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Sunday was hot, hot hot. It's been blazing hot around these parts, and it seems like the drought we had during the winter is lingering into the summer. Of course it doesn't rain that much in the summer here on the south plains, but this could be really dry.

A few weeks ago I was hearing people at work talk about how humid it was outside (and again, not raining) and I said "Humid? You've got to be kidding me." They always talk about New Orleans being humid, but Houston gives it a run for it's money.

So, meanwhile in the dry heat of this weekend, our baseball team, BCD - Bears, Cubs and Daddies (I promise that I didn't name the team) played to more games in what was becoming a road to futility. We had lost every game , and in one game, in a fit of rage and frustration, i walked off the field, out of the dugout, and back to the car. I really wanted to give up. I was frustrated by our team's play, and more importantly the lack of competence that I was showing in the game.

Here's the thing, There's no real "bunny slope" in this league. Although the "D" league the lowest level offered in the Pegasus Slo-Pitch Softball Association (PSSA), there's people who have still played for many years, as well as some newcomers. Some teams are over loaded with stars, others are a little more in need of attention. I've found this year that my learning is coming more on the field than in practice - but that's sort of natural for me. I'm a sink or swim guy.

This Sunday though, we pulled it off. We finally got the elusive win that we had been waiting for. We won 17-1, truly slaughtering our competition. Of course our competition was Youth First Texas. That's right, it's the GLBTQ kids. While many of the teams are young, they aren't generally high school age. as for our team, I think our average age is 35.

By the end of the game, we were really just wanting them to get hits, and trying to slow our bats to have something left for the next one. Now the Youth First kids were looking very unhappy, frustrated, and tired, since they had played another game before ours. Their sponsors, namely the pitcher and the first baseman, were trying to keep their spirits up, but we all knew it was a tough loss for them.

We knew this because the last few losses had felt the same.

We kept the celebration toned down, and started to get ready for our next game, where we would go from playing one of the lower teams to the strongest one in our division. The Buli Boys were undefeated, and really, one of the reasons was that this group of mostly twinks could play pretty well. that afternoon they were being watched by the league's council to see if they really should be playing "C" level competition.

The Buli Boys (sponsored by a Starbucks style coffee shop called Buli, which is pretty much where the twinks hang until S4 opens) beat us well in a previous meeting, and they had developed quite a group of fans, including this one dyke who looked like Susan Powter after a long stint on the beach. She yelled like there was no tomorrow, hurling both insults to us and coaching tips to her team.

After an inning or two, and where I had not been able to catch the grounder that had come at me, I came up to the plate and she said "You can't field, but I bet you can hit." I connected with the ball and sent it into the gap between the shortstop and rover and ran to first. Running to first is more like wheezing quickly to the base, but I made it. i turned around to her and yelled back, "Yes, I can hit!" in fact, I managed to make contact each at bat, so there is one talent I have.

We even caught our heckler off guard when she was trying to pump up one of the Boys by inferring that we would "want him." Wen almost to a man we all said back to her "He's not our type", that took her out for a couple of pitches.

Still, the game seemed to drag when we got behind and it seemed like we were way to tired an exhausted to go on. The high point was being a part of the team's second double play of the year, making a timely catch at third base, by the end, I wasn't quite sure i could make it from first to second without ending up on the ground, heart pounding, sweating, and muscles aching.

Still, we lost. I think the score was 15-6, a better showing than we had made in the earlier part of the season, and I think we surprised the Boys with some aggressive play.

This is where I start to like that I've played softball this year. sure, I don't know what they heck I'm doing out there, but things are going better, and I'm starting to fit in a little better. of course there's only two weekends left to the season, and this weekend it's supposed to be 100 degrees, but there's always a chance for a win. I guess I'd better go buy some gatorade - now that I'm a jock.
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