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Well Hello.

I know, it's been a bit, as far as posting goes, but I haven't been completely lost to Twitter and Facebook. Still, it seems that 140 characters is about enough for the fluff I've wanted to put out publicly for a while.

Still, it is March...

So if you'd like, go ahead, ask me anything. Perhaps it's "What's been going on?" or "How's the job?" or "What's Curling like?" or "Why do you like Taco Bell's Chili Cheese Burritos so much? You know, the important questions.

Maybe it will get me back it to contributing to this community again. Who knows?

Comments are screened, and let me know if you want to remain anonymous.
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As I was sitting around the house either filling out job applications on line, or watching the Price Is Right on the couch, I thought, you know, I ought to share some of the junk I'm learning, or relearning about looking for a job. this was especially true today at a job fair (ugh) when I was talking to a couple of other bears about their job search and what they go out of todays activities.

So lo and behold I found an outlet for it. Shannon [ profile] plaghs is looking to take the website in a new direction and is looking to add different voices and experiences (a sort of This Bear-merican Life, if you will - my pun, not his.) I asked if I could blog about my job search there. He said he liked the idea. My first article just went up. Go and see if I'm on the right track, OK?
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✓ Yesterday I woke up and my chest was still sore from working out on a new machine at the gym. Chris had a hard time sleeping the night before so I was trying to be quiet to let Joey out and let him sleep. Of course this wasn't to be as my feet slipped on the stairs.

I flipped up and landed hard on my ass a few steps down from where I had started. Of course the pounding thud and my loud, expressive exclamation managed to wake Chris up.

This isn't my first fall down the stairs at the house, I seem to slip about once a quarter. I guess I need to be more careful, or get velcro attached to my bare feet. This time I have a rather large bruise on my ass, and a little trouble sitting.

✓ Here I was, glad to have made a milestone in weight loss the other day, but tonight at the gym I got on the scale and got a reading that was 40 pounds more than my work gym's scale has said. I've suspected that the scale at the work gym was off, but by 40 pounds? The LA Fitness we've been going to is brand new, so I'd think the scale would be more likely to be correctly calibrated, but man, that sucks.

I can't let this deter me though. I've done well with the fitness goals over the last year, and have even been helping Chris decide to get serious as well, so I just need to worry less about the number, and keep going for results.

✓ I really think the art of headline writing has been lost. Now that there's less constrains on space as you once had in print and lead type, it seems that they really don't teach people to be both concise or clear. Here's one I saw on Yahoo (from an AP story):

Clinton Battles to Keep New Hampshire Away from Obama

Really? What did she do with the state? Is she hiding it behind her back? Put it in her purse? Place it in the mythical Social Security lockbox?

Here's another one...

First Governor to Sign Gay Rights Law Dies

It sounds like a threat and someone's got a gun to the governor's heads, just waiting for one of them to sign a bill. Make my day. Instead it was an obituary for a former Wisconsin governor who signed an anti-discrimination bill back in 1982.

✓ Wow, It's amazing when you can take an ironically bad show like American Gladiators and make it even more lame. Hulkamania needs to go home and the Gladiators don't have any personality - except for Wolf. Watching last night with Josh ([ profile] joshjeffcoat) and Mikel ([ profile] soonercubintx), it was interesting that we all named Helga (they spell it Hellga, as if that matters) before her name was announced. She should have picked "Valkyrie" instead, but would the average viewer get it? Also, why can't she have a foam viking helmet?

✓ Lastly, tonight we went over to a CVS for some milk, since it was convenient and all we needed was milk. In line in front of us was a man and a woman dressed in hot pants and 3-ince pink pumps. It seems that she might have been a woman of the evening. The gentleman was purchasing some supplies for her, cosmetics and condoms.

Chris and I were trying to determine if the guy was her pimp or her john. Would a john pick up makeup for his sex worker? Would a pimp pick up a small box of condoms when he might save by buying in bulk? I thought that a pimp would by cosmetics because you want to keep the product looking good.

What can a pimp write off as business expenses, anyway?


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