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So I'm at work today, and I'm a little bit bored. Surprisingly I can access LJ here, but I'm sure they'll cut it off now that they see that I'm checking in on a Saturday when I'm supposed to be researching files. Still, it's here now, so I thought I'd take a little break.

Besides, it's always a little tiring to see all these accounts with more money than I've ever saved, or even earned in my life.

I'm working some tax-season overtime, and it's sorta mandatory. Early this week they asked everyone how much overtime they would be working, including this weekend, with the strong suggestion that it be somewhere around 10 hours. Yes, that's quite a lot, and this is the most overtime I've worked in years - especially when my last employer cut everyone's overtime off.

Still, there's not that many people here, so I'm wondering if some of it's just lip-service, and I wonder if I'm being taken advantage of being the new guy and not knowing how the system works. Hmm.

Still, that's not what I'm here to talk about. As some may know, I'm inching closer and closer to playing softball this year with the team Chris was on last year. Why the softball season goes from March to July, I have no idea, but it is what it is. I'm trying to learn how to be a catcher, and after catching for about two hours on Thursday, there was one tired catcher who had let a lot of balls get by him. On Friday morning my knees, hip and back were really hurting.

I have to admit, the drills and such are not my favorite thing about softball. I'd rather just get out an play. I guess it's similar to my workout routine - warm up? What warm up? I've never been much for practice, or rehearsals, remembering back to my band days, but more about the actual performance.

Of course, this doesn't mean that I can just go out and catch a game. I still need to find a pitcher to work with, and just get more consistent. I also need to stop being afraid of the bat, and that it's going to hit me. Luckily in D League, they can't steal on you when the catcher passes a ball.

So, finally to my little point, I need to start getting equipment, you know, like a glove, for one. I have a little baseball glove that won't work for softball. I need some new shoes as well, but I don't think I really need a pair of cleats.

Luckily, the team provides the jerseys, but I'm going to need some shorts. I'm not so sure that I need baseball pants, really, and I'm not even sure that I'd look good in them, but what I am thinking of is getting some coaches shorts. My regular shorts are a little too loose to really be good for athletic competition, so I'm thinking if I can find some coach's shorts that may be just the trick.

Yes, I know they're out of favor being all polyester and all,but again, form and function, you know? Of course I'm finding it hard to find them, especially on-line. I look at Eastbay, and they didn't even have them, showing looser polyester shorts. I guess it's the basketball influence that's changed from tighter to looser shorts, even for the coaches.

Of course part of my reasoning is just those thoughts of the past, and often finding some of the men who wore coaches shorts rather hot. I think there's a few early, not-necessarily wanted crushes back there. Not that I'm thinking about actual coaches, since most of my school time was spent in band, which replaced P.E. classes.

Here's one other thing that I want - coaches shorts that have a lace-up fly, much like football pants of years gone by. I have some good memories of liking the look of the bulging laced fly of those shorts in my youth. I guess there was some secret desire of wanting to unlacing those shorts and peeking inside.

I'm not sure If I'd be able to fill those shorts out as well as those who fill my memories, but I'd be grateful if anyone knew where I could find some in about a 2XL size.

As it is Dallas, you have to look good out on the diamond, you know?

Date: 2006-03-04 07:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
every day, it's another post that tortures me with your hawtness...

first the the thought of you in lace-up football pants. *sigh*

Date: 2006-03-07 03:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
What color do you need? I have a number of different kind of coaches pants.

As for the lace-up fly type. Those are REALLY hard to come by these days. Spanjan is usually the brand-name for the style. May just be easier to learn to sew and just cut some football pants' a little shorter.


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