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A couple of years ago when [ profile] jamesbeary passed away I went to his funeral, and helped [ profile] urso find the church, the graveyard, etc. I had known James from here on LJ, had met him in real life and spoken to him on occasion, but when it came down to it I felt (and even said in this journal) that I din't know him that well, and wish that I had done more.

I felt odd at the funeral as Urso, Chris and I seemed to be representing the LJ/Bear community at his funeral, and here were people from his family, from the Deaf community and all that I had never met. I knew there were many more people in the LJ/Bear community who knew him better, and I wished they were there.

Come last night and I get word that [ profile] daveomatic had passed. Davo was one of the fist people I had met in the flesh from LJ, as he still lived in Houston at the time. He got up and moved to Canada, where he got married. I remember writing about how remarkable I thought it was that he had gotten married. To a man! Crazyness (but in a good way)! I think that was 2005, if I remember. I wish I could find that post right now.

I wish I could say I knew him better. At least in my view he was always a bit mysterious and guarded. Friendly, but only to a point. There was something, I'm not sure whether to call it a sadness or darkness behind the smile that i couldn't put my finger on, and Davo wasn't offering up.

Davo had an old journal, one that perhaps told stories that would have led me to understand more, but he closed that one. Then he closed off the one I had the pleasure of reading, and dropped off the grid. A few months ago I saw that he had made contact with Alex [ profile] darke, and it seemed that he was already in poor health, so i guess it wasn't that much of a surprise to hear that he was gone (unlike James which was a big surprise).

I wish he had stayed in touch, told us what was going on, perhaps had asked for more assistance.

Again I'm sitting here wishing that i knew him better, and could eulogize him better than I cam able. For some reason I feel compelled to write about him, but yet have so little to say.

So here's to you Davo, may you be at peace.
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So 2009 has been quite a ride of a year. It started out a lot better than it is finishing, that's for sure, but now I'm happy to try to dust some of this off and get going again in 2010.

You know, it's hard not to write out the year without hitting zero twice. i don't know how many times at work I've tried typing 20010. That's just not going to work.

One of the best memories of the year was on the cruise that seems so long ago. I met some great people on the cruise to Mexico. Really, the cruise could have gone just about anywhere, that didn't really matter. We did so little about seeing things off the ship.

Personally, I think if I go on a cruise that isn't all gay it would just be weird. The all-gay cruise is just such a unique little bubble of non-reality. It's great.

I just remember being on this large ship, on the 12th floor above the Pacific Ocean as another cruise ship was going the other way and I wondered if there was someone on the top deck of that ship, up late at 2 in the morning, watching our ship going by. There's seemed rather quiet, moving through the sea, while ours was alive with lights of all colors and DJ Rotten Robbie spinning the then new Po-po-poker Face single into the dark night.

It was a rather surreal moment. Sometimes you wish life could always be like that...minus the sea-sickness!

I know most people would say the worst moment was when they were fired, but that just doesn't seem like it to me. I guess I was able to keep my spirits going for a little bit as I had hope that I would find something new.

I'm not sure what was the worst moment. It might have been the moment when I realized that the new job was not only a start at the bottom, but not the opportunity that I was hoping it would be, and I felt a bit stuck. That or it might have been the moment where a little white lie was caught (trying to fudge that I was fired, not just laid off) and the prospect of a better paying job was yanked away from me. It was that moment when I realized that getting back to a job that used my experience and would give me some return to a better salary was going to be a lot harder than I had thought.

So the cusp of 2010 leaves me in a quandary. Do I start looking for a job again, or do I try to tough it out for a while in a job I don't like? Can I make the current employer better? Will I have the ability to make a difference here, or is the corporate culture too hard to move, especially from the bottom of the totem pole?

And if we are looking towards something new, what is it? I don't know if I can easily go back to financial services, and I bitched enough about it before, is that really what I want to return to? The money can be good, and it's nice to keep valuable licenses active, but ... Let's face it, I don't know what I'm really good at, and I don't really know what to look for. I think some more thought is needed here.

Since I haven't written in a while, I just wanted to say Chris and I had a great time in San Diego a few weeks back, and my love affair with California continues. The people of San Diego were friendly, the place beautiful even despite the cool and rainy weather. loved the zoo and Balboa Park and the Hole. I want to go back, and hopefully catch a ball game. Great meeting up with Dave, Mike, Brian, Justin, JP, Henry, Hadrian and many other great people. It was also fun seeing Shannon and Luke there on their first weekend as new residents. Maybe Chris and I will join you some day.

Speaking of baseball, the ball game at Dodger Stadium with Paul and Bobaloo back in April was the only baseball game I saw all year. I had hoped to see another game last summer, but having no cash flow kind of killed it. Here's hoping I'll get an opportunity this summer to catch a game or to and keep up my quest to see all of the stadiums before I'm 50. I've got about 15 to go, so I need to get on it!

Lastly, by sister has been here the last couple of days and it's been nice to have here here. It felt a little nicer to share Christmas this year with a little family of Chris, Laura and of course Joey.

Well, here's hoping that 2010 (or 20010) brings some good things to all of us and new doors will open. After this last half a year, I could use a lottery win in some form or another.
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Well we had a string of some really nice spring weather, even having a good weekend to take out the visiting [ profile] bigmacbear to a party and then the Eagle. Overnight it turned rainy and cold. We had gotten rid of the comforter on the bed but Chris had to wake up and haul it out early this morning as the temperature dropped.

Here's a few more questions that I need to answer:

1. [ profile] deanosota asks: Will you be seeing The Watchmen this weekend?

Well, that was a yes. I saw it at the midnight showing on Friday. It was a theater filled with nerds and geeks, so an audience that would know the material. I thought it was good, but didn't have the spark to really be considered great. Many scenes looked like they were taken directly from the comic, and that was good, but the movie lacks something as an adaptation.

Let's face it, Watchmen is a character study. Who are costumed heroes? What makes them tick? If we put them in a really desperate situation, would they really come out as heroic as comic books make out? Only Dr. Manhattan is really a superhero, per se, and his powers make him so different that he no longer connects with humanity. It's a cynical, but likely realistic thought.

The ending in the comic book is more there to finish the plot than it is to give a big action sequence, so it doesn't really translate well in a superhero move where people are looking for the big fight. I'm sure that will disappoint many casual viewers who are expecting something more.

Luckily the audience knew the story and knew what to expect. They expected penis. You could tell who in the audience didn't expect that coming. Frankly we really need to get over this whole "you can't show male full frontal". It's really silly. No one made a big deal of the breasts in the film. In many of the negative reviews of the movie the reviewers were more shocked by the big blue than they were the graphic violence and blood. Personally I'm squeamish, and I can't watch horror movies - this was coming pretty close for me as far as gore goes. I say less violence, more penis.

Oh, and the soundtrack. Yikes. i understand using poplar songs to evoke a time is to help the viewer, but man, could you try to find songs that were less clichéd. When I heard "Hallelujah" and "All Along the Watchtower" it really took me out of the scene. In fact "Hallelujah" got many unintentional laughs from the audience.

Lastly, since it is a character move, and the reasons for the heroes motivations are really deep in the book, it's sad that the Silk Specter wasn't really given as much depth. She's the whole reason for Dr. Manhattan's actions in the present, but it doesn't really connect on screen how she was pushed into the superhero life by her mother and how she's the last connection to humanity for Dr. Manhattan. Part of it is because her mother didn't seem like the sad character she was in the book. Nite-Owl and Rorschach were handled pretty well.

Worth seeing, but I think that more adaptation and less cribbing from the comic could have made the experience a lot richer in the end.

2. An Anonymous reader named Curious and Alone writes: How did you meet your husband?

We met right here on LJ. About six years ago I had just started here on LJ. Chris had been on for a while. In connecting with friends of friends here, Chris commented on a post or two and eventually wanted to meet with me.

Chris was supposed to surprise me and come down to the Dallas Diablos and Houston Roughnecks Rugby game where I said I was going to go. I instead responded to an invite to go to Austin that weekend and meet [ profile] cristalskye, [ profile] lostncove, and [ profile] mattycub, who were there to see one of Randy's plays at the fringe festival.

So we missed each other that weekend, but Chris then messaged me about meeting for lunch one day before he would go back to Dallas, and we met. It was over chicken fingers at Skeeter's near my office in Greenway Plaza. I talked - a lot - because I was so nervous. I remember a hug and how I walked away back to the office in a bit of a cloud of excitement!

Chris and then met a few more times when I would visit my sister who was living in Dallas at the time. Eventually the visits to Dallas were to visit Chris rather than my sister, then eventually I moved in. The rest is history.

3. Another anonymous questioner asks: Why aren't you on Facebook?

I go back and forth on this, but really, I'm not too crazy about another site. I'm on Linked In, Flickr, and Twitter and sadly on MySpace (there's nothing to see there, really). I'm not sure I really want something else to look at. Besides, remember Friendster? Yeah, well MySpace is already going the way of Friendster and I think we can all say that Live journal is less vibrant than it once was (sadly - it was the one place you could find people who could write a whole sentence). I'm worried that Twitter and Facebook will be yesterdays news pretty quickly.

I guess I'm trying not to join Facebook because I know that will be the moment that Facebook will have become totally uncool. Not that I'm worried that much about cool, but I know that the parade would have moved on somewhere else. I just wish I knew where it was moving to.

Oh, and I love Twitter, but it's already reached the point where it is now being marketed to, and then it fills up with more folks trying to advertise than actually trying to connect. It's like when MySpace became more marketing tool for bands and media companies than an actual community. It's the one thing LiveJournal hasn't become. I guess it comes down to the fact that people want community, but don't really want to be bothered by what would actually make the site a sucessful ommercial venture.

That being said, I'll probably give in and join Facebook sometime soon, but I hate those little "sell your friends" games.

I'm out of questions. This may be a good thing, but we'll see. I'll still take them. If you have a question, comments are screened if you go to THIS post. Keep asking away.
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I think I'm ready for this year to end. 2008 was certainly full up ups and downs and many changes.

2008 was the first year where I attended more funerals than weddings, but yet I had a wedding of my own. I did the east-coast west coast thing again ending up at Disneyland and New York City in my travels. I met new people and shied away from them at parties as usual. I got a new job and then had to tell people how much their investments had lost as the stock market went down, down down.

It was another year with my fantastic husband, and the first year I could truly call him that.

It was a year where we elected a new leader, and we are just waiting for him to take office, but it was tempered by the fact that bigotry remains a party of this country.

The first half of the year was much better than the second half. I think most of us will be ready to move on.

With that said, here's some things I hope won't make it into 2009:
Novelty Shoe Fashions (aka Uggs and Crocs)
High Gas Prices
So-called tolerant preachers
Hannah Montana
Magic Underpants
Israeli-Palistinian Conflicts & War in general
Cancelation of good shows (or at least better than the normal crap)
The phrase "Where's MY bailout?"

Things we need more of in 2009:
More marriages for my friends
More facial hair
More jobs
More friends
More good times
More calm nerves
More progress
More love
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It seems that Turner Classic Movies channel (TCM) has gotten hold of much of the Disney Live Action films for the 50's 60's and 70's and has been shoing them on Sundays this month. I saw one of the old Kurt-Russel movies, The World's Strongest Man last Sunday, and noticed they had also been showing The Love Bug, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes and The Parent Trap among others.

Today was the best, though. Movies that really brought back memories. This morning 1979's The Black Hole was on, followed by Escape to Witch Mountain - which really doesn't hold up over time, but is cute. [ profile] joshjeffcoat came by to watch Bedknobs and Broomsticks and besides loving Angela Lansbury we both realized we knew a lot of the songs.

It continued tonight with Candleshoe and later the original Freaky Friday both with Jodie Foster. Candleshoe is a fun little young-person's mystery that doesn't get it's due. It's amazing that both of theses squeaky-clean Disney movies were shot after her role as a teenage prostitute in Taxi Driver. They are a lot of fun though, and the Original Friday is a lot better than the Lindsay Loahan remake.

I saw all of these films in the theater growing up, and it's good to see them all again. I normally don't look to TMC for entertainment. I'm not much of an old movie buff, but I do enjoy these bits of nostalgia.

Speaking of nostalgia, TCM is showing two other movies this week I'm interested in. They are showing Fiddler on the Roof tomorrow (as a part of a Chanukah lineup that sadly includes Yentl) and The Man Who Came To Dinner (which is not Guess Who's Coming To Dinner). They were two of the plays I was in while in high school, so it's always fun to revisit those shows.

I guess I'll have to watch TCM's schedule a little more closely from now on.
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From Left to Right: Ben ([ profile] qualitykill), Paul ([ profile] skacubby), Scott and Chris.

Another day in the books as we saw The Fratellis, MGMT, John Fogarty, Robert Earl Keen, Alison Krause and Robert Plant and a great set from Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Lots of energy today. Many more people in the park today than yesterday, so much so we couldn't leave where we were to go see Iron and Wine. Sad about that, but still some good fun and good people here, again.

Some crazy lady insisted she take this photo of us from my iPhone. She did not know how to use it, and this was the third try. So much for me back there! Another girl wanted to know all about us because she saw the Bear episode of Kathy Griffin and recognized the Bear Flag.

Now my cold has really kicked in. Not good, especially with all the dust kicked up in the park.
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Sean ([ profile] alphaschnitz) and Karl ([ profile] bookbear) brave the sun in the Austin evening. The heat isn't as bad this year, which is nice. Crowd is huge as always. Caught Vampire weekend, Hot Chip, Patty Griffin, What Made Milwaukee Famous and David Byrne today, and that was before leaving the park early to go have "real" dinner at Katz's Deli.
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It’s a sunny blue-sky morning here in Dallas right now. We are some 450 miles away from Hurricane Ike right now in the Gulf of Mexico. It seems to be bearing down for a direct strike on Galveston, and then will trek up I-45 into Houston. Watching the news this morning the waves were already crashing over the seawall that covers the eastern half of Galveston Island. Given the size of the storm, and the storm surge expected, Galveston Island should be underwater tonight. Luckily they have already issued mandatory evacuations for the island and the coastal areas of Texas.

I went through Hurricane Alicia back in 1983. Like Ike, it too was a class 3 hurricane, but it formed in the Gulf just days before landfall. She did not have the same surge that Ike will have when he lands tonight. Alicia also made landfall during the day, and I remember news reporters on the local stations running in downtown Houston as the winds blew out windows in the skyscrapers.

I’m not sure if it was the right decision not to request the evacuation of Houston. Given the disaster for trying to evacuate the city in 2005 when Hurricane Rita was coming in (and missed, hitting Beaumont), I guess they thought it would be better to tell people to stay home rather than clogging up the highways where they may be at worse risk as sitting ducks on the freeway than at home. As someone who was in the traffic jam back then, it’s not an experience that I would want to go through again.

Interestingly enough, Rita was this same week, 3 years ago.

One of the reasons I know they did not evacuate Houston was to allow those who were forced to evacuate from the costal areas the ability to get through. In 2005 people from areas that didn’t need to evacuate filled the roads keeping those in costal areas trapped. Had the storm actually hit Galveston, many people could have died in their cars. Even with Rita going off to the east, the largest number of reported deaths was people who died in the evacuation traffic jam.

Luckily for Houston Ike will pass over fairly quickly. There may be more wind damage than anything else. While Houston has a large problem with flash flooding, and areas will definitely flood, I don’t think we will see anything like Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 where the city received rain from a storm that would not leave. I remember being unable to go home one night due to floodwaters, and having to stay on a friends couch. Allison was hopefully, a once in a lifetime storm.

Ike looks to come ashore with winds between 100 and 115 miles per hour. The storm surge will do all of those things like leave boats in funny places and the wind will tear off roofs and damage trees. As the storm cuts across Eastern Texas, there will be a lot of downed powerlines and pine trees.

I checked up on some friends and my parents last night. Jerry [ profile] goofycub said he’s staying in the city and should do alright. My parents live about 50 miles north of Houston. Mom’s staying home while Dad has to work in the jail. Except for power problems, they should be OK.

The storm is supposed to quickly move north quickly during the day tomorrow. Dallas will be on the western side of the storm, but we still expect tropical storm winds and rain tomorrow. The center of the stom should be heading for Paris, Texas, and the homes of [ profile] bearpawly and [ profile] txredneck’s family. The metroplex doesn’t expect too much damage from the storm, but it could spawn some tornadoes.

On a funny note, the University of Houston moved their game from the campus to the campus of SMU here in Dallas. Not the brightest idea as I don’t see many people wanting to come out in the rain to see a crappy football game from an out of town team. They should have moved the game to San Antonio, which shouldn’t receive much from Ike at all.

Well, as I write this, a few clouds are starting to creep up from the south. My dad just emailed me about the storm and, different from what my mom said last night on the phone, wanted my mother to come up to Dallas. Hmm. Well, I think she’ll be OK in the house, but I understand that he’s worried since he will have to be at work. Now he’s got me worried.

I hope everyone stays safe. Including [ profile] mrdreamjeans who is also having to ride the storm out at work tonight. Hopefully Ike will blow over quickly and cause as minimal of damage as possible.

Another Day

Aug. 4th, 2008 09:00 am
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The last weekend just confirmed that my 40's are here to stay.

41 seems to be such a non-event, and after the excitement of my vacation not so long ago, there really wasn't much to be done for my birthday. Although it's always nice to be acknowledged, I really didn't want to make a big effort or make a fuss.

Chris and I went out to Dave and Busters for a while and played some games. Chris finally got enough coupons to pick up Guitar Hero III for the PS3. I'm not sure how long he had been hanging on to all of those points. We came home and he played the game for a while while I napped. It truly was that exciting of a day.

Chris did cook for me last night. Note that this takes some measure of effort because I won't eat just anything. I'm super picky. Most of the recipes that Chris wants to cook he'd just be cooking for himself. I can only cook hamburger helper and mac and cheese, so I'm not much of a help as he's trying to eat healthier and trying to not eat out as much.

On Saturday we went to two pool parties. One was in the middle of the day, and I think it was a miracle that we didn't have a bunch of dehydrated men after the 105 degree heat and a lot of alcohol. It wasn't a party where I felt particularly comfortable as I think you needed a Big Muscle Bears Profile to get in. Normally those guys won't talk to me, and I make myself look more unapproachable as I sit silently amongst the crowd, with my shirt on. There were a lot of skimpy swimsuits, and plenty of good looking fur to watch, but I get ignored by most of the people. There were a few people I talked to here and there, so not a total loss. The hosts, however are very nice, and really put out quite the effort for these folks.

The evening's pool party was much more relaxed, thought the earlier party had me kind of closed in and anti-social. Still the people were friendlier and I actually did get into the pool this time. It made for a better evening.

My parents called me to wish me a happy birthday last night and my father and I got in an argument about politics. As much as my father tries to deny it, he'd just pushing the talking points he hears on talk radio: "We have plenty of oil if we'd just be allowed to drill it", "Alternative energy is dangerous and unreliable", oh, and my favorite "Obama is a communist" Really? A communist? I know you lived through the cold war, but I don't think you even know the meaning of the word anymore! Socialist, maybe, but not communist. I try to counter that the current administration is corrupt and a house cleaning is needed, but that doesn't seem to catch on. I said we needed to agree to disagree, and get off the subject.

So that's the excitement. Another birthday come and gone. Quiet and unassuming. For those who sent your wishes, thank you very much. I look forward to next year as I should be learning the secret to life, the universe and everything, right?
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It's so hard to come back to the humdrum land of work when you've been gone on a good long vacation. I'm definitely feeling the pull of the blues here, wishing I could be back in New York.

I love sending picture posts, but they only tell part of the story. I have many, many more pictures and if I can get motivated, I'll send them up to Flickr, but at the moment they are in the same limbo as befell my pictures from Boston two years ago, and from the cruise I took last year. I'm not sure why it's hard to come back to those, but procrastination is my middle name...I think.

Walking around New York is like feeling you are on a movie set. There's so many things that you've seen, but there they are right in front of you. 30 Rock, The Flatiron Building, The Empire State Building, Times Square, even the Unisphere way out in Flushing Meadows Park. All have that familiarity, and many seem much, much bigger in real life.

From where I left off the other day, Laura and I had breakfast with Ryan ([ profile] bobo_dreams) and followed him into the Toys R Us in Times Square for some hilarity. Then we went in and sat for a while in the studio for the Frank DeCaro show on Sirius Out Q. Frank was nice enough to give us a tour of the now Sirius-XM studios and gave us some restaurant recommendations for the rest of our stay. We instantly went out to the first one he mentioned, having lunch in Madison Square Park at the Shake Shack. Man those cheese fries were good!

Leaving the Shake Shack we went downtown so Laura could see Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty. I saw it the other night when I rode the Staten Island Ferry. While looking around Wall Street near the charging bull statue we spotted Chris Noth who was working on a Law and Order episode. We then went to the Brooklyn Bridge. After a twenty minute walk, we were in Brooklyn. We didn't get to stay long as we needed to go to Union Square to meet Kurt ([ profile] bigboychb) who was working at Virgin. We finished the evening at the observation deck at Top of the Rock.

By this time I had blisters on my feet, and almost didn't go out, but it was bear bar night so i felt I had to deal with it and head out to Christopher Street. It certainly wasn't what I expected, with a lot of kids hanging out. by the time I got to the Dugout it was already midnight and the crowd was already heading out the door. There I didn't meet many of the locals, buts saw Bob from Michigan (not on LJ), and met Ed and John ([ profile] cubbies76 and [ profile] johnboi76) from Chicago. It was good to meet them and have someone to talk to there. After a bit we decided to leave the bar and go on up to Ty's which seemed to be hopping. Of course Ty's is a tiny place, so even a small crowd would make it seem crowded. There I ran into [ profile] theoctothorpe (who has a dreamy accent) and [ profile] joebehrsandiego. before Ed and John had to head back to Long Island we stopped by for some late night New York style pizza with some surly waitstaff.

Saturday found Laura and I first setting out for breakfast at Billy's Bakery in Chelsea, then off to see [ profile] naylandblake's installation "Guys We Want to Fuck" at a very small warehouse gallery. Then it was off to Central Park for walking, walking and more walking. I was definitely having to tell Laura to slow it down as my feet were in bad shape after having to walk so much in the city (really, I've built up a lot of stamina in the last couple of years, but it's more stamina as far as time, not wear and tear. I'm used to gym conditions, not the real street). Sure, there's plenty of public transportation but you still end up walking a lot, and there's many, many sets of stairs in the subway. The whole trip was a workout. We walked a circuitous path from Columbus Circle to the Guggenheim Museum. Sadly the museum was filled with tourists and was under renovation. Lincoln Center was also under renovations, also a disappointment. Still, we ducked into a McDonald's (another place with bad service, how do New Yorkers put up with it?) and saw Michael Emmeron, aka Ben on Lost, getting cash from an ATM. I told him I liked his work which he thanked me in that strange voice he has.

Exhausted, Laura and I went back to the hotel (the Muse near Times Square, highly recommended) and cleaned up before meeting the Jersey Boys, Tom ([ profile] evilcreamsicle), John ([ profile] txredneck) and Ed ([ profile] njbearcub1) for dinner at a sort of cajun place on Restaurant Row. Sadly, Laura and I did not know about Restaurant Row until this, the last night. We had a great meal and spent a long time at the restaurant just talking and hanging out before sending the Jersey Boys back through the tunnel. It was a good night and I was glad they were able to join us, if just for a few hours.

Sadly, we never saw the Cash Cab.

We looked a little more at Times Square on Sunday morning when there weren't so many people running around before heading back to Penn Station and to the train back to Baltimore. It was nice that the Square was calmer than it had been for the last few days with tons of tourists standing around gawking. Sure, it's quite a sight, but when you realize that it's all just advertisements and encouragements to buy, buy, buy, you figure out there's a lot better sights to see in New York than this.

Frankly, I was impressed. There's a lot packed in the city, and even more that we didn't get to. It will definitely be worth a second look, to go back and see some of the smaller things, and like our walk through Chelsea, see more of the real New York, not just the big postcard items. With the two new stadiums coming on line, there will certainly be an excuse to come back again. Hell, I never even found the Apple Cube!

Hopefully by then my feet will have fully healed from all the walking.
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Tomorrow it's off to the East Coast again, probably for the last time for a while. Airline ticket prices are rising, and once I see the two stadiums I'm going to see next week, I will have seen all the east coast ballparks. I'll need to start getting out to some other parts of the country!

It's been nice to have my sister Laura and her fiancée (still a fiance after 7 years) living in Baltimore that has made it an easy way to travel the upper east coast. It's been a good jumping off point. Over the last few years I've seen Boston, Washington DC, and Philadelphia, and now finally, New York City. I'll get to finally say that I've walked in the city, not just taken an AMTRAK train under it!

I leave for Baltimore early tomorrow morning (apparently no one wants the early flight on a Saturday), and then take the train up to New York City on Tuesday. Laura will join me there on Thursday. The only things I have planned are the Yankees game on Wednesday, the Mets game on Thursday, and Frank DeCaro is going to let us watch him do his radio show at Sirius on Firday. Hopefully our New Jersey boys, [ profile] evilcreamsicle, [ profile] njbearcub1, and Texas ex-pat [ profile] txredneck will join us on Saturday. It's a good long trip.

I decided not to book any Broadway shows as it's cheaper to play your luck and try to get tickets the day of, also, who knows what you might decide to see. I do need to find out more about the water tour that Dan ([ profile] musicbearmn) told me about a few weeks back. I know Chris will think it's not true, but this is about as unorganized and unscheduled as I get on vacation. Still, I know once I hit the ground, I'll be running like mad trying to see everything I can!

Now I'm getting excited. I'll have camera in tow, of course, and I'd love to meet other people up there! Is there anything you guys say I HAVE to do while there?


On the home front, since I haven't posted in a while, things are good. Chris has been getting into the summer pool party season, and I've been opting out more times than not. The circuit seems to call for a more trim man than myself, so I feel really self-counsious about it, and it makes me a miserable guy to be around, so I tend to stay home. Not all of the pool events have been this way, and I've been pleasantly surprised by some new friends this summer.

Still, work has been taking up most of my time, and it's been going well. If there's one thing that's bothering me is that I'm often more of an operator than someone who can get something accomplished. I hate getting an issue and having to document it and give someone else an order. I want to be able to resolve it myself, especially since I have little confidence in others at the company to do it.

The sales aspect of the job has been going better than expected, so maybe it's not the problem I thought it was going to be. Still, being tied to a call center schedule is very annoying. Here's hoping I shine and I can eventually move up to other jobs in the company. for now I'll just have to pay my dues.

Hey, but a week of vacation just may get me through the rest of the day!
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If you went back 20 years and told my younger self that I would have spent last night at a concert featuring Cyndi Lauper, The B-52's and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, my younger self would have probably wondered what you were smoking. I would have also thought, wait, aren't most of those performer's in their late 50's and early 60's? What are they doing trying to do a rock tour?

Now if you also included that they were also doing a tour supporting gay rights, well then I probably would have told you that you were crazy.

Still, Chris and I had a wonderful time at the True Colors Tour, which for Dallas was pretty much our Pride event since the actual "freedom parade" isn't until September. It's nice that you can go to a concert, listen to Cyndi sing "All Through The Night", and hug your loved one and not feel like someone is going to get upset. Or worse.

We caught up with Mike ([ profile] starzcub) there, and met Tom and Jeff ([ profile] tomebear and [ profile] cuddlcub) who were in town for the weekend from Kansas. It was really nice to meet the two of them. There were others who seemed to be peppered out on the lawn.

Of course if I could go back twenty years I'd sure have a lot to say to my younger self.

Before going out to the concert, we went to the home of one of Chris' friends. He's a doctor and has a very nice home in Oak Cliff. I told Chris if we want to live in a home like this (which we certainly do) we will need to play the lottery more often.

We also went out with some friends on Friday and saw Kung Fu Panda again. It was a lot of fun. Probably one of the best non-Pixar animated movies to come out. We headed out to the Eagle for a bit, but the whole scene was pretty boring. I guess I'm not all that interested in getting drunk and standing around.

Also this weekend, George Carlin died. It's really too bad. He was one of the funnies guys around. He may not seem controversial now, but his fame was stunted by the fact that he took risks, a lot of them, and mainstream broadcasting couldn't put up with that. Still, he deserves the Mark Twain Prize, more than several who've already received it, and I hope they do well in paying tribute to him when they do have the presentation in November.
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✬One more day of work before Christmas tomorrow. My excessively grinch-y overseers are closing the office early, but instead of being nice and just giving us the time, they asked up to get up early and come in early so we can still work our full shift.

The company I work for has a similar demanding tone with little recognition for your effort that I experienced at Target many years ago. Thanks to lack of planning, we've been on "mandatory overtime" this entire year. Still, they refuse to bring in help, or acknowledge that the upturn in volume is anything more than an aberration.

Happily for us, we are so loved. My boss, who after several months still doesn't know what we do, came around with an envelope stating that it was a bonus for all of our overtime. I opened up the envelope and saw a laminated card with some words of thanks and blah-blah-blah, then signed by our Senior Vice President. I looked back in the envelope looking for a gift card or something...nothing. The card was it.

Makes you feel like the effort to go above and beyond is so worth it.

❆I have a couple of words to mention about James' ([ profile] jamesbeary) funeral services. First thing, it was very, very cold last weekend. The graveside service was pretty miserable, both for the reason and the cold.

In a way I felt like more of a placeholder for all the others in the bear community who couldn't be there. In some ways i felt like I didn't know James all that well. Chris and I seemed to be there more for support for [ profile] urso than anything else. There weren't a whole lot of bears at the ceremonies, and the service itself seemed to gloss over this part of James' life. Really, the only member's of James' family that really talked to us were his nephew, Eryk and his wife, who greeted us with "so you're the bears?" Eryk was the one who was emailing, IM'ing and texting people about James' passing, so he seemed to be the only one who knew the range of people who James had touched.

Only the couple of eulogies provided during the service seemed to capture a little about James. The nice-but-formal pastor seemed to be on autopilot for the service.

It was also interesting being in a room with so many deaf people. The hands and arms were gesturing wildly. Urso could pick up things here and there and Eryk could converse as well, but it was tough trying to mingle with the crowd when you can't say much. It made for an odd afternoon.

✯I've had a couple of nudges saying that I should post more, and I should post more of my political rants. Really, I keep up with politics, but man have I been burnt out on it. I may have to give a new opinion for the presidential race, but really, don't we just wish that it was time to just vote for 2008 and it it over now? Do we still have ten months to go?

❄Otherwise, it's a quiet Christmas here. Chris is busy cleaning the house while I've been extra lazy. We were trying to figure out what to do for christmas dinner between the two of us, and it pretty much comes down to the the fact that I really can't cook much. I really should learn to cook more than Rice-a-Roni. Though I do love Rice-a-Roni. Having shopped early and already given Chris his gift, there's really not much to be done, otherwise. If I could come up with some time off during the christmas season some year, perhaps we could plan to actually travel, but for now we'll just be at home.

Since I was way too lazy to get out Christmas cards this year, I'll just have to tell everyone here that I wish them a Happy Solstice (belated), Happy Haunukka (also belated), Merry Christmas, Meaningful Kwanzaa, and observant Hajj, and we'll see you around New Years.

☆Chris has already given me one gift. He got me a membership to LA Fitness. He's been motivated seeing as I've been going to the gym at work for the past year and a half, so now he's trying to get into it as well. We've gone together a few times, but I get to choose between our little gym at work and the new LA Fitness across from the Baptidome.

So far the eye-candy hasn't been all that, mainly because the LA Fitness location is new and doesn't have a lot of members. Personally I wish it would stay that way. Fewer people to see how winded I get doing laps in the pool (besides the fact that I'm in the pool in the first place). The nice thing about the gym is that it has more equipment than the gym at work.

❆Personally I'm ready to move on to 2008 and see if we can take a few more risks and make a few things happen. It is once again a time for change, especially in the work life. Heck, with less TV to watch, maybe I'll work harder on getting my resume into the right hands. Perhaps some good could come out of the writer's strike.
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It's been a low-key Thanksgiving around here. As usual, I had to work the day after Thanksgiving, since the Stock Market is open that day, but this year because my department is so understaffed, and so behind, we were asked to come in for a half day on Thanksgiving. Since I wasn't traveling, and there were no plans until later that night, I went in. Heck, for double time and holiday pay, I'll take it.

Even though I'm really down on my job and am looking for something new, I do have to say that there has been some good with all the overtime I've been able to accumulate this year. I've been a good boy and have been applying much of it to larger credit card payments. Oh, and gas, of course. I guess the Thanksgiving paycheck will go to buying Chris his Christmas present.

I haven't purchased Christmas cards this year...maybe I'll just go without this year.

Mikel ([ profile] soonercubntx) cooked up a nice Thanksgiving dinner for us he was also showing of his new HD-DVD player. Of course Chris goes out on Saturday and picks up a Playstation 3 because they were giving away 10 Blu-Ray movies with it. We are all set here, with both the XBOX HD-DVD player, Blu-Ray in the Playstation and the Wii. There's no new game or movie release we can't see here.

Chris is almost through with the new Ratchet and Clank game for the PS3. It looks really good in HD.

Joey has a friend over this week. He's Fidel the basset hound and we're sitting him for a friend. Fidel doesn't smoke cigars as far as I can tell, but he does have a little of that basset hound smell. It's fun to watch him hop his way down the stairs. He's a little gluttonous and has eaten Joey's food as well as his own, so we have to keep them apart to feed them.

Joey has been in alpha dog mode trying to make sure Fidel knows who's house this is. she's not mean or anything, but their play together certainly shown signs of dominance play. Joey is a natural herding dog, so you see she's trying to make Fidel go where she wants. They like to try to out nuzzle the other. No biting or scratching, just nosing each other around. It's funny to watch. It reminds me of Zoolander where the guys are "breakdance fighting."

We have been trying to save money by resisting turning the heat on - and wearing layers. I think I might break down and turn it on tonight though, the cold damp weather gets on your nerves after a while. We did go out to the mall where it was warmer today. I know our nearby mall is pretty empty on most days, even this time of year. The mall has too many luxury stores, and few practical ones. It was interesting to note that the Apple store was the most crowded place there.

Of course the usual thanks to partners, pets, family, good fortune and health as goes this season.
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Today is my 5th LJ Anniversary. Although my blogging, with long, windy posts, had diminished quite a bit over the last year, i still find LJ to be a wonderful community and I'm very happy of the connections I've made here.

It's interesting that I was finally coming out five years ago, in my first "adult" job (ie, not retail), and living alone. Now I'm partnered, in a job that might be called "adult", but certainly not run by any and pretty much out, if a bit reclusive at times.

The nature of LJ has changed, people have come and gone, and what was a very small bear community in 2002 where you could know all the LJ Bears, is now huge. Except in Tulsa. It's not just LJ, but the internet as a social device that has really changed life for people, especially a minority group like ours, scattered across the country. It's pretty fascinating.

I haven't had too much time to think about this...and hopefully it will spur me on to plan even more, but here's a few things I'd like to set as goals for the future.

Within One Year:
Get a new job - whether it be in a different division of the company I work for, or with a new company.
Purchase a new desktop computer (Apple, of course)
Lose another 20 pounds or so and tone up the muscles.

Within Five Years:
Get Lasik before you have to get reading glasses
Buy a more fuel efficient car
Eliminate Credit Card Debt
Be able to help Chris pay for home improvements

Within Ten Years:
Travel outside North America - maybe twice!
Finish seeing all of the Major League Baseball stadiums
Live somewhere other than Texas (I'd do this earlier, but Chris has a good job)

We'll see how it goes.Certainly life has changed a lot in the last five, moving away from family and college buddies and into a new phase of life, but I still feel like this phase has only begun. We'll see how it goes.
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Nakia sings

I really should be more timely, though I did upload a few photos of the recent Dallas stop of the Bears on the Run Tour. Perhaps this will get me going on getting the alaska photos uploaded (hell, where are those Boston photos from a year ago?)

Dallas was the first stop on the Bears on the Run Tour. It was a small, but enthusiastic group, many of us knowing each other from LJ. Thursday night as the guys went out on the town to promote the show, I got to meet the other artists on the tour, so the show felt like an intimate group of friends. By the time Matthew Temple hit the stage as the last act, I got the feeling that we were all at some bonfire telling stories and listening to people sing their tales.

Truly, I knew some of these guys, but never heard their music, certainly not live. It was a great show with laughs, a lot of hugs, some working out of details on this shakedown cruise, and a group of artists that looked very happy about getting on the road and just entertaining.

Let me tell you a little about each artist we saw.

Bobaloo: Really, most of us here know him. He's the wild and crazy guy and made a good MC introducing the acts. He came out in a few costumes, including an ensemble that mimicked the 80's rocker Billy Squire. Lets say his guitar playing needs some work, but still "the Stroke" is a song that deserves some ribbing.

Elijah Black: Rocking guitarist with soulful roots. Just good, crunchy music.

Shannon Grady: The voice of BTalk provides catchy guitar hooks with intimate story telling. His voice is soft and quiet, but clear and it draws you in.

Kendall: He's a ball of energy. The lyrics are fun and the costume...well, maybe he shouldn't be so shy and should show off a little. :-) He was the best in getting out in the audience and partying. Still, a serious song does show there's something deeper behind the performer.

Nakia: Funny, I've know Nakia for a few years now, but never really head him perform. What a suprise and a treat. Delicious white boy soul that I'm going to have to make a trip down to Austin to see as he performs with his full band. Definitely check him out.

Matthew Temple: Blues Rock and a story teller. You can see he's had experience and experiences. It was like he was the camp leader and we were the campers - especially as an orange light kept him half in light, half in shadow. A moving, emotional finish.

Afterwards i loaded up on some CDs, talked to both the artists and also the concert goers. It was more than a performance since we all had connections. I had such a great time.

That evening the performers packed up and we went to the Roundup for the unofficial aftershow party. We had a good time talking about the show, dallas, life etc. We also had some of the guys do an impromptu sing-a-long with Marge, the cross dressing guitarist who's out on Dallas' gaybourhood sidewalk just about every weekend.

I urge all of you to go see Bears on the Run if you're near the tour dates. (Especially you Houstonians - the show is tonight!) I so wanted to go to Austin last night, and if we had a dog sitter...well. still, there's a chance we might road trip it out to another show before it's all over. It was just that much fun!

I hope the rest of the tour goes great, with big, enthusiastic crowds!
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It's been a busy couple of days back. I've gotten a little behind around here, but i would like to thank everyone who took time out to journal, or comment or text message or call, etc with wishes for a happy birthday.

By now you may know Chris and I tripped down I-35 to spend a long weekend in san Antonio. It was good to see old friends and acquaintances and meet a new person or two.

It took forever to get down there. I forgot how far it was between Austin and San Antonio. We first ate lunch in Waco at a McDonalds that suddenly was full of 50 or so day-camping kids. Loud as all get out. Later we ran into the infamous Austin traffic before stopping at Cabella's in Buda to check out some waterproof sandals and the guys who shop there. We always seem to find something we like there.

Finally we got to our hotel near the airport, and napped a bit until we got the word where dinner was. The place was a huge 4 story tall Chacho's. Chacho's is hard to explain - it's fast food mexican, and just about every dish involves cheese. This one, being a Super Chacho's also had pizza. The food is closer to authentic than Taco Bell, and not as nasty as Taco Cabana. The place had different dining levels, a patio and the largest "series of tubes" playgrounds for kids that I have ever seen. the kids could climb all the way to the 4th floor if they wanted. I'm sure it takes days for parent's to get their kids out of there.

I didn't really make much of a mention of my birthday, just saying that Chris and I were coming down. The friday night thing seems to be a regular happening for the San Antonio crew. Meeting us there were Alex ([ profile] darke), Peter ([ profile] texaspenguin). Will ([ profile] pressedkhakis), Scott ([ profile] xkot) and Ryan ([ profile] inanityscout), who I got to meet for the first time. Will said that Nate ([ profile] bigbearok) was off driving himself to Pennsic in Pensylvania that weekend. most of them knew it was my birthday, but I didn't want to make a fuss. Heck, we were invading their event, not creating one for myself.

After shoving down huge plates of Nachos, and maybe a margarita or two, we moved down the road to Starbuck at the Quarry which has some hunky bearistas. We talked for a little while there on a very nice evening with live music coming from one of the nearby restaurants. It's a very nice upscale area in what used to be an actual working quarry - one where my dad worked for a time.

On Saturday Jack ([ profile] adminbear) picked us up and we went off to Schlitterbahn, the country's best waterpark, which is just north of San Antonio in New Braunfels. I should have known better to go on a saturday, but we got in and got to go on some of the attractions. One of the bus attendants said their were over 40,000 people there and they almost had to turn people away as their parking lots were full (actually, she said they did tell people about the crowds and many chose to go home).

We rode some of the rafting and tubing rides and rode around each of the three lazy rivers in the place. We got on some of the body flumes and such, but after waiting for an hour and a half for one ride, and another hour for another, we tried to find things that didn't have lines. Jack hurt his ankle in one line so we had to take it easy. Still, there was lots of waling both in the parks and going in between the three different areas. It was fun, but I'd love to go when the kids, and their rude parents who were busy with the beers, aren't around.

Since Jack paid for gas, parking and lunch, we treated him to dinner at the Canyon Cafe, back in the Quarry, and all had some great steaks. We were so tired that any chance to go out for fun at ACE Weekend - some leather event going on that weekend, was certainly out.

On sunday we woke up late and checked out of the hotel, and then went to this dive that Peter was talking us about. unfortunately it was closed, so we drug Peter along to our next destination, the San Antonio Riverwalk. All three of us had our cameras in tow, and you can see my pictures HERE, Chris' much better ones HERE, and Peter's HERE.

they are both better photographers than I, and they have bigger cameras. they are also better at getting the hot guy snipage than I am. Still, I wish i had a waterproof camera because there were lost of hot guys at Schlitterbahn. There was also one of the largest displays of tattoos there. does everyone have a tattoo but me?

We had lunch with peter at one of the oldest tex-mex restaurants on the Riverwalk. We also stopped by the Alamo, because you just have to. It's small and dinky and nowhere near as impressive as history would lead you to believe.

After giving Peter a goodbye smack we got back on the road and headed back north, stopping by the Under Armour outlet in San Marcos where I picked up one of those tight, clingy shirts they make (in my size, even). I can't wait to try it out this weekend.

Otherwise we got back home late, and Chris had to wait until monday morning to spring Joey from the Kennel. All is well, just, as I said, busy, and as normal, any trip out of town is going to be busy, not restful when it's up to me. There's a little bit of tiredness to both of us this week. Still, the trip was a very good way to start up my 40's.
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One thing that's troubled me about the move to Dallas is that I really haven't been able to build a circle of friends here. Yes, I'm whining a little bit, but i know that lots of it is my own fault.

I have my best friend. Chris is great and I talk to him about everything and anything, but beyond him I don't have anyone I can consistently talk to or hand out with. Some of the people I knew here before hand have moved on, and others have moved on with their lives and aren't as available anymore.

My problem is that I don't make friends as easily as I used to. Perhaps some of it comes from being burned, where I had put more energy (and sometimes cash) into trying to stay friends with people - not necessarily here, but consistently throughout my life. Who knows, maybe I've tried to often to be friends that I looked up to, or were more witty and smart than I. I'm down on myself as not being as smart or funny as I wish I was, and therefore not being good friend material.

I've also been a lot more closed off since I've moved here. I've been slow open up, and scared to go out and be social. I think its the fear of being pushed aside or unloved that keeps me on the sidelines. Maybe I'm just not comfortable with the meeting places in the community where many meet. Bars and pool parties are somewhat sexually charged, and I never quite know how to handle myself in those situations.

There's a new movies group, and we've gone a few times with them, but it's watching movies, there's little getting to know the other people. It would be nice to add a dinner or after movie coffee with that. I think that would be a better thing than bar nights.

I've gone to a couple of Denton Bears events, and so far so good. I haven't seen much out of the Dallas Bears beyond TBRU, but I know occasionally they do a dinner now and again, but they seem to be a rather exclusive group.

Here's the worst thing, I know I've been bad about keeping in contact with people. There's so many ways to get in touch with people, but I always feel like I'm imposing on people if I call or even message people. I know if I don't talk to them, they don't contact me, but when I want some connection with someone, I'm feeling too desperate and don't want to bother people (not even Chris) with my problem. If I can't keep up with people in the good times, then why bother them when I'm in a bad move?

Even when I have met a person around these parts, I don't seem to be interesting or good enough to become anything more than acquaintance, but perhaps I'm the one who's keeping everyone at a distance. I'm not entirely sure, but I'm certainly not helping myself by being an isolationist.

Maybe I shouldn't work the long hours and find some social outlets, but I've not been ready to join groups...even the softball league where I was last year. Those people aren't in my life, either, and I liked a lot of guys on that team. I keep thinking about the Chorale, but never really decide to make the commitment.

I need to work to make Dallas my home, not just the place that I live, hoping to move somewhere else and repeating the cycle. I need to do better to be open to people and allow whatever relationships may come.

I need to find some friends, old and new, and have some good times. It's not that things are horrible here in Dallas, but they could be better.
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After lunch, Skye, Todd, Chris and I took a little field trip down to the Kwik-E-Mart here in Dallas. As a part of the Simpsons movie tie-in, a 7-11 store in dallas, and a few others around the country were changed into a Springfield convenience store. Since 7-11 started in Dallas, it's only natural one would be here.

As it was July 4th, many other people decided to come gawk at the store as well, causing a full parking lot and a long line to get an official Squishee drink, or some Buzz cola. They were already sold out of Krusty O's cereal. All in all it was fun seeing the signs that were replacing the usual 7-11 signs, like "Special Offer, Buy 3 for the Price of 3!" They had several character stand ups as well, so everyone was taking pictures. Skye mentioned that everything was being sold, and se saw people even buying the hot dogs on the rotisserie.

There are more pictures HERE. Chris' photos (which are better) can be found HERE

Chris and I watched the Nathan's Hot-Dog Eating championship on TV. I kind of wish I hadn't. *burf*

Otherwise, to round out our day, we went to see Transformers. I'm out of the age bracket for the toys and I didn't watch the cartoons (though sadly, I did watch Thundercats, snarf, snarf). This was mostly Chris' movie to be excited about. I know a few days ago I was saying I wasn't really interested in seeing it, but when it started getting decent reviews, my interest piqued.

It got lots of other people interested, too. One theater we tried was sold out for several showings.

Well, the humans are on way too much, and there's some roles that Chris and I wondered if they could be eliminated altogether. There's also a few plot holes that are big enough to drive Optimus Prime through, but when they shut up and really get to FIGHTING, and the explosions go off, then you know why you like this movie. So what if it doesn't make sense. The robots fighting are AMAZING, and the effects, and matching the action to the surrounding real-life areas of Los Angeles are fantastic. I'm sure the action sequences couldn't have been done even 5 years ago.

Character development? Who cares.

It's a bit of a surprising reaction from me, because I can nitpick really well, and when I get on a roll, I really can't let go and enjoy the movie, but there it is.

Yes, i know, I should be writing about Independence Day and how I'm not thrilled with the direction of the country and all, but you know, I can do that anyday. In the long run, I'm not connected to power, I'm not wealthy and I can't change much on my own when it comes to governmental abuses, and stupidity and power games at the expense of the public and those in other countries.

All I can do is raise my voice from time to time, and to get out there and vote, for thankfully in this country they still allow us those rights. As a government made of and for it's people, we should demand better than we have right now, but it will take time. It takes vigilance, and it takes not giving up on the long vision when short term things go awry. We can recover from this disastrous administration, but we need to be thoughtful of what we do next so we don't end up in the same crap with just a different face.

Still, here we are today with good friends, a few bits of entertainment and diversion, stuff that makes life good. All in all, it's not bad living in North America, you know?
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I'm a little upset that I didn't get tickets to go see The Police in concert. Tickets went on sale this past Saturday and while I was at work, actually working, I forgot to log on and slog through the site to order tickets. There's also that thing about a concert in late June that kind of makes me forgetful about it on a day in March.

By the time I remember that they had gone on sale, it was Sunday morning and the first show was sold out. In a 20,000 seat arena. And they added a second show. And it had SOLD OUT as well! I was actually kind of stunned. I didn't think that the police were thought of so fondly, and I didn't think they'd get such a response since a). those who want to see Sting with a lute would be disappointed, and b). most people under 30 have never heard of the group since they broke up in 1986.

I then decided to take a look on the secondary market, and there were all of the tickets. Ticket speculation is just as big of a market as PS3 resales were - for about a week. Something tells me that if you can get tickets to shows easily, you could make a good living on the resales of those tickets.

I didn't need good seats, I just wanted to be there, but when the furthest seat in the arena was now going for twice the original $50 selling price, I decided that this was a concert event I was just going to have to miss. It's sad in a way, but then again I have seen The Police before. It was my first concert, and the first one that my parents let me got into Houston for. that was the 1984 Synchronicity tour and it was at the Summit - now Lakewood Church. Sting wore the big red, yellow and blue outfit from the Synchronicity II video. Ahh, those were the days.

I really have better things to spend my money on, but it would have been fun to see the same group...several years older. perhaps they will come again. Heck, the Stones still tour.

Personally, I'm looking forward to more new acts, like seeing the Scissor Sisters next week!


Otherwise, my friend Jerry ([ profile] goofycubb) sent me some questions to answer...

1. Do you miss Houston? Me? :) LOL

I'm finding hard to believe that it's been almost a year since I was last in Houston. My parents worry about me!
I don't miss the city so much, but there are a few places - namely Beck's Prime and James Coney Island. I also miss the ripcord and wish I could move all of those places up here. I also miss driving on Memorial Drive. As for you, I really wish you were here to watch the Amazing Race with! Or just to hang with. Those were good times. When are you coming to visit us? :-)

2. Will you ever go clean shaven again?

Well, most people who know me these days have never seen me clean shaven. I think the last time was 1994, and i have no plans to do it again.

3. What is the strangest thing that someone has said while you are in bed making whoopee?

Generally I'm the one who comes up with the bad puns and such! I guess it was the mutually crazy conversation about Bears releasing genetically enhanced pheromones on a dance floor, triggered by thumping dance music. It was at TBRU, and the sound created for this - "Paaaft!" -became a catchphrase for the weekend.

Let's just say that mixing the two of us in bed was not only fun, but also a lesson in non-sequitur thinking.

4. What is under your bed?

Occasionally Joey, but otherwise it's the surge protector outlet strip that powers the CPAP.

5. Did your mom ever catch you masturbating?

Thankfully no, thanks to a lock on the door, but occasionally she did try to open the lock with a coat-hanger. This would normally be when she was mad at me for something. I'm not so sure what she would have done if she caught me with a Muscle and Fitness magazine in one hand...


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