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✓ Yesterday I woke up and my chest was still sore from working out on a new machine at the gym. Chris had a hard time sleeping the night before so I was trying to be quiet to let Joey out and let him sleep. Of course this wasn't to be as my feet slipped on the stairs.

I flipped up and landed hard on my ass a few steps down from where I had started. Of course the pounding thud and my loud, expressive exclamation managed to wake Chris up.

This isn't my first fall down the stairs at the house, I seem to slip about once a quarter. I guess I need to be more careful, or get velcro attached to my bare feet. This time I have a rather large bruise on my ass, and a little trouble sitting.

✓ Here I was, glad to have made a milestone in weight loss the other day, but tonight at the gym I got on the scale and got a reading that was 40 pounds more than my work gym's scale has said. I've suspected that the scale at the work gym was off, but by 40 pounds? The LA Fitness we've been going to is brand new, so I'd think the scale would be more likely to be correctly calibrated, but man, that sucks.

I can't let this deter me though. I've done well with the fitness goals over the last year, and have even been helping Chris decide to get serious as well, so I just need to worry less about the number, and keep going for results.

✓ I really think the art of headline writing has been lost. Now that there's less constrains on space as you once had in print and lead type, it seems that they really don't teach people to be both concise or clear. Here's one I saw on Yahoo (from an AP story):

Clinton Battles to Keep New Hampshire Away from Obama

Really? What did she do with the state? Is she hiding it behind her back? Put it in her purse? Place it in the mythical Social Security lockbox?

Here's another one...

First Governor to Sign Gay Rights Law Dies

It sounds like a threat and someone's got a gun to the governor's heads, just waiting for one of them to sign a bill. Make my day. Instead it was an obituary for a former Wisconsin governor who signed an anti-discrimination bill back in 1982.

✓ Wow, It's amazing when you can take an ironically bad show like American Gladiators and make it even more lame. Hulkamania needs to go home and the Gladiators don't have any personality - except for Wolf. Watching last night with Josh ([ profile] joshjeffcoat) and Mikel ([ profile] soonercubintx), it was interesting that we all named Helga (they spell it Hellga, as if that matters) before her name was announced. She should have picked "Valkyrie" instead, but would the average viewer get it? Also, why can't she have a foam viking helmet?

✓ Lastly, tonight we went over to a CVS for some milk, since it was convenient and all we needed was milk. In line in front of us was a man and a woman dressed in hot pants and 3-ince pink pumps. It seems that she might have been a woman of the evening. The gentleman was purchasing some supplies for her, cosmetics and condoms.

Chris and I were trying to determine if the guy was her pimp or her john. Would a john pick up makeup for his sex worker? Would a pimp pick up a small box of condoms when he might save by buying in bulk? I thought that a pimp would by cosmetics because you want to keep the product looking good.

What can a pimp write off as business expenses, anyway?
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✬One more day of work before Christmas tomorrow. My excessively grinch-y overseers are closing the office early, but instead of being nice and just giving us the time, they asked up to get up early and come in early so we can still work our full shift.

The company I work for has a similar demanding tone with little recognition for your effort that I experienced at Target many years ago. Thanks to lack of planning, we've been on "mandatory overtime" this entire year. Still, they refuse to bring in help, or acknowledge that the upturn in volume is anything more than an aberration.

Happily for us, we are so loved. My boss, who after several months still doesn't know what we do, came around with an envelope stating that it was a bonus for all of our overtime. I opened up the envelope and saw a laminated card with some words of thanks and blah-blah-blah, then signed by our Senior Vice President. I looked back in the envelope looking for a gift card or something...nothing. The card was it.

Makes you feel like the effort to go above and beyond is so worth it.

❆I have a couple of words to mention about James' ([ profile] jamesbeary) funeral services. First thing, it was very, very cold last weekend. The graveside service was pretty miserable, both for the reason and the cold.

In a way I felt like more of a placeholder for all the others in the bear community who couldn't be there. In some ways i felt like I didn't know James all that well. Chris and I seemed to be there more for support for [ profile] urso than anything else. There weren't a whole lot of bears at the ceremonies, and the service itself seemed to gloss over this part of James' life. Really, the only member's of James' family that really talked to us were his nephew, Eryk and his wife, who greeted us with "so you're the bears?" Eryk was the one who was emailing, IM'ing and texting people about James' passing, so he seemed to be the only one who knew the range of people who James had touched.

Only the couple of eulogies provided during the service seemed to capture a little about James. The nice-but-formal pastor seemed to be on autopilot for the service.

It was also interesting being in a room with so many deaf people. The hands and arms were gesturing wildly. Urso could pick up things here and there and Eryk could converse as well, but it was tough trying to mingle with the crowd when you can't say much. It made for an odd afternoon.

✯I've had a couple of nudges saying that I should post more, and I should post more of my political rants. Really, I keep up with politics, but man have I been burnt out on it. I may have to give a new opinion for the presidential race, but really, don't we just wish that it was time to just vote for 2008 and it it over now? Do we still have ten months to go?

❄Otherwise, it's a quiet Christmas here. Chris is busy cleaning the house while I've been extra lazy. We were trying to figure out what to do for christmas dinner between the two of us, and it pretty much comes down to the the fact that I really can't cook much. I really should learn to cook more than Rice-a-Roni. Though I do love Rice-a-Roni. Having shopped early and already given Chris his gift, there's really not much to be done, otherwise. If I could come up with some time off during the christmas season some year, perhaps we could plan to actually travel, but for now we'll just be at home.

Since I was way too lazy to get out Christmas cards this year, I'll just have to tell everyone here that I wish them a Happy Solstice (belated), Happy Haunukka (also belated), Merry Christmas, Meaningful Kwanzaa, and observant Hajj, and we'll see you around New Years.

☆Chris has already given me one gift. He got me a membership to LA Fitness. He's been motivated seeing as I've been going to the gym at work for the past year and a half, so now he's trying to get into it as well. We've gone together a few times, but I get to choose between our little gym at work and the new LA Fitness across from the Baptidome.

So far the eye-candy hasn't been all that, mainly because the LA Fitness location is new and doesn't have a lot of members. Personally I wish it would stay that way. Fewer people to see how winded I get doing laps in the pool (besides the fact that I'm in the pool in the first place). The nice thing about the gym is that it has more equipment than the gym at work.

❆Personally I'm ready to move on to 2008 and see if we can take a few more risks and make a few things happen. It is once again a time for change, especially in the work life. Heck, with less TV to watch, maybe I'll work harder on getting my resume into the right hands. Perhaps some good could come out of the writer's strike.
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*Stop with the Christmas ads already! It's too early for me. I'm a last minute shopper! I won't even start thinking of buying crap until your desperate 40-50% off sales the week before Christmas!

I'm not even in the Thanksgiving mood yet, certainly not ready for Christmas. I was up late watching nothing and I notices Paula Dean cooking stuff I'd never eat, but I appreciate that she has a lot of butter in it. She had Kermit the Frog on for no real reason and they were cooking fried Thanksgiving foods - certainly a good step. Ms. Dean said "I love Thanksgiving because there's not pressure to go out and search and shop like there is for Christmas." Amen.

*It's been a lovely fall. Yes, 75 degrees is fall in Texas. We're just happy it's not 95.

*I was getting dinner at Culver's last night (it's a bit of an extra drive, so I don't get to go there much - which is good because I love their fried cheese curd), and I noticed on the Diet Dr Pepper fountain there was a NutraSweet sticker. It's been a while since I've see that logo. What ever happened to that branding? You never hear that name anymore.

*Crocs are still bad footwear, and are made even worse with Ugg Boot lining. Just say no, people. Two things together don't necessarily make a Reeses Peanut Butter cup.

*As far as the new job hunt goes, despite the fact that there are people who need help managing their investments, is it really a good thing to become a financial representative at the start of a recession? I'm thinking not.
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One of those odd bit of minutia that will get me thinking for a bit is car names. Several of them change over the years, but there's many that have stayed around. It seems that every year there's a Toyota Camry and Corolla and a Honda Accord. GM also likes to keep the names of the larger vehicles going, year after year, like the Chevy Malibu and the Pontiac Bonneville. Even Ford realized they had made a mistake by not continuing the familiar Taurus name when they introduced the Five Hundred. There will be a 2008 Taurus.

I'm sure that they create tons of marketing focus groups when they decide to name a new model, but the models that seem to get new names all the time are the low end, entry level cars. Gone are the Toyota Tercel, the Ford Fiesta, and the Dodge Omni. Heck, even the Ford Aspire - on my lists of worst names for a car, is gone.

The only consistent name I can think of is the Honda Civic. I had one 15 years ago, and the name was already old then. I'd also include the VW Golf, but they just recently changed back to the VW Rabbit.

Now we have the Nissan Versa, Ford Focus and the Toyota Yaris. Only one of these words is actually a word.

What happened to the Barracudas and Dusters and Le Mans? All good names. Certainly better than another car with some alpha-numeric combination.

Of course No one would return to the names Edsel, Pinto or Corvair (Unsafe at any speed) but certainly the VW Thing is a better name than Toureg. What happened to the Subaru Brat or the Dodge Hornet? I think those could be brought back as well. I think the GMC Jimmy should stay in mothballs, though.

Change might be good. Certainly changing from an infamous name is a good idea, like Ford's decision to drop the long standing Broncho name after the famous OJ Simpson drive down a freeway, but the replacement (as the TV show Arrested development notes) of the Ford Escape does leave you wondering what they were thinking.

Still, I'd love to have an convertible Edsel, probably because of the name - oh and the suggestive grillwork.
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Alright, time to turn on the randomizer...

* First, there's a pick-up truck in our parking garage - one of many as you might guess, we have people driving everything from trucks with acetylene torches for welding to ones where the guy advertises his cattle ranch. Seriously, he'll sell you fresh beef from his ranch. Still, this one truck is out there and the entire bed of the truck is filled with empty oil bottles. On the back window there's a sticker that says "Save Ocean Wildlife".

Luckily for the seals the oil slick is under this guys truck, and not out at sea.

* Next, apparently Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia defended the US use of torture by giving his support to the efforts of fictional character Jack Bauer. He stated, "Jack Bauer saved Los Angeles. ... He saved hundreds of thousands of lives," Judge Scalia said. Then, recalling Season 2, where the agent's rough interrogation tactics saved California from a terrorist nuke, the Supreme Court judge etched a line in the sand.

Yes, Jack's techniques work because the writers wrote that it would work. That's kind of like endorsing vigilantism because Batman's effective.

Really, does anyone in Washington know what reality is anymore?

* Here's an odd, morning addled conversation Chris and I had, as much as I can recall it.

I'm at the computer and a noticeably hungry Chris is ready to go get breakfast. I turn and ask him where he's going, and he states he has to get something to eat before he comes over and eats my hand off. I said, "So, eat my hand off, huh?" He replies, "Yeah, then what are you going to do?" "I don't know, wait for the bleeding to stop then stump you?"

Stumping - verb - A sexual act of penetration involving an amputated limb.

Chris, clearly put off by the image starts to walk down the stairs. I needed to pile on. "So, would stumping be something like "Phantom Fisting?"

Chris was done with me for a while.
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I have to go in to work today. I've been working a lot of Saturdays this year, but I get paid for it, so 4 overtime hours each week makes up for it. besides, Chris had to go into work too, so there's nothing going on at home. It's also raining. I have a stack of papers to be sent out on my desk that I wasn't able to get through this week, so that's my morning enjoyment. I may work out here too, before heading home Here's a couple of oddities at the Work Ranch right now.

When you build an office building in the middle of what used to be Ross Perot's pasture, you're bound to get a few critters now and again. Lately all the buzz has been about snakes found in the cafeteria. Hmm, let's think about it. On the third floor where i work we've had mice, so it's probably going to be the case that the cafeteria might also have some. A snake, looking for a meal would likely go where the mice would be...the cafeteria. If you don't want snakes, work on getting rid of the mice.

Of course you could also let the Bobcat that lives in the woods come in after the snakes. Do cats go after snakes? I don't know. or we can get one of the hawks in to catch the mice.

When they start building the new building out here, it will be interesting to see what critters get shaken up from that activity.

As far as humans go, there's this one lady that I've never worked with, but has an office on our floor. She's a Director - a manager of managers. I often see her going to get water at the water and Sonic ice dispenser (Sonic Ice is a sort of crushed ice that is in little rounded, tubular nuggets like they use at Sonic Drive Ins). She has short, spiky hair and always wears a pantsuit, much like Hillary Clinton does.

Unlike Hillary Clinton she doesn't look frumpy in her pantsuit. She looks like, especially when she's wearing white, Sigourney Weaver in the movie Jeffrey. If you've never seen Jeffery, give it 15 minutes and it will be on Logo. Every time i see her, I just want to yell "THAT"S DEBRA!"
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I'm a little upset that I didn't get tickets to go see The Police in concert. Tickets went on sale this past Saturday and while I was at work, actually working, I forgot to log on and slog through the site to order tickets. There's also that thing about a concert in late June that kind of makes me forgetful about it on a day in March.

By the time I remember that they had gone on sale, it was Sunday morning and the first show was sold out. In a 20,000 seat arena. And they added a second show. And it had SOLD OUT as well! I was actually kind of stunned. I didn't think that the police were thought of so fondly, and I didn't think they'd get such a response since a). those who want to see Sting with a lute would be disappointed, and b). most people under 30 have never heard of the group since they broke up in 1986.

I then decided to take a look on the secondary market, and there were all of the tickets. Ticket speculation is just as big of a market as PS3 resales were - for about a week. Something tells me that if you can get tickets to shows easily, you could make a good living on the resales of those tickets.

I didn't need good seats, I just wanted to be there, but when the furthest seat in the arena was now going for twice the original $50 selling price, I decided that this was a concert event I was just going to have to miss. It's sad in a way, but then again I have seen The Police before. It was my first concert, and the first one that my parents let me got into Houston for. that was the 1984 Synchronicity tour and it was at the Summit - now Lakewood Church. Sting wore the big red, yellow and blue outfit from the Synchronicity II video. Ahh, those were the days.

I really have better things to spend my money on, but it would have been fun to see the same group...several years older. perhaps they will come again. Heck, the Stones still tour.

Personally, I'm looking forward to more new acts, like seeing the Scissor Sisters next week!


Otherwise, my friend Jerry ([ profile] goofycubb) sent me some questions to answer...

1. Do you miss Houston? Me? :) LOL

I'm finding hard to believe that it's been almost a year since I was last in Houston. My parents worry about me!
I don't miss the city so much, but there are a few places - namely Beck's Prime and James Coney Island. I also miss the ripcord and wish I could move all of those places up here. I also miss driving on Memorial Drive. As for you, I really wish you were here to watch the Amazing Race with! Or just to hang with. Those were good times. When are you coming to visit us? :-)

2. Will you ever go clean shaven again?

Well, most people who know me these days have never seen me clean shaven. I think the last time was 1994, and i have no plans to do it again.

3. What is the strangest thing that someone has said while you are in bed making whoopee?

Generally I'm the one who comes up with the bad puns and such! I guess it was the mutually crazy conversation about Bears releasing genetically enhanced pheromones on a dance floor, triggered by thumping dance music. It was at TBRU, and the sound created for this - "Paaaft!" -became a catchphrase for the weekend.

Let's just say that mixing the two of us in bed was not only fun, but also a lesson in non-sequitur thinking.

4. What is under your bed?

Occasionally Joey, but otherwise it's the surge protector outlet strip that powers the CPAP.

5. Did your mom ever catch you masturbating?

Thankfully no, thanks to a lock on the door, but occasionally she did try to open the lock with a coat-hanger. This would normally be when she was mad at me for something. I'm not so sure what she would have done if she caught me with a Muscle and Fitness magazine in one hand...
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♠The building at work has been open just a few years. Besides the odd fact that there are actual Longhorns out on the property, and ducks on the pond that I can see out of the window, one of the stranger things is the floor. The building is very tech friendly, so the floor is raised to allow for the cabling. There are small access doors all over the place. Stranger still is that the ventilation system is also in the floor, so at my desk, on the floor is a round port with holes and today since the air conditioning was turned on, there was a cool breeze blowing up from the floor. It's kind of strange feeling the breeze on the lower part of your elbow as you go to pick up the phone.

The building is also a showplace for indirect lighting. all of the florescent bulbs are pointing up to the ceiling, or concealed in little overhangs and alcoves. Still, this allows for the polished concrete floor in the bathroom to actually reflect which makes it easier to see if a stall is occupied from halfway across the room.

♣I went out to the batting cages tonight with some of the guys in the softball league, and was happy with my ability to make contact on most of the pitches. Really, it must be from watching all that baseball, since i certainly haven't played that much. It's actually making me excited about the season. I still have some reservations, like being somewhat scared of the ball, especially when catching it in the field, but i think I'll do ok if I can catch.

Chris was stuck in traffic, so I got to meet the other guys who were there. This is a bit of an accomplishment since I'm normally shy around new people, but heck, it was just softball, right? Of course the one I naturally gravitated to was the one who I was most attracted to, and he was nice, but as we were talking I found out something. On the gay softball team, he was the token straight. Suddenly it didn't bother me so much that he smoked, but it was a bit disappointing. Still, he was a nice guy. Unfortunately he plays for an opposing team.

♥I'd like to thanks who or whatever from saving me from the two motorcycle cops on 114 this morning as I was in a hurry to get to work.

♦So, Sirius Out Q will have their host, John McMullen, broadcasting his friday night show from the hospitality suite at TBRU. That ought to be something for you who are not coming to listen to, as that in the later hours could get really out of hand. Of course you won't be able to see it on the radio. They are also sending the overnight host, Jeremy Hovies. Too bad they aren't sending Larry ([ profile] lfkbear) to make it a bear trifecta.

☣Despite reports, and dubious pictures to the contrary, my beard does not have anything living in it at this time, thank you.

➥Recent music purchases have been The Arctic Monkeys, The Magic Numbers and Morningwood, which thankfully keeps this from being three bands with "The" as part of their name. Each are enjoyable in their own way.
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❅Joey the dog, sometimes known ad Princess McFlippy and HR Puppinstuff, has been sleeping inside these last couple of days because it's a little cold, below freezing here in Dallas. normally she sleeps outside and really, there's a good reason for this. She's a bit on the destructive side. Just a couple of days ago she chomped into Chris' softball glove when he wasn't looking (really, it takes only minutes) and now it needs to be re-stitched.

She has had plenty of toys that she has eviscerated. I know here beaver, the cow-cow, and several toys from IKEA, which lasted longer than one would think and IKEA toy would, have fallen victim to Joey's teeth and such. She loved to toss a toy around, and grab it, hold it and pull it apart like a lioness on the Savannah.

One of her constant items to be attacked is her food bowl. After she's done with the food, she likes to toss and trow the bowl around. She often brings it into the house and throws it. We often worry about Chris' large-screen television getting damaged by an errant toss by the dog. She has tossed several things into the fireplace and has to have one of us retrieve them (luckily we don't use the fireplace).

Last week she gave her bowl it's last toss. This was the one that she's had for several months, and was made of a light, but tough plastic. It was a trouper, but it finally cleaved in two. It had plenty of bite marks and scratches on it. For a couple of days we had trouble finding a good substitute, and she tore through a gladware container and pounded a pie plate into a completely new shape in one night.

I bought her a new bowl on Thursday night. They didn't have any like the old bowl. A few minutes after presenting it to her, she had already chewed the plastic handles off of it and was working on the rubber along the bottom. Just as she's done with other bowls, she tosses it around the yard in the middle of the night. I was hoping the bowl, the hardest plastic I could find, would stand up for a while, but there was no luck, it's already in danger.

I don't want to buy metal bowls because of her tossing it around inside the house, and ceramic bowls pose the same threat. I'm not quite sure what to do, and neither does Chris. Anyone know anything about dog behavior or strongly built bowls?

☂Don't let the media try to make the story about Dick Cheney shooting the friend on his hunting trip be changed to imply that it was the lawyer that was at fault. If Cheney was a good shooter, and really, I know that he is, he would be trained to look before he fired. Still, the media are trying to give him a pass, saying that the lawyer was returning and didn't announce himself. Poppycock. You should always be aware of your surroundings before you fire. Cheney's either going off too quickly or not being observant. Perhaps his reflexes are going, you never know.

Last night we went to have dinner with Drew, and met [ profile] autumnecho, who's quite the nice guy. I hope he comes to learn at North Texas. There were several different guys at Drew's for dinner, and the conversation was certainly interesting. Lots of talk about fisting and various kinks during dinner, then off to politics as an after-dinner drink. i know not everyone was thrilled about the political talk, but I couldn't find a way out of the conversation, and apparently no one else could either. Joey was very tired after having his audition, so I could tell he was ready to hit the hay. Still, a nice evening.

☀I got a call from Big Ed, who's also here in Dallas. Someone had taken him to the Hidden Door for beer bust, and he had to call and tell me that he had never seen so many men with facial hair in his life. I just laughed and told him it was probably an off night because of the weather. Big Ed's just a bear who doesn't know it.

♥I'm debating the whole Valentine's day thing and whether to make it a big deal or not. I don't think Chris or I are that into it, but it's still a good excuse to do something special. Perhaps we could do something next weekend when i have to return to Houston to wrap up things at the apartment.

☁Chris has has a cold the last couple of days, and today it really presented itself. I haven't shown signs more than a sniffle or two, but I guess now that we sleep in the same bed each night, these situations will happen now and again. Of course I will probably get sick tomorrow morning so I can spend a few days at work coughing and feeling miserable.

This is partnered bliss, isn't it?

☠I have the hiccups.
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Well, the hours have already passed, and now it's officially after Schnitz's ([ profile] alphaschnitz) birthday, so I'm a little late. I hope it was good, and he'll have moved into his new place soon.

I want to write something, I guess. I guess I'm posting in search of a topic, which is a bad place to be.

Well, there's a couple of nonsense trivia bits I can talk about. For one, i saw a map of all of the art on the university of Houston campus. While there's no real comparison between the UH campus, which looks as unplanned as most of the rest of Houston and Rice that took the actual effort to keep most of the buildings alike. You would never see a 60 year old tin shed on the rice campus.

Still, UH does go for some modern art on campus. One of the newer pieces, in front of the new school of music is some sort of bronze melting that's supposed to resemble a winged Nike but looks more like a chocolate easter bunny that has partially melted in the hot Texas sun. It's placed up high on a pedestal, but that just seems to make people want to dress it up even more. It's had band uniforms and dresses and other costumes from the near by theater.

There's also a statue in the Student Center that's a sort of crazed representation of a cougar (the UH mascot) attacking a pained Longhorn, and just about every other mascot of the old Southwest conference, including Horned Toads, Razorbacks, Owls, Ponies, Bears, and a little guy who I guess is an Aggie, or maybe a Red Raider. I'm not sure if I've ever seen anything more rah-rah on our normally apathetic campus.

Now, one of the newest installations on campus is a three story stainless steel blender. I guess it could be an hourglass of some sort, but really, it looks more like a blender, and probably is there to inspire smoothy purchases in the Rec. Center that it stands in front of.

One of the older ones is named Sandy in a Defined Space (or as we called it, Betty in a Box), and it's a raised box structure with a nude female figure sitting in to, with a leg stretched out of it. She's stuck at a normal person's reach, and she gets felt up often. You can tell because the patina has been worn down in certain areas. Sometimes she gets painted. Well parts of her.

Each new building on campus has to set aside one percent of it's budget to purchasing art. Sometimes it's good, often, it's just plain weird. The architecture building has two granite slabs that are carved into the shapes of couches. They aren't comfortable. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be art or a torture device.

Still, my favorite art pice at UH is an abstract metal set of boxes that sort of mess up your perspective. It's a forced perspective where it's not as deep as you would perceive looking at it. It was tough to draw in a art class I took one time. It's called Troika, but i have no idea why, since a Troika to me is a chariot that's propelled by three horses.

Occasionally I'll see a pice of art elsewhere. there's a couple of small pieces on the lawn outside the building I work at, but they are out dazzled by the light up deer that appear on the lawn each Christmas, but Houston isn't, as a whole, a big city for public art. It's a developer built city that doesn't think about devoting money for things like that.

Houston isn't a bad arts city, better than Dallas in ballet, theater, symphony, but there's never been a strong push for statues. In fact, I can't think of another statue besides the one in Herman park of a soldier (Sam Houston in this case), in the entire city. There's very little acknowledgments of wars in town, where others in the South would have Civil War heroes everywhere.

It's just not that kind of town. Trees, freeway overpasses, and buildings, little else.
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✷I'm bored, but can't seem to channel the energy, or creativity to break out of it and do something. I guess I rely too much on the television to fill time, but in early January, nothing is on. I spent a few minutes actually watching some strange program on the Travel Channel where television star whore Jack Osborne tried (and succeeded) in losing weight by attempting several extreme sports. I guess this was better viewing than the continual slow reveal of Congressional corruption through fund-raising and lobbying, or the odd thought that God was madder at PM Arel Sharon for trying to create peace in the region than he would be at those who would cause instability and pain. Instead, it's the spoiled child of a aging rocker able to run around the world and get fit. Meanwhile, I eat my Whataburger.

✷Chris was talking about the possibility of getting a tattoo at some time in the future, if he ever finds that holy grail of designs. I don't know if I'm really wanting to do the same, ever. I thought about getting something with my fraternity's letters and the Animaniacs back in the early nineties, but now I'm glad I didn't do it. It's not that I don't love the frat, or Yakko, Wakko and the Warner sister, Dot, but it's not quite as red-hot as it was back then. Generally I'm not turned on by tattoos, and if there's too much, they can be a turn off. I guess this is another case of, if it doesn't excite me, why would I want to emulate it? Now piercing - that's a whole different thing. I find a few piercings very appealing, especially nipple rings and PA's, but I'm way too timid to get them myself. I'm pretty anti-pain. So I guess my body will stay whole and unadorned, for now.

✷I've picked up a few new "friends" for my reading here on LJ, and a couple of them are writers. good writers making a living of it. They are also branching out into other media, radio and television appearances because of their work in writing for magazines, books and online. I have never meet them, but I have that 3 degrees of gay separation thing going on. I'm watching their career with interest, because I want it. I wish that I could find a way to follow a similar career. Of course, it probably helps that they live in LA, but that's not where they got their start - from what I know so far.

As you can guess, it's another case of, why didn't I do that? I guess I spend too much time and effort on wondering why i don't have that life, instead of trying to look for opportunities. Still, if things go as I'm trying to plan them, I may be more concerned with having continuing employment, when planning a move, than trying to take a leap into a unknown realm.

I want to make 2006 a year that I take more risks, but now I just need to focus in and really look at what I can do, and how to implement those changes. I need to know what constitutes risk, and what is just plain crazy. Currently, I'm stuck in a rut.

Oh, and I want more sex in 2006, too. Just so you know.
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❅Nothing much going on here, just working on the Holiday cards, trying to figure out how many I should send this year. thank goodness the postal rates don't go up until next year. Remember, the postal service says that you can send your letters to Santa, and your letters to God, to the same address.

❅Watched the end of the Amazing Race:Family Edition on Tuesday with Jerry ([ profile] goofycubb). We both agreed that it was the worst season of the show, mostly because the challenges were lame, and they didn't go very far. Still, how can you beat Jerry cooking for you? I think we both agree that the best team of the three left, won.

In other reality shows, America's Next Top Model, I lost interest after Kim was kicked off and the Apprentice:Martha Stewart, please, how would these people ever get a corporate job? Thank goodness that there is Project Runway, and it's looking to be really good.

❅So President Bush said that he was responsible for the bad intelligence on WMD's. Really? Now you can say this because everyone else already knew it! I guess trying to show responsibility might be a way to get your poll ratings up, but since when has this president been interested in poll numbers? Someone's worried about his '06 coattails, and costing his party seats in Congress. It's also interesting to see him endorse Sen. McCain's torture bill, as he sees that it will likely pass. Wouldn't want to look like you're against this one, endorsing the use of torture.

Still, let's hear it for the Iraqis who went out to vote. Now maybe their new government will tell us to go home.

❅Hmm, Bill O'Reilly doesn't tell the whole truth? Unbeliveable!

❅Movies I want to see: Brokeback Mountain, Syriana, The Producers, Rumor Has It, the Matador. Movies I'm so-so on Narnia - LWW, I gave up reading the books when I was a kid, and King Kong - really, I never liked the story, and I'm not spending 3+ hours to watch the effects, no matter how good they are.

❅If they re-run it on Bravo, check out Celebrity Biographies: In Their Own Words. Comedians and such read excerpts from terrible autobiographies. It's terribly funny.

Hooray for Ford saying, you know, the gay buyer is important, and we're going to keep advertising in the Advocate and other gay media. If nothing else, don't give up those dollars! How many AFA members are going to buy a Jaguar, anyway?

❅We had a holiday lunch at a sort-of South American restaurant called Amazon (what a surprise). the conversation ranged from fraternity life to the fact that our company's new CEO is being paid £58 million. This is why so many people are being laid off, I'm sure. Still, once the S'mores platter with the sterno flame to roast marshmallows came, we didn't care much anymore.
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❄Ann Coutler, right wing harpie, after getting booed at yet another college appearance (and collecting a speaking fee) said, "I love to engage in repartee with people who are stupider than I am." I have to ask, what intelligent person uses the word "stupider" unless their being ironic...which (s)he wasn't.

During some Q&A Coulter was asked by a student what she would do if (s)he had a a child come out as gay. Coulter replied: "I'd say, `Did I ever tell you you're adopted?'" Luckily Coulter's body isn't capable of supporting life.

❄LJ's own Dave White ([ profile] djmrswhite) who I really need to be reading, has a great Guide for Straight Guys who are forced by their girlfriends and wives into seeing Bareback Brokeback Mountain. I'm going to guess that Dave's journal got a ton of extra hits over this. I know that he's already pimped it in his journal, but still, this article is awfully funny.

❄If it wasn't bad enough that they were making a Miami Vice Movie, now they are Making a CHiPs movie. Really, we can stop this now, you know. You know that next are the Family Ties movie, Growing Pains, The Move and Golden Girls:Back to the Lanai with Britney Spears, Hillary Duff and Lindsey Lohan cast as the girls to attract a younger demo. Drew Barrymore should be signing on to be Sophia.

❄My "seasonal" cards say "Christmas" and the President's don't. So there.

❄I'm a little bit unhappy to be a new Ford owner just as they make an agreement with the American "family" Association to stop running some ads in gay publications. Still, they will continue some work with gay groups, and no car company is perfect, so I don't think I'll be returning the Escape over this.

Oh Great Butterstick!

I have been an extremely diligent devotee this year.

In November, I recruited [info]f__k as a new cultist (30 points). In August, I bombed a panda cultist gathering (-100 points). In January, I wore an Panda Expecting T-Shirt (-10 points). In December, I burnt my copy of the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (-75 points). Last week, I prepared an ocean voyage to the National Zoo (200 points). In July, I rescued [info]goofycub from being sacrificed to your buttery goodness (-200 points).

In short, I have been very bad (-155 points) and deserve to be left to whimper as my mind shatters before the vision of your greatness.

Your humble and obedient servant,

Submit your own plea to Butterstick!

Name some friends or leave them blank and let me look them up myself:
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It's almost the close of another World AIDS Day.

As I've mentioned before, I've only been lightly touched by the disease, possibly because of coming out so late, and just not having the circle of friends that others had during the most difficult years. Of course the disease hasn't passed, and while things are more bearable in North America, that's not saying that this disease is not still exacting a terrible price across the globe. Many places are still quiet about telling their citizens how to protect themselves, or even details about the disease. Now education might be more difficult as attention turns to the disease of the season. Last year SARS, this year Bird Flu, next year, who knows?

I have friends who are living with HIV, I have known one person who has died from AIDS-related complications, a drum major in college. I hope not to lose more. For their sake and ours, I hope there's a cure and a vaccine, soon.

Still, with all the extra news stories and the attention payed to AIDS, i heard something I didn't ever expect to hear. President bust actually used the word "gay". While he was mainly focusing on his continued abstinence program (I'll save judgement for now) he did pledge to expand AIDS programs here and abroad, and praised the gay community for their continued work in battling the disease. Heck, how could we not?

Still, it's the actually the fact he used the word "gay" and not the more approved homosexuals. He's stayed away from "gay", let alone "lesbian" for his entire two terms since the conservative crowd doesn't like "gay". It's perceived as being too accepting of homosexuality and that just can't happen.

Of course the President had trouble pronouncing "condom".

one more little tale, a personal one. In my short time out, There's been a minor AIDS scare or two, besides finding out about one partner's status a while after, there was also the odd call I got one evening.

Now I do try to take precautions, either through practice or through prophylactics, but you know I prefer the term "safer sex" because you never know. Still, when I got the call, I was in a bit of shock. This guy was telling me that he had reason to believe that he might have been exposed, and that I might have been as well.

After the initial shock, I thought about it, and realized that it wasn't anything to be too alarmed about because we were both responsible, and I knew this person was of good character. I declined to ask him why he felt he may have been exposed, since it really wasn't my business. I thought at least he was honest, compassionate and responsible for calling me, even though he was still waiting on test results.

In the end it was a false alarm. My regular test has come back negative, and in begin in contact with him, so did his. A relief for us both.

Still, sex is risky business, and should be thought of that way, but we must all balance our lives between what we must be responsible for in life, and enjoy the true pleasures.

Today, remember, prepare and fight, hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to live freely
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It's interesting, Chris ([ profile] f__k) has all of these elaborate dreams, and I can only manage to remember something about Tara Lipinski and something about marketing hamburgers. I have no idea what that means.

Thanksgiving weekend has been decidedly low-key. I think I may be suffering from a lack of television in Chris' home. It's difficult when you are addicted, you know? I hope my Tivo at home holds onto everything.

Thanksgiving was nice. A small occasion cooking wise, with just a few of us around. Oscar was around and Skye ([ profile] cristalskye), my sister and her fiance came over after dinner and watched movies.

We watched Pirates of the Caribbean, which was pretty awful, and Drop Dead Gorgeous, which was good. I'm not sure why Pirates did so well, it seemed pretty formulaic and hammy. I guess I'll know to skip the two upcoming sequels.

Oh, looks like Chris and I will have to pass on going to Fiesta. It's a little expensive and airlines are not cheap right now. I'm sorry we're going to miss it.

I guess I've felt a little cold and standoffish lately. I'm not totally sure why. Something just keeps me feeling like I'm an outsider right now, and there's not much I know to change it at the second. I guess I could put my energies to use in a better way...

One of those ways is causing me a dilemma. I got a call from a recruiter about a possible job with another company in my industry. The nice thing is the employer is one of our more successful competitors. They have been growing while my company is stripped down more and more as they try to save money and see poorer performance each month. The job itself would be roughly equivalent to the one I have now.

That sounds all well and good, and it seems like this is an excellent opportunity, the problem is, it's in San Antonio. Should I get the job, that's where I'd be heading. This is not exactly where I want to be going at this time.

It's not that I don't know people in San Antonio, of course, but out of all of them I know, only one couple is actually looking to put roots down there. Everyone else sees living there as a temporary thing, as do I. I'm wondering if the lateral move would be good or bad in the long run.

For one thing, I think Chris and I have been waiting quite long enough, and I would think that this would be a bad time to make a move that would make the wait just that much longer. I really would want to put a year in for an employer before jumping ship, and that's just another year longer to reaching my goal of living here in Dallas.

Still I think I need to listen to them and look at what they have to offer. I think for my own career that I need to know, and mull over this. Not to say that I've got something here. I've had too many looks that went nowhere, lately.

Chris mentions maybe moving to Austin, but still, the drive would be the commute from hell. I don't know about that. While Austin sounds better in the long run, I'm not so sure about the prospect of having to get up so early to drive to the west side of San Antonio. This would likely be longer than the 50 mile commute (one way) i had when I started my job at the current employer.

Why can't I find this stuff in Dallas? I should be more serious about getting a recruiter, I guess. There's something that I'm missing.
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✾So I'm watching last night's NBC disasterpiece The Poseidon Adventure. Because of a Texans game our NBC station delayed the game until after midnight. Let me tell you, this was not a movie they needed to remake.

Of course I could mention Steve Guttenberg and you already know how craptastic this was going to be, but unlike the original, they had to create a whole terrorist story with bombs and guns to make the ship flip over. Adam Baldwin (Jayne from Serenity) is the Homeland Security guy trying to chase them dow - obviously he fails. They also started giving people Love-Boat style backstories and a group of people on the mainland trying to rescue them. Don't they know we didn't need anything but their characters during the disaster? Because of all the extra stuff, it took them an hour to flip the boat over. As for the rescuers, who cares? Having the feeling that they may get to the top and find no-one was half of the suspense factor.

Of course, there is the problem that the initial ship rollover makes the movie, then after that, it's not all that exciting, you know it already, people get knocked off as they go, the bishop still tries to save them while having a lapse of faith (but not in this new movie), and eventually the fat lady swims. Heck, the Shelly Winters replacement doesn't even have a husband in this one...who will cry for her?

One thing I've got to know, Do they make ceilings strong enough to be walked on?

✾Over the weekend, my sister Laura came into town. It's been a few months, so it was good to see her. She had driven down from Baltimore, leaving Ed with friends in Dallas - and off to a hunting trip. Laura asked me to buy tickets for Harry Potter on Friday, and it was a full theater. Still, I'm totally crushing over Stanislav Yanevski as Viktor Krum. I wish he was going to be in the other movies. Very cute. I'm glad I googled him to find out that he's 21.

Laura and I usual most of my socializing involves food. Before the movie, we had dinner with Jerry ([ profile] goofycubb) and Tim ([ profile] timbrat). I didn't tell Laura that Tim, a friend from our old neighborhood, was going to be there, so she was surprised to see him. Otherwise, we had breakfast one morning with an architect friend of hers, and eventually had dinner with our parents...where I found that Mom wasn't told that Laura was coming in, or that she was staying with someone else. Laura needs to let me in on these things. I know she loves to keep Mom in the dark, but i can only do so much.

✾Are you all as sick of government sponsored torture, I mean government sponsored heavy interrogation as I am? Dick Cheney needs to go on a waterboard.

✾Thanksgiving will be in Dallas, not Las Vegas. Not a big deal, really, the tickets cost too much and both Chris and I got to feeling bad about charging Chris' parents a lot for it. Perhaps next year if we plan on it, we could go, but I'm not charging $1,000+ for that. I still want to go to Vegas just to see it, but it'll have to wait. As for Thanksgiving, anyone in Dallas that wants to come by, let us know.

✾And remember, if you lose your keys often, you may need to ask for this at christmas time.
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I haven't made you all suffer with a meme lately.

Two Names You Go By
1. Mike
2. Egg

Two Parts of Your Heritage
1. English
2. The rest of the British Isles

Two Things That Scare You
1. Being Unemployed
2. Being Alone

Two of Your Everyday Essentials
1. Sausage Biscuits
2. Blogs

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now
1. Big Dogs Boxers
2. Glasses

Two of Your Favorite Bands or Musical Artists (at the moment)
1. Bloc Party
2. Low Millions

Two Things You Want in a Relationship (other than real love)
1. Companionship
2. Someone who makes me laugh

Two Truths
1. I'm a media junkie...I need to be connected to TV, radio, internet, or something all the time.

Two Physical Things that Appeal to You
1. Facial Hair
2. Body Fur

Two Places You Want to go on Vacation
1. Boston
2. Australia

Two Things You Want to Do Before You Die
1. Zack Galifinakis
2. Move in with Chris, but I hope that's a short term goal.

Two Ways that you are Stereotypically a Guy
1. I can't watch Lifetime Television
2. I love Baseball, which actually makes me a minority among sports fans

Two Things You Normally Wouldn't Admit
1. I cry at movies
2. I want sex all the time.

Two Things You Are Thinking About Now
1. Sex
2. Shouldn't I be folding Laundry?

Two Stores You Shop At
1. Target
2. Randall's

Two People I would like to see take this quiz
Please, Meme's shouldn't be forced on people.

Two People I haven't Talked to in a while
1. John Bland
2. John Adams
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So apparently McDonald's McRib sandwich is on it's "farewell tour".

What happened? Did McDonald's supply of the boneless whatever it is become extinct?

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✥Well, I hate to have to wait a few days more, but you throw a bad pitch in the ninth and it will come back to bite you. Dang for having to go back to St. Louis.

✥I saw that Sly Stallone will make a new Rocky movie and also wants to make another Rambo, too. I have no idea why someone would actually greenlight this, but I guess they just aren't willing to try new things. As for Stallone, I guess he's not selling enough pudding and needs some cash.

✥In an unrelated note, I'll be heading out to the Texas Renaissance Festival this weekend if anyone would like to head that way as well. Chris should be with me if everything goes right. They are having a different theme each weekend, a new gimmick, and apparently it's Roman Bacchanal weekend. Who knows if that will be any good. November 5th and 6th is Highland that might be entertaining as well.

✥Today was Boss' Day. My team bought balloons. This was the first time they done it (of course I usually try to discourage them wasting their money this way), and I guess with the recent uncertainty, they decided that they should do something for me. It's nice to be thought of.

✥Damn Albert Pulhols.
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Coming home tonight after watching tonight's Amazing Race episode with Jerry ([ profile] goofycubb), I decided to drive by to grab a picture of the flashing sign at Second Baptist Church. Unfortunately they had already changed it, so it appears that next weekend's sermon has something to do with Saul. Now, second Baptist is a mega-church here in Houston, one of several, and is much bigger than the First Baptist Church. Second has the big TV show and everything. Apparently last week's sermon was an interesting one, at least in my mind, as the other night the sign flashed with the message:

Back Door Secret To Success

It's good to see the abstenence-only programs are really working for them.


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