as goes this season.
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My mind is everywhere right now.

*First, I'm watching Kathy Griffin tonight, and she's gone to the GAYVN's (though she never call it by name) and they show a shot of the audience and I say to Chris, "oh, there's that porn star that killed himself last week." I suddenly, why do I now so much about porn stars?

*We ran out of dog food last night so I thought, on the way home I'll pick some up at the pet store where the attractive guy works. He was there, and I'm lugging the 40 pound bag of food around, and nothing. He lets the girl check me out and that was that, I'm carrying a 40 pound bag of dog food to the car.

Well, I text Chris to say I got the food, and he doesn't see it before he goes and gets a 40 pound bag of dog food as well. So he gets home, sees that we now have 80 pounds of dog food and proceeds to tell me that the cute pet store guy (Pet Shop Boy?) actually said hi to him. *sigh*

*Hmm, I kind of missed the Baseball All Star Game tonight, didn't I? I saw a little bit of Home Run Derby last night when we were over at Michael ([ profile] mikeybeartx) and Michael's ([ profile] starzcub) house, but there really isn't much reason to watch all-star games in any sport.

*Why is there such a big race for president right now? Because we want these guys, almost any one of them, to take over right now. Every day it's more denial, more corruption, more riding roughshod over laws. A majority of American's want the Vice President impeached, almost as many want the President, too. I do have to say I'm glad to see that American's are realizing that Cheney is the more dangerous of the two.

*Alright, now the thing that has me on edge right now. I have an interview on Thursday within the company, and it's in the form of a demonstration. I'm to demonstrate my skills as an instructor in a class room setting. Today I was given my assignment and I have to come up with a lesson plan and actually teach the subject for my interviewers.

The plans aren't that difficult, but i've been given a lot of time, 45 minutes to teach something that's basically rejecting a request, so I'm trying to find things to fill the time without over padding it. I'm unfamiliar with their training production region in the imaging system (paperless office, so they say), so I'm trying to figure out how I can best explain how to get the work into the system, and even better - out of it when they go to do practice items.

In the screen-out interview I told them that I've done training before, and I've written curriculum for my old company, but right now it feels like years since I've done that (six to be exact). I'm finding myself to be a little rusty on planning.

Still, I sold myself well, I thought, so they won't be the only one with expectations to meet. I want to wow them and show them that I deserve this position much more than someone who only has seniority on me. I have to show them that my skills as a trainer trump their knowledge of the companies policies and procedures.

I'm nervous. There's six other candidates (down from 12) going for this and none have my skill, but I feel like I have something to prove here. I feel like I have to crap a rainbow out of my ass or something.

Now if they'd only give me some time on the clock to prepare for this crap!
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Over the weekend Chris and I actually went out and were social. We skipped the True Colors tour on Saturday, though we knew people would would be there. I was a little wary of going out on Saturday night to the Denton County Bears pool party not only because I didn't know too many people who were going to be there, but also because i was a little mad from not being able to get a haircut. Yep, good old vanity. Seems like all the cheap ass haircut places were full of people, and after working yet another saturday morning, I really didn't want to have to wait around reading stale magazines waiting for the one or two people to finally get around to me.

Sadly, our friend the stylist has left the haircutting industry to pursue other interests. Good for his wallet, though. Good for our hair too, because although he's a friendly guy, he gets a little attention-deficit disorder when he's cutting and kind of forgets spots.

We made it out to the pool party fashionably late, but not so late to chow down (are we not bears?). I met some nice folk, didn't freak out once I got warmed up, and had a good time. On sunday our little neighborhood had a get together out by our pool. Again, it was tough to meet people I didn't know. Even after living here a year and a half, I really don't know any of the neighbors. Only one of them recognized me from walking Joey occasionally. Still, it was good to put some faces to townhomes around the area. People started to bring their dogs and eventually the dogs were swimming in the pool - and none of the people were. Joey stayed fascinated by the water, but didn't jump in. I'm not so sure she really cared for the other dogs, except for the big lab puppy who she felt needed to be put in his place.

I think it's both Chris' and my goal to be a little more sociable and get out more often. Over the last few months we've been homebodies and really haven't gotten out much. We do know people, people that haven't moved away, and maybe it's time we started calling a little more often around here.


Otherwise, in one of those looking back themes that will crop up from time to time in these 40 days, I find that I don't watch old movies. Pretty much anything prior to Star Wars (1977) is out, and certainly anything in black and white. I know this leaves a ton of really great films out, heck, most of the AFI top 100 are pre '77, but there's just something about old movies that makes me want to go do something else.

This isn't the same for old television shows. I'll be happy to watch a black and white episode of My Three Sons, or Bewitched. I love watching reruns of The Monkees or Green Acres. Perhaps it's just the timeframe involved, 30 minutes vs. 90.

It's not that I've never seen an old movie, there's plenty of old Disney films I've seen, animated and not, say, the Computer Wore Tennis Shoes? There's also Song of the South which I saw on one of Disney's re-releases sometime in the 70's before they pulled the picture for good in the US. I wouldn't make a big effort to go see them again.

that's another part of it, I rarely re-watch movies. I see them once, maybe twice, and that's it. I don't buy many DVD's because I really don't re-watch them. Even my Kevin Smith movies sit in a box, unwatched. The movie I've likely seen the most is either Airplane or Sixteen Candles because they ran on Showtime all the time in the summer during high school. they seemed to show The Wiz a lot, too.

Part of this may be due to my Dad. He's such a fan of John Wayne and WWII movies that he'll re watch them over and over. I don't know how many times I've seen parts of The Fighting SeeBees or The Searchers or Force 10 From Navarone. I never saw Saving Private Ryan because it seemed like it would be the same thing all over again, just with Tom Hanks.

There's something about needing to move forward in movies that's bigger than my need to move forward in music listening. I love to find new music, and listen to what others of you are listening to, but I like to mix that in with favorites across the last 60-70 years. Movies seem to be more of an in-the-moment thing. I caught a few minutes of Deep Impact on cable the other day and I was already thinking that the movie looked dated.

I'm sure I could ask for, and get a hundred different classic movie selections, but really, I'll stick to trying to see new stuff and the movies i've missed over the last few over the weekend watching The Italian Job, which was fun. Of course it's based on a classic Michael Caine movie that I really have no desire to see.

Of course that doesn't mean I want to see every remake, either. At this moment, I'm still thinking of skipping Hairspray.
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Good weekend, beautiful weather, and running around trying to get things done before this week's TBRU festivities. Chris and I got our pre-run haircuts. We didn't spend as much time as we should have cleaning the house for our incoming guests. Especially bad as Joey has totally eviscerated a rope chew toy and there are strings all over the house.

I spent much of the day yesterday watching Chris play softball. I felt kind of awkward as I'm not on a team. I felt even more awkward as I don't know anyone on Chris' team, and most of the people we played with last year were playing a field over. I spend most of the doubleheader with my nose buried in a Series 7 book, studying the driest material ever. Did not make for a lot of fun. Perhaps I made the wrong decision about softball, but I didn't hear anyone clamoring for my poor playing skills.

As I had a lot of trouble with tickets for The Police, I'm kind of wary to buy tickets to the Cindy Lauper/Erasure/Margaret Cho tour - the one I'm calling Gays take over the Smirnoff Pavilion. What a great venue for a super gay tour. It's not so much the tickets price or the acts, but that the tour supports the Human Rights Coalition (HRC). I'd be much more interested if it benefited an organization that I felt did more for the community than make little stickers, have big, fancy fundraisers, and build itself new headquarters. I'd much rather support GLADD, NGLTF or Lambda Legal.

OK, in my way of trying to be the person who ends memes by doing them last...go ahead, ask me questions. I'll try to answer them soon, and it will get me up and writing. I've been kind of silent of late.
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I'm a little upset that I didn't get tickets to go see The Police in concert. Tickets went on sale this past Saturday and while I was at work, actually working, I forgot to log on and slog through the site to order tickets. There's also that thing about a concert in late June that kind of makes me forgetful about it on a day in March.

By the time I remember that they had gone on sale, it was Sunday morning and the first show was sold out. In a 20,000 seat arena. And they added a second show. And it had SOLD OUT as well! I was actually kind of stunned. I didn't think that the police were thought of so fondly, and I didn't think they'd get such a response since a). those who want to see Sting with a lute would be disappointed, and b). most people under 30 have never heard of the group since they broke up in 1986.

I then decided to take a look on the secondary market, and there were all of the tickets. Ticket speculation is just as big of a market as PS3 resales were - for about a week. Something tells me that if you can get tickets to shows easily, you could make a good living on the resales of those tickets.

I didn't need good seats, I just wanted to be there, but when the furthest seat in the arena was now going for twice the original $50 selling price, I decided that this was a concert event I was just going to have to miss. It's sad in a way, but then again I have seen The Police before. It was my first concert, and the first one that my parents let me got into Houston for. that was the 1984 Synchronicity tour and it was at the Summit - now Lakewood Church. Sting wore the big red, yellow and blue outfit from the Synchronicity II video. Ahh, those were the days.

I really have better things to spend my money on, but it would have been fun to see the same group...several years older. perhaps they will come again. Heck, the Stones still tour.

Personally, I'm looking forward to more new acts, like seeing the Scissor Sisters next week!


Otherwise, my friend Jerry ([ profile] goofycubb) sent me some questions to answer...

1. Do you miss Houston? Me? :) LOL

I'm finding hard to believe that it's been almost a year since I was last in Houston. My parents worry about me!
I don't miss the city so much, but there are a few places - namely Beck's Prime and James Coney Island. I also miss the ripcord and wish I could move all of those places up here. I also miss driving on Memorial Drive. As for you, I really wish you were here to watch the Amazing Race with! Or just to hang with. Those were good times. When are you coming to visit us? :-)

2. Will you ever go clean shaven again?

Well, most people who know me these days have never seen me clean shaven. I think the last time was 1994, and i have no plans to do it again.

3. What is the strangest thing that someone has said while you are in bed making whoopee?

Generally I'm the one who comes up with the bad puns and such! I guess it was the mutually crazy conversation about Bears releasing genetically enhanced pheromones on a dance floor, triggered by thumping dance music. It was at TBRU, and the sound created for this - "Paaaft!" -became a catchphrase for the weekend.

Let's just say that mixing the two of us in bed was not only fun, but also a lesson in non-sequitur thinking.

4. What is under your bed?

Occasionally Joey, but otherwise it's the surge protector outlet strip that powers the CPAP.

5. Did your mom ever catch you masturbating?

Thankfully no, thanks to a lock on the door, but occasionally she did try to open the lock with a coat-hanger. This would normally be when she was mad at me for something. I'm not so sure what she would have done if she caught me with a Muscle and Fitness magazine in one hand...
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It's now been a year that I grabbed up some of my belongings and moved into this house. It's been pretty good. I certainly love the TV! The companionship has been nice too. I'm also glad to have a dog in my life again. It's taken a little getting used to, having Chris around everyday as opposed to the weekends that we had shared previously.

Sure, we're both a little tough to talk to, and occasionally it's lead to some misunderstandings and some hurt feelings, but I'm going to guess that happens with every couple. Personally, I don't know. It's still my first time around. Still, I think we have learned to understand each other better in the past year and hopefully we'll get even more in synch.

Of course we're both pretty darn stubborn. I think I beat him in this in a lot of ways, especially with my eating habits. Chris doesn't like that I won't eat veggies, and a lot of the recipes that he knows have something in them that I won't eat, so we just end up going out to eat all of the time. It's something I need to work on because Chris would like to cook more and I could use to save some of the money we spend going out.

The real gripe about the big move has been the job. I won't dwell on it much tonight, but let me say that I think I was told things about this job that it clearly isn't. Still, I'm happier that my current boss is much more receptive to my wanting to do more, and be more than my previous one who only talked to me at my review. 2007 is definitely about setting myself up for, and getting a better position.

One of the biggest changes was the sleeping arrangements - and I'm not just saying this because we had both slept on the same side of the bed when we were single (on the left). I made the move over to the right. However, there's a study that said that couples get less sleep than singles do, and I believe it. The study says couples lose up to 49 minutes of sleep a night. I haven't seen exactly why this is, but I have some ideas.

for one, you're somewhat conscious of your partner while you're in bed. Not just in the way that when they move you might wake up, but there just seems to be a little instinctual thing that makes you a little bit aware of their presence. I know that when I move around I kind of "feel" where Chris is, so I won't kick him.

Strangely, I'm usually the one who stays in my zone. It's probably from the many years I have spent in a twin bed, even as an adult. My tossing and turning can be kept in a relatively small space. I think that this technique was improved over many band road trips where I'd have to sleep with someone in a hotel bedroom, and try not to touch them because I was scared that the other person would think that I was "that way".

Chris will slide his legs over to my side of the bed sometimes. I don't know why, but he likes to sleep diagonally. Since we both have CPAPs and are usually connected to tubes all night, we don't get to do a lot of spooning. Spooning's nice, but it usually wipes both of us out for the next day.

Of course there's one other element that has changed our sleeping arrangements over the last month or so. Joey the Dog has been joining us at night because my soft heart doesn't like sending her out to sleep on the porch on a cold night. She's a big 50 lbs lump who likes to sleep on top of the comforter in the space right between Chris and I. Somehow she steals the comforter off of me on many a night.

She's gained the privilege to sleep with us as she can stay still for most of the night. I remember when she was a puppy and I'd be over we tried to let her sleep with us, but she'd run around and bark and yes, she once peed on the bed while we were in it. Now that she's grown up (she just turned three), she's usually well-behaved. As it gets warmer again, I think we'll put her outside at night, so I hope she doesn't get to used to it.

For a few years I did sleep in my small twin bed with my family's wiener dog, Fritz. He was a pretty big dachshund, so there wasn't a lot of room for the two of us, but he liked to burrow under the covers. Joey certainly does not want to be under the covers. She likes to sleep where she can have a good view of everything.

There's a nice feeling, though, of once you put your CPAP mask on, that there's someone there who loves you. Just as you drift off there's a light touch from your partner, or maybe you hold hands for a little bit. It's nice, and reassuring.

Of course, it's a big bed, which is great. We go to hotels and suddenly we're in this small bed and there's no elbow room! Talk about having a tough time getting to sleep! I guess we're both guys who need our space. Still, our bed's up pretty high, so there are times where i worry that I may one day fall out of bed - though it's been years since I've done that.

Yeah, my life changed quite a bit over the last year, but it's been a good thing, something that's helped me grow up, and be more responsible in thinking about two instead of just one. Decisions I make, and the moods I express effect him, and his effect me. It's a different world.

I love being here with Chris. Really, it isn't about Dallas. I haven't found all that much to brag about, city wise. It's all about the relationship and learning about Chris and learning about myself. It's about the everyday lives of two people, and the difference in everyday living as opposed to dating, or just seeing each other on special occasions. Luckily the transition has been a good one.

Though I'd say I'm most grateful I didn't have to buy an HD-TV of my own!
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Over the past weekend, Chris and I got out of Dallas due, luckily, to a bye weekend in the softball schedule (and let me tell you, it was time for a break in the softball schedule, but that's a post for another time). We drove down to Austin, primarily to see Randy's ([ profile] lostncove)play, 9x9x9.

Chris boarded Joey for the day, and we left mid-afternoon, because we wanted to clean up the carpets as Joey has been shedding up a storm. The drive, both there and back seemed to take a long time. I'm not sure if it's just the fact that I haven't been doing drives for distance for a few months now, or that I-35 through Texas is just that crappy of a road.

We stayed at a Holiday Inn on Town Lake, and had a great view. I was disappointed that the "roof top" (of the parking garage) pool was out of commission. Where's that Roaming Gnome now? I spent a little more on the accommodations that I would normally because A. If it's just me, I'm a cheapskate, but I wanted us both to be comfortable and B. this is the closest thing to a vacation that I'll get for a few months, so i might as well.

It was interesting knowing that so many of our friends were moving, or planning to move over the weekend. We called Jerry and Teddy while we were on the road, and they were just crossing back into Texas, moving Teddy from California.

We went to the show, and like anything I've seen in Austin, it's in a little out of the way something that's now called a theater. I've seen a couple of shows in warehouses, one in a house, another in a basement, and now one in a theater that was, in it's former life, a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. As the House Manager put it, "I guess they decided to sell when they figured out they weren't of the 144,000 who would be saved."

After seeing the play, I caught Kate ([ profile] katesmash) the theater troupe's leader, and a performer,in the lobby (apparently the changing rooms are the bathrooms, too), and she thanked us for coming. We talked about the play for a bit, as we were both remarking on how we had heard Randy's premise some three years ago, and were interested in seeing the type of play it would become. Kate said i should write a review, and I will, but I'm putting it at the end of the post, and behind a cut for those who don't care, and those who don't want any spoilers, should they want to see Randy's "Apocalyptic Dysfunctional Family Comedy".

Chris and I went out to Amy's Ice Cream after the show for a little treat. I wish they had them here in Dallas, as they are far superior to the Cold Stone or Marble Slab joints. Any place that encourages it's scoopers to try to juggle your ice cream, and makes Guinness Ice Cream is a winner in my book.

After that we just went back to the hotel. I guess I had considered heading out to the Chain Drive, but when it came down to it, we had both worked a lot of hours at our jobs that week, and getting some more sleep was highly prized over seeing the club crowd.

Sunday morning we got up and met Mike ([ profile] austinmike) and David ([ profile] davidtx) for breakfast at the Magnolia Cafe (where I first met Randy and Kate a few years back). not only did we have a great time getting to know these guys, but I also got some great Gingerbread pancakes. Delish!

Then we just killed some time. I thought about going to one of the caves that dot the area, but when it came down to it, the better caves were a further drive than I was wanting to make. We thought about shopping in San Marcos, but neither one of us really wanted to spend the money, so I saw the sign for Aquarena springs and decided to take a turn.

Aquarena Springs has certainly seen it's better days. For years it was run as an attraction were girls from the nearby college would don mermaid suits and waive and do a show underwater in this clear spring as people watched in a submerged theater, or from the glass-bottomed boats that run through the small lake. Even the addition of a swimming pig couldn't save the attracting, with it's cable cars and tower, so it fell into disrepair.

Now Texas State University owns the property and uses it to study the natural springs and the surrounding aquifer, and the boats still run, more as little classrooms and an extra revenue stream. The mermaids are gone (working at Hooters, I bet) the cable cars don't run, and there's just a small aquarium, showing you the same fish that are in the lake. Of course, there's a gift shop, too, looking a lot like it did when it was opened in the 1950's.

On the drive back, we saw CJ (the former [ profile] prowlerbear) for a few minutes. he was taking care of Charlie, who was sick, and would be going under the knife sometime this week. Hopefully he is well.

Why is gas in Austin 20 cents cheaper than it is in Dallas? Again, there's many reasons to like about Austin (except for traffic, that would drive me nuts). After that, it was back to the road, and a few hours later we were back in the Metroplex, much to the joy of Joey, who was glad to see us.

Now for the review of 9x9x9... )
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Take this picture of me a couple of days ago...

Add our hunky barber, Oscar...

Click Here For The Results )


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