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Well Hello.

I know, it's been a bit, as far as posting goes, but I haven't been completely lost to Twitter and Facebook. Still, it seems that 140 characters is about enough for the fluff I've wanted to put out publicly for a while.

Still, it is March...

So if you'd like, go ahead, ask me anything. Perhaps it's "What's been going on?" or "How's the job?" or "What's Curling like?" or "Why do you like Taco Bell's Chili Cheese Burritos so much? You know, the important questions.

Maybe it will get me back it to contributing to this community again. Who knows?

Comments are screened, and let me know if you want to remain anonymous.
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I know I haven't said a whole lot here lately, so I'm not sure I will get a lot of response to this, but here goes. If you'd like me to write a little more, then by all means, ask me a question. It is March, and it is the LJ way.

So have at it, ask away, and I will answer. Comments are screened but please let me know if you want to stay anonymous as I like to answer directly. I should try to ask a few questions of others, too.
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Chris' parents are coming into town tomorrow. I love his parents, but right now we have only one shower working in the house, and it's in the guest bedroom. *sigh*

Also this weekend a co-worker is having a birthday party at his house, and I kind of wanted to go. Sean is one of the confirmed gays in the office and I find him cool, and maybe a little sexy (he looks a little like a shaven [ profile] biggaloot). That being said, I had to tell Sean that it's doubtful we'd be able to come to his birthday party this weekend because the "not-in-laws" were in town. Now I'm sure he knew what I meant by the little joke, but I wasn't to sure that was the best name for my partner's parents.

Again, I really like Chris' parents, so I'm not trying to dis them, but where marriage isn't legal, in-laws isn't exactly the right term. What do you guys call your partner's parents?
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Time for a few answers...

First, [ profile] braddumm asks: "Explain the moniker "Eggwards"

Back in college all of the Tubads - the tuba section of the Univ. of Houston Marching Band - got nicknames. There's a some thought put into the names and a big naming ceremony for the new guys, much like what you see in "Animal House." I was given the nickname "Egg". Two reasons for that, first, I was new to playing tuba and second it was a description of my shape - belly shape mostly. Needless to say, the name stuck.

When first getting on the internet i needed a name, and I was surprised to see that Egg was already taken. Occasionally people would take my last name, Edwards, and mix it up with the nickname putting it together, hence Eggwards. It's been my online persona ever since.

Once i started getting involved with the bear community I still used the same name and never really changed to something bear or cub related.

Second, Peter ([ profile] texaspenguin) asks: "What's your favorite part about Dallas?"

That's a tough one. I like that the restaurants are easy to find. heh. There's some good people, but it's hard to get together, especially when you're not one to be outgoing and get everyone together.

Really, Dallas for me means a connection to my family, but it's more of a past connection when my grandparents were still alive. now that they are gone, i find I don't have that much of a connection with the rest of the family, or the city. For all the bragging, Dallas is pretty dull and average. Frankly, San Antonio and Austin are really more interesting cities, though I doubt I'd move to either one.

Sorry, I'm a poor ambassador for the city.

Then there's a barrage of questions from Carlos ([ profile] paladincub21):

"Have you ever found me attractive?"

Well, I'd have to say I've only seen a couple of pictures of you, and there's some good things, but I'd really have to meet you to know better.

"More seriously, being gay and being into sports is easy for some, hard for others. What has your experience been putting the two together."

Well, I'm not sporty. I seem to lack the physical makeup and the skills to really play sports well. I liked playing softball, but I knew I sucked, and the team wanted to be more competitive so it wasn't fun anymore. I'd love to play on a less-competitive basis, but there's not a league that I've found like that here in Dallas.

As for being a fan, i think I was a bigger fan when I was alone and sports were a good way to kill the time. Right now I just don't have many people in my life that really watch sports, so I find myself drifting away from getting involved there as well. I'll still watch an Astros game now and then, and I'll watch what's going on when we go out to sports bars, but that's about it.

Still, I'd love to get back to playing Fantasy Baseball again. I wonder if I should ask if people on LJ would be interesting to try it again.

"You weren't out very long before you started dating/partnered? I know you love your husband, but how do you feel about how quickly it all happened?"

It was fast, but I think I had gotten to the time of my life where I was looking for something like that. I was more than happy to have something solid and lasting among all of the chaos. I think if Chris wasn't in my life, and I was just going out here and there, I still wouldn't be out to my parents right now. I probably am still a little naive because I didn't spend a long time in the pool, a little less well versed about the community and such, but I think it's worked out great.

And lastly, "What do you like best about your partner? What do you like the least?"

Put me on the spot will you? I like that he understands me, mostly, and he does understand that I'm still a little undercooked and emotionally difficult. Heck, I don't always know myself who I am, and I'm less than confident in many ways. He deals with that well.

I think we both share the worst trait, and that we're both a little passive-agressive. Sometimes i'd like him to take the lead, and often it's the same time he'd like me to do the same. This often comes up when we are going out to eat dinner and we haven't decided on a place. We both just want the other to make a decision, but neither one of us wants to put out an idea that might be shot down. Sometimes decision-making can take a while for the two of us.

Should you be inclined to ask me a question, you can do so HERE, where comments are screened.
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I get a few polls emailed to me now and again. One of them always asks the same control questions at the end of the survey. The question asked is: "Do you consider yourself to be mostly a resident of your city or town, America, or the planet Earth?"

The question is asked to be able to discern your outlook, how you frame things. A worldly person would see, and probably obtain news differently from someone who is more city-focused.

I have to say, I don't know exactly how to answer the question. I mean obviously I'm all three, but I can't say for sure what my outlook is best described as. I'd also like to add that I'm a resident of my state. It might not mean much to others, but Texas is it's own little world.

As for getting information, I'm not very city-foucused. I sometimes pick up the Dallas Morning news, especially if a copy has been left out in the cafeteria at work, but I don't make a habit of going online for it, same with the Fort Worth Star Telegram. I still watch the Houston Chronicle more, and could tell you more about the news there than here.

I take a look at the national news, focusing more on the political and entertainment stories, but am I happy to call myself an American? I'm much more likely to introduce myself as a Texan, which, with the current president may not really help. As for being worldly, well, I certainly don't know enough about it to truly be a global citizen.

I guess I'm a citizen of all, but not really subscribing to the viewpoint of any of them.

Of course, the questionnaire goes on to ask if I'm a Wal-Mart shopper, or a NASCAR fan. The answer to both is most assuredly no, so that does put me in another category, I'm sure. They always ask about religion and passports, also to see a little bit more about you.

One other question I see every time is "Are you a member of the investor class?" Again, this would be no. I may work for the industry, but the only investing I do is moving a few funds around in my 401(k). I know, it's another world-view question. If you have the ability to invest, you certainly don't see the world the way someone who'd having a harder time making ends meet would, but I just find the wording of the question rather odd.

Perhaps it is the problem of seeing the word "class" used for this, where you'd like to think that being an investor wouldn't make you different from others. It isn't true, but it seems that being a part of such an "investor class" is getting farther and farther away from the middle class. It seems to infer that you're talking about an upper class only, those who wouldn't shop at Wal-Mart I guess.

Hmm, what am I doing with my money?
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Good weekend, beautiful weather, and running around trying to get things done before this week's TBRU festivities. Chris and I got our pre-run haircuts. We didn't spend as much time as we should have cleaning the house for our incoming guests. Especially bad as Joey has totally eviscerated a rope chew toy and there are strings all over the house.

I spent much of the day yesterday watching Chris play softball. I felt kind of awkward as I'm not on a team. I felt even more awkward as I don't know anyone on Chris' team, and most of the people we played with last year were playing a field over. I spend most of the doubleheader with my nose buried in a Series 7 book, studying the driest material ever. Did not make for a lot of fun. Perhaps I made the wrong decision about softball, but I didn't hear anyone clamoring for my poor playing skills.

As I had a lot of trouble with tickets for The Police, I'm kind of wary to buy tickets to the Cindy Lauper/Erasure/Margaret Cho tour - the one I'm calling Gays take over the Smirnoff Pavilion. What a great venue for a super gay tour. It's not so much the tickets price or the acts, but that the tour supports the Human Rights Coalition (HRC). I'd be much more interested if it benefited an organization that I felt did more for the community than make little stickers, have big, fancy fundraisers, and build itself new headquarters. I'd much rather support GLADD, NGLTF or Lambda Legal.

OK, in my way of trying to be the person who ends memes by doing them last...go ahead, ask me questions. I'll try to answer them soon, and it will get me up and writing. I've been kind of silent of late.


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