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I kind of feel like this guy today.

With all the rain we've been having, he safely moved from the pond behind the building at work to the front walkway.

Couple of notes today.

➠ I need to go find the Kwik-E-Mart in town. Given that 7-11 started in Dallas, it's no suprise that one of the Simpson Movie tie-in stores is here. I wish i was more excited about the Simpsons movie, though. All those years on TV, so much of it feels like a re-tread to me.

➠ Well, there's never a real surprise with the Bush administration - well, maybe that he let the fines stick for now, just taking away Scooter's prison sentence. Don't worry, when the heat dies down, Scooter will get the full pardon. It's nice to know the administration is consistent for making sure the loyalists will reap the rewards, even if you are just a fall guy.

What kind of world is it where a person convicted of perjury (correction, obstruction of justice - sorry) in the case of divulging state secrets serves no time, while a celebutard manages to at least serve time for driving without a license?

➠ I'm almost finished with a book on Benjamin Franklin. Over the last couple of years I've read a lot on Revolutionary war figures, Adams, Washington, Jefferson and now Franklin. I guess i wanted to understand more about the founding fathers, and see if I can come to my own conclusion as what they wanted this country to be. Here's one thing, Adams was the most devout, and he didn't go to church often. Let's just say these guys were very tolerant, and not very observant of religion, despite what's said about the forming of our nation.

Franklin though seems less put upon a pedestal, perhaps because he wasn't president, but more that he seemed like the kindly grandfather to the whole process. He was certainly more folksy and didn't try to show that he was a great thinker even though he was one of the most influential people in both science and letters of his day.

Still, he seems funny, more of a clown with clever witticisms than the others, mainly because he was very quotable, where the others were more long winded. Still, we owe a lot to the man, not only from his inventions and work on such things as ballooning and the foundations of modern electrical use, but his ability (and well-traveled-ness) to see the nation as a whole, and not just 13 separate colonies and later states. Outside of kings, he was pretty much the most famous man in the world at the time of his death, having spent time in both the new and old world.

I'm not sure there's another Revolutionary War figure I really want to read about now. i think i have my opinions down, and i know the major players. what i do know is the slow build up in executive branch power over the last six years would have alarmed the founding fathers as much as it should alarm us.
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All around the northern reaches of Dallas and Fort Worth, there's a group of cities a couple of rings deep. The suburb communities take up a land mass that's almost larger than the Dallas and Fort Worth combined. They reach far up into the northern counties of Texas.

This is different than Houston, where Houston keeps growing by leaps and bounds, circling and pushing it's suburb communities out of the way. Dallas and Fort Worth are completely locked in. Still, in seeing other cities, Houston is the aberration, covering hundreds of square miles, where other cities were hemmed in long ago.

Still, with all of the cities, and many of them still finding the land to build more and more houses on the North Texas Prairie, these cities must advertise themselves. Since only some of these towns have a building taller than a few stories, often the tallest thing in town is the water tower - or as in some of these cities, several water towers.

Several of these plainly announce the name of the town, such as Irving, or Trophy Club, or Southlake, but the newer towers have full, multi-colored logos announcing the town. Grapevine has a couple with the Mustang logo for the high school, but also a couple feature a bunch of grapes as part of the agriculture that named the town.

All of the water towers in Carollton have the city's bird logo that makes the shape of the letter "C", while Plano's seventies created "P" logo is on theirs. Coppell features several logos, including the one above that features a logo that says they are just north of the DFW airport.

Besides Grapevine, the only other tower I've seen that mentions the high school's wind is in Louisville (edit: Lewisville) where the Fightin' Farmers rule. Once you get out to the smaller communities you'll often see that the town's boys have won a championship in AAA or AAAA football sometime back in the eighties or something.

So, as I drive home, I can see the towers of downtown Dallas, and the towers in Las Colinas, and the Galleria, but mainly I see the water towers, one of the things that make this area livable during the summer months where it rarely rains. I also see a couple of valleys that have filled with homes that create the need for more towers.

Of course the other thing I see are the airplanes, from the corporate jets at the Addison Airport near our house, to the Southwest planes flying to Love Field to DFW and then out to the Alliance Airport north of Fort Worth, the sky is filled with airplanes. there's rarely a few minutes that there isn't one going overhead.

Besides the logos for the airlines, and the towns, much of the rest of the sky seems rather clear of ads on my drive to work in back, but I know that will keep changing as long as more people move out to these areas - if oil and real estate prices don't kill all of the growth off.

Still, water is as much of a commodity as oil and land to these towns, so these large towers not only protect the city's supplies, but also the city's future.

At night you can see the red glow to keep all of those planes away.
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Take this picture of me a couple of days ago...

Add our hunky barber, Oscar...

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Going away party

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Screaming Amy, originally uploaded by eggwards.

It's the one, the only Screaming Amy, out at the happy hour that was held in the honor of my last day at work. About 25 people came to Berryhill in the beautiful weather to wish me off, oh, and to get drunk.

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No More Wire Hangers!

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DSC01875.JPG, originally uploaded by eggwards.

Last Sunday, feeling nostalgic for the city I'll be leaving, I took some pictures around Hermann Park and at Rice University. Sam Houston, Texas General and later, after gaining independence from Mexico, became Texas president. Houston is pointing towards the San Jacinto Battlefield, about 20 miles away, where Texas won defeating the army of Santa Ana.

One of the interestin things about Houston is that it stays green for the winter, at least moreso than other cities. Between the evergreen pine trees and the Live Oaks, many of Houston's trees never loose their leaves. Of course this has been an unusually warm winter with beautiful clear skies and high temperatures in the mid 70's. Perfect to get out to the park and paddle the lake in a paddle boat.

Clicking on the links above (The picture number or my name) will take you to more Hermann Park and Rice University photos on Flickr.
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Well, it's almost time to go back down the road to home. It's been a great New Year's weekend with Chris, and surprisingly, I had a good time at the party on New Year's Eve. We rung in the new year well, and I hope it bodes well for the rest of 2006.

We also spent time with Carlos and Steve up in Little Elm, Texas. It's another one of those tiny towns north of Dallas that are seeing a big boom in population growth. It was interesting seeing all of the tracts of homes being laid out there. As for the Little Elm Bears themselves, they seemed very happy about their house and seem to be constantly improving it, and trying to get all of the neighbors to improve theirs, in as much as Carlos tries to landscape other people's places.

They also had the very nice Fred from Virginia in town, and we brought Oscar, so all the guys had a great New Year's brunch, and heard way too much Celine Dion.

We saw The Producers today, which was a lot of fun. Then we picked up the new glasses. Yep, normally they are done in about an hour, but get them on a busy weekend, and they are done in about two days. We even went to the mall yesterday, so I've seen enough of Stonebriar Center for a while. It was also disappointing to only see the Tupperbears (two handsome guys selling Tupperware at a mall kiosk) on Saturday, only to be replaced with some dumpy hausfrau yesterday and today. Oh well, saved me money not buying a cupcake carrier or something.

So, on to the before and after pics, courtesy of Chris ([ profile] f__k):

I'm still getting used to them, and everything looks a little off right now, but they do stay on my nose, so that's a good thing. Still, I think I'll need to trim my eyebrows more thoroughly now.
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DSC01766.JPG, originally uploaded by eggwards.

I took some pictures of various places in Houston that were all ready for the holiday season. Lots of lights and a little tinsel, you know?

My Flickr page. which you can get with the link above, has more.


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