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Chris and I were out at lunch at BW3's today, mainly to get our trivia fix on, since the Thursday night Cowboys game meant we couldn't go there on Thursday (too crowded). When we got there, we noticed one of the handles for a player was "AIDS."

NTN/Buzztime usually screens out offensive player handles (though I have seen "BLOME" before) so we were surprised to see that "AIDS" was allowable.

The question is, was the handle being used to raise awareness for World AIDS Day today, or was it just another immature joke. We don't know who was playing it, so there's no definitive answer.

In my own juvenile twist I changed my usual handle to "AZT" and made stupid comments like, "I'm suppressing AIDS" and "the lead AIDS has is diminishing!" I know, its silly, but how many times do you get to say, "AIDS is going down!"

Both of us managed to beat AIDS for each of the three games we played. Ahh, if it were only so easy.
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It's been a pretty busy weekend here. I guess I did get a little jump start on being more social. We saw Hairspray on Friday night which was good. much better than I thought it would be. Travolta seems to be in another movie, or doesn't get the joke, but he does OK. The new Tracy, Nicole Blonsky, does a really good job with the whole thing, but it seems, thinking back to my recollection of the original movie Tracy get's the spotlight. in the new film they turn the attention away from her at the very end, and highlight her more famous co-stars. The new Tracy is so good, I wish they would have let it play out as it once did.

I just finished Michael Tolliver Lives which is a good book. Not high literature or anything, but a good solid read. It has much to do with getting older and the changes your relationships with people take, so it resonated a lot with me, even though the character is 15 years my senior.

I finished that book so I can now get on to reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Yes, I'm one of those people as well, but I tend to read at a more leisurely pace, so I probably won't be finished with it for a couple of weeks or so. I don't think I could - or even would like to devour the book like some have done this weekend. I fully expect to have the ending spoiled for me by the time I get through, if not by LJ (and some of you have already come close...) probably by Chris.

Chris bought me a copy of the book when he got his on Saturday morning. we bought two because I didn't want to wait on him to finish before I got started, and I thought he would take it on his trip to Miami coming up. Well, Chris is already half way through it, only slowed down by some training he needed to do and my desire to pick up comic books. I guess I could have waited and would have had it in my hands by Tuesday. oh well, we can always give a copy to a library or something when we're done.

We went to Zeus because their 7th anniversary sale included discounts on the new titles, so it was a good deal. Richard ([ profile] dedagda) was very excited about his upcoming trip to Comicon. I know it will be cool for him because he goes in as the reigning champ of store owners after last year's Eisner win. We talked a lot about what new TV shows they might introduce at the con. I mentioned The Bionic Woman, Chuck and New Amsterdam (which I think has been retitled). Perhaps they will talk about the upcoming plans for a Shazam! movie, or the long awaited Watchmen flick.

One of these days I should go out to Comicon. It sounds like a total nerdy blast!

Chris and I finished the weekend going out to Dave and Busters for their dinner and tokens special where we earned a lot of those yellow tickets at things like skeeball and those strange coin drop games. Unlike say Chuck E Cheese, the food is pretty good and you don't feel like a dork playing skeeball next to a 10 year old. Still, most of the prizes you can win for those tickets are made for those much younger than us, though I don't know anyone who needs a set of clip on dolls of the Blue Collar comedians.

I also picked up some new music, including the new Magic Numbers album, which is good. We did miss Entourage tonight, so we haven't totally gotten our fill of pop culture this weekend.
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*Last night I spent a nice evening at a New Year's Eve party filled with lots of bears, some I knew, some I didn't. Really, it's the same place Chris and I have been for the last three years on New Year's Eve. Maybe it's four now, I can't remember. It's a nice, easy-going party and I felt just fine being there. Hooray!

The theme for the party was Blue (last year it was red) and I had the blue margaritas. It seemed that a lot of people were very ready to see 2006 off.

*I see that bearciti is finally up and running after advertising it for a year or more. The site is decent, but it will take a lot of work to get the traffic that 411 has. That's really the reason people go there. Bearciti seems well put together, but I still like the bearlix interface better, especially with the changes the owner made recently...but again, rarely is anyone online there.

*I mentioned to Vance in a reply about Super Monkey Ball, the Wii game that doesn't always work, that I enjoy Wii Sports and hope they will come out with a Wii Sports II soon. Wii sports has the right sense of "anyone can play" keeping the simplicity that went with things like Atari Tennis.

Chris and I were trying to come up with possible games for Wii Sports II. Wii sports already has tennis, bowling, boxing, golf and baseball. Here's some of the suggestions we had for the sequel:

Hockey, Curling (I like the thought of having to sweep in front of the stone), Volleyball, Basketball (perhaps just horse), Water polo, Ping pong, Bass fishing, Soccer, Skeet shooting and Motocross.

Perhaps they should have a Wii Olympics too, but I'm not sure that you'd want to have a hammer or javelin throw with the Wii Remote. Still, there were Decathlon games for the Atari 2600 and even Steeplechase. Swimming and Diving could be interesting, though. Skiing and Snowboarding might work as well.

Some of the ones we thought wouldn't work included Figure skating (though having to have a two-player figure skating couple sounded hilarious), Tetherball, Powerlifting and Jogging. I don't think that Trampoline or Gymnastics would be very good.

I wonder what I'm missing, sport wise? Perhaps I should send in a request to Nintendo now. It's interesting how this system and Chris' interest is renewing my interest in video games. of course everything on TV is in re-reuns, so that may be having an effect as well.

Now if I could just get the old Superman game for the 2600 again. It was incredibly cheesy, but fun!
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Well, Christmas has come and gone and the new year is nearly here. Really, Christmas was very low key around here, almost quiet really, though our friend Oscar came over. He slept on our couch for most over the day, but hey...

We played a lot of Wii stuff last weekend. I forced Chris to finish The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess so I could learn the finish of the story. Again, it was fun trying to figure out the puzzles and what was needed to defeat each enemy with Chris, still i know I don't have the co-ordination to play the game with Chris.

I'll admit that I like the Wii, and I've played a lot of the Wii Sports games, which I like. I also like to check the Mii Channel to see how many Mii's have shown up from other people We have see about thirty in our parade lately. Just let me know if you want our Wii number to connect up!

Of course there's some time when the Wii controllers are not a good thing, and that's when the moves you have to make don't make any sense. We played Wii Sports with Oscar on Christmas Day and it was a lot of fun, but when we tried to play the party games on MonkeyBall: Banana Blitz and the controllers didn't seem to work. The games had you tilt and turn the controller to target and move your character, your monkey, and it made no sense, and half the time it didn't work!

As for Christmas gifts, I gave Chris some clothes, including three shirts from Threadless that haven't managed to find their way through the mail just yet. I also got him all three of the Xbox games from Burger King and they weren't half bad. The one we liked the most was Pocket Bike Racer as we could race each other. Pretty good for a $4 game.

Chris gave me a new wallet which I need to exchange with my current one that's falling apart. He also gave me a Roomba Discovery which solves both the problem that he wants me to vacuum more, and I think the little robot is so damned cool! It's a really great thing, and Joey the dog loves to bark at it.

I have to tell you that i wish I could have done more for Chris this year. I just couldn't come up with a "wow" gift this year, even with going out to the mall last weekend, looking at several online stores and checking some gift giving suggestions. My lack of inspiration, plus the fact that I didn't have a lot of money to spend his year meant that it was just so-so gift giving experience. Chris had already done tons about getting videogames, so I knew I didn't want to just get him another one. Oh well, I'll just have to work harder in 2007.

As we get closer to 2007 it makes me sad that Mikel ([ profile] soonercubntx) will be moving to New York. It's been great getting to know him this year, and I'm happy that he's getting to move to a city he really wanted to be in, but it's hard to watch another friend leave the area. There's been too many people leaving Texas in the last little while, and there's more to come when Alex and Jay go back to Boston soon. We need to import more guys here.

They've announced a National Day of Mourning for President Ford and it's January 2nd. That means that the stock market will be closed. One thing that's odd is that the stock market has only been closed for four days in a row (the weekend, New Years Day and this extra day) once before in my recollection, right after 9/11. Still, Ford only served half a term, maybe he should only get half a day?

Still, my workplace has said that we'll have to work on the second. This will be interesting because most of our industry competitors will be closed (as will banks and post offices). It will definitely be an odd day coming up. I'd so rather have the day off. Heck, we don't even get a jeans day. An email was issued today making sure we knew that the office would be open, but we would be allowed to take some time to grieve appropriately sometime during the day. Personally I think my grieving may take about eight hours.

Of course you have to ask, when W goes, will there be a day of mourning at all?
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❅ It's been a strange weekend. For most of it, I've been watching Chris playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I have to admit, it is intoxicating. There's a lot going on and I'm enjoying trying to solve the puzzles and get through the rather lengthy story.

He's playing this on our new Wii. I played the Wii sports, and I really liked it. Making the moves was pretty easy, but then again, you're only using one controller. Zelda takes two controllers with a lot of moving of them, slashing for the sword, moving the other for your shield. In a way, it's even more difficult than using the XBox controller, but it looks to be more intuitive, too.

I'm enjoying the fact that we're starting to see some other Mii's in the parade. It's stupid, and overly cute, but it's something that makes the Wil different than the other game consoles.

❆ I hate that the NFL games throw off my watching of the Amazing Race finale. Could we please move the show off Sundays?

❄ We went last night out to one of the largest Christmas parties that I've seen in someone's home. I'm guessing there were at least 250 people in the home and there was booze and a full catered meal. Anyone who follows my journal knows that large crowds creep me out, so i ended up leaving, leaving Chris and Mikel there fro a while while I worked on calming down.

I freaked when I was left alone as Chris and Mikel went off to the hour-long line to get booze. I just stood by myself and felt that everyone was looking at me for being ugly. I was in a house full of hot men, and didn't feel like I could talk to any of them. Why can't I even try talking to someone? Maybe if I didn't feel like I needed to run of to the fringe, and stay out of the crowd.

❃ Enough of that. Here's something about a crowd I hope to do better with. Chris and I have decided to go on a cruise. I said that the one cruise I'd be interested in going on is an Alaskan cruise, and lo and behold, next year's RSVP/Lazybear Out to Sea Cruise is going to Alaska in September.

I have to say, I'm actually more excited right now of getting to go to Seattle, and after the cruise I'll get to cross Safeco Field, the Seattle Mariner's stadium, off my list to have seen a game at.

Still, the cruise is the main thing, it's a seven day cruise on the ms Amsterdam going up to the Alaskan panhandle and making a stop at Victoria Island, BC - so I'll have to get my passport renewed. Given the pictures that Chris came back from his last cruise with, if even half of those guys came on board it would be a pretty hot crowd.

Of course, that's why I'm mentioning this now. I'm hoping that several of our LJ friends will join us on the cruise. Come on and get on the boat with us!

❉ Wow, 2007 is just three weeks away, and i haven't done my christmas cards. Why can't I multitask, filling out cards and saving Hyrule from the forces of darkness?
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I realized a couple of weeks ago, sometime after my birthday, that I'm a grown up. How do i know that? This year none of my family gave me cash in a birthday card. It's the first time it's ever happened. I guess as I'm now with my own relationship away from the parents, they didn't think I needed such little things.

My grandparents were usually the givers of such gifts for years and year. I could rack up an easy $100 between the two grandmothers, of course this was after the years where I still got toys and clothes for school. Always a problem with an August birthday, it's all about back-to-school shopping.

When my grandmothers passed a few years ago, the parents kept giving, but that normally wouldn't be more than $25. About the price of most of a tank of gas today, or the price of a Starbucks cup of coffee - yet it can feed an African Village!.

An aside. No one has ever bought me a "donation" as a present. Not that I want anyone to start. I'll be completely greedy and take that iTunes gift certificate over helping the Barton Springs Salamander any day.

So this year's card from my parents was just a card with my mother writing about all the fun medical problems they are going through (Dad - Prostate Cancer, Mom - Breast Cancer and she thinks she might have a colon thing. all new stuff to bring up with the doctor tomorrow for "family history"). It was bizarre.

I would have loved the cash, just as a little money that I didn't have to worry about, or budget, and it would be helpful on the trip, but hey, I'm making my own way now, right?

Other Things:

Chris worked so much over the last couple of weeks that his overtime allowed him to buy a new Xbox 360. He's been playing the Dawn of the Dead game, whatever it's called. Zombies in a Mall? I guess he'll now have something to do while I'm gone for a week. In hi-def, even.

I guess he'll have finished the game by the time I get back, so I have to decide whether to get him another game for his birthday, or re-take the TV from him.


So the biggest surprise in the news today was that they arrested someone for the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. What the hell? They were still working on this case? I was thinking it had gone the way of OJ Simpson looking for the real killers. Apparently they needed something for the next episode of CBS's Cold Case.

I'm firmly of the belief that the parents at least had something to do with it, even if it was just to introduce their daughter to this schoolteacher guy who ran away to Thailand. Thailand? Isn't that where lecherous men have sex with underage kids?

Still, why would a relative stranger come in, kill a kid in the basement, and run off - pretty much unnoticed, and run off to Thailand? Is there a motive? Sadly the media loves this case - more than missing blonde girls in Aruba, so expect to be hearing about this for weeks.

Still, what it says to criminals everywhere is don't mess with our nation's precious, precious prosti-tots and expect to get away with it!


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