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Good weekend, beautiful weather, and running around trying to get things done before this week's TBRU festivities. Chris and I got our pre-run haircuts. We didn't spend as much time as we should have cleaning the house for our incoming guests. Especially bad as Joey has totally eviscerated a rope chew toy and there are strings all over the house.

I spent much of the day yesterday watching Chris play softball. I felt kind of awkward as I'm not on a team. I felt even more awkward as I don't know anyone on Chris' team, and most of the people we played with last year were playing a field over. I spend most of the doubleheader with my nose buried in a Series 7 book, studying the driest material ever. Did not make for a lot of fun. Perhaps I made the wrong decision about softball, but I didn't hear anyone clamoring for my poor playing skills.

As I had a lot of trouble with tickets for The Police, I'm kind of wary to buy tickets to the Cindy Lauper/Erasure/Margaret Cho tour - the one I'm calling Gays take over the Smirnoff Pavilion. What a great venue for a super gay tour. It's not so much the tickets price or the acts, but that the tour supports the Human Rights Coalition (HRC). I'd be much more interested if it benefited an organization that I felt did more for the community than make little stickers, have big, fancy fundraisers, and build itself new headquarters. I'd much rather support GLADD, NGLTF or Lambda Legal.

OK, in my way of trying to be the person who ends memes by doing them last...go ahead, ask me questions. I'll try to answer them soon, and it will get me up and writing. I've been kind of silent of late.

Date: 2007-03-19 04:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
If the Smirnoff is that horrible-horrible amphitheater at Fair Park (the one that changes names every few years), I think it's the lamest venue ever!

Have you experienced it?

I saw Barry Manilow there and insisted I'd never go back. Then, I went with a buddy who had free tickets to Peter Gabriel. The venue was so oppressively bad, we left after four songs.

But, in more positive news, if your icon is of your new 'do, it's killer-good.

Date: 2007-03-20 12:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Smirnoff as a venue, yes, it sucks. Most of the outdoor "sheds" do. Smirnoff as a name of booze goes well with gay events, except for those who are recovering. Still, dallas has plenty of venues. I think the Smirnoff probably gave them the cheaper price, as the better arena concerts seem to be going to the American Airlines center.

Also, and all day concert out there? Really, not my favorite idea, and this is from someone who goes to ACL. At least ACL's food isn't from Aramark.

The pic is pre-haircut, but my hair doesn't chage that much, so it's roughly the same. Perhaps you'll see it in person this weekend?

Date: 2007-03-20 01:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Did you ever catch mononucleosis? How did it sort out, if your answer is yes.

Date: 2007-03-20 12:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Nope, never had Mono. I've been good staying away from most of the nasty stuff and i have all my original parts...except for foreskin (thanks parents). Now my left ankel's been broken and reset, but that's about it.

Otherwise, besides colds and flu, broncitis (sorry, i can't spell this), chicken pox, and whooping couch are are about the worst I've had.

Date: 2007-03-20 12:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, and I really like the new picture!

Date: 2007-03-27 03:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
it was nice meeting you. i added you to my lj


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