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From Left to Right: Ben ([ profile] qualitykill), Paul ([ profile] skacubby), Scott and Chris.

Another day in the books as we saw The Fratellis, MGMT, John Fogarty, Robert Earl Keen, Alison Krause and Robert Plant and a great set from Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Lots of energy today. Many more people in the park today than yesterday, so much so we couldn't leave where we were to go see Iron and Wine. Sad about that, but still some good fun and good people here, again.

Some crazy lady insisted she take this photo of us from my iPhone. She did not know how to use it, and this was the third try. So much for me back there! Another girl wanted to know all about us because she saw the Bear episode of Kathy Griffin and recognized the Bear Flag.

Now my cold has really kicked in. Not good, especially with all the dust kicked up in the park.
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A right-wing news site called Newsmax likes to drop in ads that they hope people will click on in order to "vote" for something. All clicking on it really does is allow them to start spamming you with a lot of bullshit email (I'm sad to say I was curious and fell for it). The emails are less entertaining than that of the AFA, when I used to be on thier list. I think the AFA kept track of how I voted in their polls and took me off the list.

Nevertheless, Newsmax usually has pics of Hillary or Obama asking "Hillary Finished?" or "Over for Obama?" I think that they are trying to get Democrat-leaning independents to come over to visit their propaganda.

The last couple of days they've features the picture below. I guess Sarah Palin is so new to the national scene it's difficult to find a good picture. Still, the picture for me looks like an advertisement for a bad sitcom.

Here's how I think the network description for the sitcom would go:

John McCain (John McCain) was having trouble keeping his business organized. When Sarah(Megan Mullally), fresh from her small Alaska town showed up at the office John thought she was sent by the temp agency. Sarah, trying to make it in the big city will do anything to help, and quickly finds herself running the office. Sarah's honest, good natured attempts to help Mr. McCain lead to comedic complications. John, finds himself attracted to her rural ways, but watch out John, this gal is packing heat!

Also starring Debbie Reynolds as Sarah's Mother, Hillary and Leslie Jordan as the closeted office queen everyone knows about, Billy, both who serve as Sarahs' foils for her good deeds. Watch the sparks fly between the mis-matched pair John and Sarah in this May-December comedy starting this fall on NBC!
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I'm having a blast here in New York City. There's still so much to see, and I think I'm getting to the point where I'll need to take things off the list to see. This is why Chris didn't want to come, he knows I get obsessed about running all over town seeing everything I can. My legs are getting a great workout, though. My legs are sore every night from walking.

I have only to go to Brooklyn today to have visited all five boroughs.

My sister, Laura joined me yesterday, and we saw the Mets game, and walked over to the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows park. The Unisphere is the huge steel globe that was the center piece for the 1964 world's fair. I know many people would know if from the movie Men in Black, but I know it's the cover of the B-52's greatest hits album.

We saw Xanadu on Broadway last night. Man it was great. I laughed the entire time, and they even acknowledge in the show that their target audience is gay men in their 40's. It was a perfect send up of everything that didn't make sense in the movie, and still uses the movie music you are familiar with. I thought it was fun that two of the muses are guys, but yet still "sisters". They are the two best dancers, too. There was a cute cubbie usher who gave us our glowsticks for the finale.

After having a great Italian meal, we tied to see if we could make a late trip to the Top of the Rock, the observation deck on 30 Rock. We were a little late, but we were wondering why there was a crowd of screaming girls out at midnight in Rockefeller center. We asked an NBC hand who was helping set up for the Friday morning concert for the Today show and he said the girls were waiting for Miley Cyrus (aka Hanna Montana). He said some of them were camped out from the night before. He also said they were closing more streets than they had for any other artist. We were happy to get out of the area.

I find that I can't quite walk as fast as most of the locals, but I can outpace the tourists, and they annoy me! If you want to gawk at the sights, move over and let us get through! I find I'm already getting to be a local!
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Chris and I were at the gym last night and there were a couple of cute cubbish types working their way through the circuit of machines. Still being a little "on" from last weekend's TBRU, I had to remind myself mentally not to stare.

It's something that always happens coming out of a bear run. after being in the bear bubble for a few days you tend to forget that these guys are statistically not likely to play on your team.

The bubble is enticing. Wonderful men, old and new to meet, fun times socializing, kicking youself for not saying hello to the hottie that just walked by, etc. There's food and fun. If I ever decide it's worth it to stay at the hotel, and not drive home, maybe I'll actually drink a little. From what I've been told, that might "loosen me up" so I'll forget to be so worried about my own hang-ups.

Still, it was a good run. The events this year weren't so hot, and I wish i hadn't felt sick and could have stayed in the pool on Friday night. Otherwise, there were good rubbin's from Mikey ([ profile] profundis), getting to meet Mark from Madison for the first time, hanging with wingman Jim ([ profile] jrjarrett), and seeing Tony ([ profile] tonydabear), Paul ([ profile] citizenpep), and Tony ([ profile] cubziz) again, among many others.

I tried to keep groups small, and not try to get lost in the big 20 person feasts and such, but some crowds can't be avoided, in the pool area, the hospitality suite, and so forth. I just have to occasionally take a time out and go out for a milkshake every once in a while. It's healthy, sort of.

This weekend did remind me that I need to do better socializing with the locals here, because there's some really good fellas here.

There is something about just being in the lobby and watching all of the guys walk by. I wish it was happening again soon. Not this weekend, but maybe the next - one would need to have time to recover.

Now if the hot guys would just stay in their homes for a few days more.

I took a few pics, mostly at the LJ meetup. Nothing like the party pics others took, but if you want to see, they are HERE
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It's funny, for the last couple of days it's already seemed like TBRU around here. I go out to eat lunch or dinner and there are several hot guys around.

Maybe I'm just horny.

Of course the biggest difference is that you can't just go up to someone in the middle of Chipotle and say, "hey, are you a cocksucker?" I'm sure there's a more suave way to do this, but I'm far from suave.

Of course at the host hotel you know all the cute guys are, so the question never has to be asked, but still the success rate is just a bit higher on actually getting the cute guys to notice you back.

I will try to avoid the mid-run blues where I don't feel that I've kept up with the Joneses and haven't gotten my fill of attention and friendship. I will try my darnedest to be open and pleasant despite being in a big crowd and intimidated by all the hotness in the room.

I'm trying to decide if I want to play run dress-up, or just not worry about such things. Maybe the overalls will make an appearance.

I need to remind myself that people can be friendly, and by not retreating into a corner I would probably have a better time. I need to get over my self esteem issues and not get in the mood that I'm not smart enough, cute enough, and not worth knowing. I need to keep my head and let the event be what it will be.

OK, that being said, I'm glad that work let me have tomorrow off, despite of training, so I can put my plan into action. Let's go meet some bears!
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It's been a busy couple of days back. I've gotten a little behind around here, but i would like to thank everyone who took time out to journal, or comment or text message or call, etc with wishes for a happy birthday.

By now you may know Chris and I tripped down I-35 to spend a long weekend in san Antonio. It was good to see old friends and acquaintances and meet a new person or two.

It took forever to get down there. I forgot how far it was between Austin and San Antonio. We first ate lunch in Waco at a McDonalds that suddenly was full of 50 or so day-camping kids. Loud as all get out. Later we ran into the infamous Austin traffic before stopping at Cabella's in Buda to check out some waterproof sandals and the guys who shop there. We always seem to find something we like there.

Finally we got to our hotel near the airport, and napped a bit until we got the word where dinner was. The place was a huge 4 story tall Chacho's. Chacho's is hard to explain - it's fast food mexican, and just about every dish involves cheese. This one, being a Super Chacho's also had pizza. The food is closer to authentic than Taco Bell, and not as nasty as Taco Cabana. The place had different dining levels, a patio and the largest "series of tubes" playgrounds for kids that I have ever seen. the kids could climb all the way to the 4th floor if they wanted. I'm sure it takes days for parent's to get their kids out of there.

I didn't really make much of a mention of my birthday, just saying that Chris and I were coming down. The friday night thing seems to be a regular happening for the San Antonio crew. Meeting us there were Alex ([ profile] darke), Peter ([ profile] texaspenguin). Will ([ profile] pressedkhakis), Scott ([ profile] xkot) and Ryan ([ profile] inanityscout), who I got to meet for the first time. Will said that Nate ([ profile] bigbearok) was off driving himself to Pennsic in Pensylvania that weekend. most of them knew it was my birthday, but I didn't want to make a fuss. Heck, we were invading their event, not creating one for myself.

After shoving down huge plates of Nachos, and maybe a margarita or two, we moved down the road to Starbuck at the Quarry which has some hunky bearistas. We talked for a little while there on a very nice evening with live music coming from one of the nearby restaurants. It's a very nice upscale area in what used to be an actual working quarry - one where my dad worked for a time.

On Saturday Jack ([ profile] adminbear) picked us up and we went off to Schlitterbahn, the country's best waterpark, which is just north of San Antonio in New Braunfels. I should have known better to go on a saturday, but we got in and got to go on some of the attractions. One of the bus attendants said their were over 40,000 people there and they almost had to turn people away as their parking lots were full (actually, she said they did tell people about the crowds and many chose to go home).

We rode some of the rafting and tubing rides and rode around each of the three lazy rivers in the place. We got on some of the body flumes and such, but after waiting for an hour and a half for one ride, and another hour for another, we tried to find things that didn't have lines. Jack hurt his ankle in one line so we had to take it easy. Still, there was lots of waling both in the parks and going in between the three different areas. It was fun, but I'd love to go when the kids, and their rude parents who were busy with the beers, aren't around.

Since Jack paid for gas, parking and lunch, we treated him to dinner at the Canyon Cafe, back in the Quarry, and all had some great steaks. We were so tired that any chance to go out for fun at ACE Weekend - some leather event going on that weekend, was certainly out.

On sunday we woke up late and checked out of the hotel, and then went to this dive that Peter was talking us about. unfortunately it was closed, so we drug Peter along to our next destination, the San Antonio Riverwalk. All three of us had our cameras in tow, and you can see my pictures HERE, Chris' much better ones HERE, and Peter's HERE.

they are both better photographers than I, and they have bigger cameras. they are also better at getting the hot guy snipage than I am. Still, I wish i had a waterproof camera because there were lost of hot guys at Schlitterbahn. There was also one of the largest displays of tattoos there. does everyone have a tattoo but me?

We had lunch with peter at one of the oldest tex-mex restaurants on the Riverwalk. We also stopped by the Alamo, because you just have to. It's small and dinky and nowhere near as impressive as history would lead you to believe.

After giving Peter a goodbye smack we got back on the road and headed back north, stopping by the Under Armour outlet in San Marcos where I picked up one of those tight, clingy shirts they make (in my size, even). I can't wait to try it out this weekend.

Otherwise we got back home late, and Chris had to wait until monday morning to spring Joey from the Kennel. All is well, just, as I said, busy, and as normal, any trip out of town is going to be busy, not restful when it's up to me. There's a little bit of tiredness to both of us this week. Still, the trip was a very good way to start up my 40's.
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Chris in the Snow, originally uploaded by eggwards.

Today is Chris' ([ profile] f__k) Birthday. (look, his username doesn't have a line through it anymore!) He's really the one thing that made me come back from Boston.

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Before I get into tonight's post, I'd first like to say I never want to hear this phrase again in my life - "The foreign DNA sample inside JonBenet's pants".

While Chris and I were having dinner, the television above us was featuring CNN's wall-to-wall coverage of the increasingly outlandish story, the "analyst" kept repeating the phrase over and over again, making me loose my appetite.

Alright, that's over.

Today I went to see my doctor, making it the first vacation day taken from work since I got there in January. The doc was pleased with the weight-loss, and that I'm working out. He didn't even give me a new drug, but I'm still on the old ones. Frankly I feel better and seem to be having less medical issues, so go me!

Since I had the rest of the day free, I did a few errands for my upcoming trip, and then picked up Chris who I convinced to take a half day off and go to Six Flags Over Texas with me.

What was great about heading to the park today wasn't just that the crowds were smaller, but the crowd was downright sparse because school has started up for most kids in the area. Of course the fact that it was 105 degrees probably kept people away as well.

Generally any ride we went up to, we could get on immediately. Sometimes there would be no one waiting for the next ride, and we could go again. Compared to the madness of the last days of Astroworld where I think we rode three rides for the 6 hours we were there, this was heaven.

I also managed to fit my big frame into almost every ride I wanted to be on. The notable exception was the Batman ride that required a shoulder harness, rather than a lap bar. Being big is one thing, but being big and tall makes it pretty much impossible to get that shoulder harness down, and the connecting belt affixed. I guess i still have a goal there.

Still, I was proud that i got to ride the other coasters, sometimes I was uncomfortable - like in the very bumpy Texas Giant - a wooden coaster that tries to cram you into a seat, and the hard seat dividers then slam your hips for the next 2-3 minutes. I was hurting there, and in my knees that were hitting the front of the car.

I need to loose the hips, I tell you! then I'll fit right into that small, designated area they call a seat.

Still, after the second time through on the Shock Wave, I found that I was getting sick and dizzy. Being jostled around, hot and a little dehydrated was not making me feel good at all. Suddenly I was feeling like the slow walking grandparent that only wants to sit down at the mall. Sadly most of the air-conditioned shows and restaurants were closed due to lack of teenage staff. Still, we made a go of it, continuing to slurp down water at each fountain we saw, then braving the heat. Had there been lines, I know we would have given up and gone home.

My clothes were absolutly soaked - and not from the infrequest misters around the park. When we went home, we needed a shower so neither of us would be mistaken for salt licks.

Still, a great day, and lots of fun riding rides I remember and seeing the changes in the park since I was last there - which I think was 1999. I bored Chris with plenty of recollections on how the park was in the 1970's and 80's, mostly dealing with the before PC usage of Indians attacking the French fort, scalping the settlers, and the fact they still called the southern area the Confederate area, with battle flags flying.

So we've gotten back in the coasters, now to work on fitting in them comfortably.


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