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Courtesy of [ profile] bobaloo here's a picture of Chris and I back from 2004, I think. Ahh, we were so young then, and I still had my hair...wait.

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Well we had a string of some really nice spring weather, even having a good weekend to take out the visiting [ profile] bigmacbear to a party and then the Eagle. Overnight it turned rainy and cold. We had gotten rid of the comforter on the bed but Chris had to wake up and haul it out early this morning as the temperature dropped.

Here's a few more questions that I need to answer:

1. [ profile] deanosota asks: Will you be seeing The Watchmen this weekend?

Well, that was a yes. I saw it at the midnight showing on Friday. It was a theater filled with nerds and geeks, so an audience that would know the material. I thought it was good, but didn't have the spark to really be considered great. Many scenes looked like they were taken directly from the comic, and that was good, but the movie lacks something as an adaptation.

Let's face it, Watchmen is a character study. Who are costumed heroes? What makes them tick? If we put them in a really desperate situation, would they really come out as heroic as comic books make out? Only Dr. Manhattan is really a superhero, per se, and his powers make him so different that he no longer connects with humanity. It's a cynical, but likely realistic thought.

The ending in the comic book is more there to finish the plot than it is to give a big action sequence, so it doesn't really translate well in a superhero move where people are looking for the big fight. I'm sure that will disappoint many casual viewers who are expecting something more.

Luckily the audience knew the story and knew what to expect. They expected penis. You could tell who in the audience didn't expect that coming. Frankly we really need to get over this whole "you can't show male full frontal". It's really silly. No one made a big deal of the breasts in the film. In many of the negative reviews of the movie the reviewers were more shocked by the big blue than they were the graphic violence and blood. Personally I'm squeamish, and I can't watch horror movies - this was coming pretty close for me as far as gore goes. I say less violence, more penis.

Oh, and the soundtrack. Yikes. i understand using poplar songs to evoke a time is to help the viewer, but man, could you try to find songs that were less clichéd. When I heard "Hallelujah" and "All Along the Watchtower" it really took me out of the scene. In fact "Hallelujah" got many unintentional laughs from the audience.

Lastly, since it is a character move, and the reasons for the heroes motivations are really deep in the book, it's sad that the Silk Specter wasn't really given as much depth. She's the whole reason for Dr. Manhattan's actions in the present, but it doesn't really connect on screen how she was pushed into the superhero life by her mother and how she's the last connection to humanity for Dr. Manhattan. Part of it is because her mother didn't seem like the sad character she was in the book. Nite-Owl and Rorschach were handled pretty well.

Worth seeing, but I think that more adaptation and less cribbing from the comic could have made the experience a lot richer in the end.

2. An Anonymous reader named Curious and Alone writes: How did you meet your husband?

We met right here on LJ. About six years ago I had just started here on LJ. Chris had been on for a while. In connecting with friends of friends here, Chris commented on a post or two and eventually wanted to meet with me.

Chris was supposed to surprise me and come down to the Dallas Diablos and Houston Roughnecks Rugby game where I said I was going to go. I instead responded to an invite to go to Austin that weekend and meet [ profile] cristalskye, [ profile] lostncove, and [ profile] mattycub, who were there to see one of Randy's plays at the fringe festival.

So we missed each other that weekend, but Chris then messaged me about meeting for lunch one day before he would go back to Dallas, and we met. It was over chicken fingers at Skeeter's near my office in Greenway Plaza. I talked - a lot - because I was so nervous. I remember a hug and how I walked away back to the office in a bit of a cloud of excitement!

Chris and then met a few more times when I would visit my sister who was living in Dallas at the time. Eventually the visits to Dallas were to visit Chris rather than my sister, then eventually I moved in. The rest is history.

3. Another anonymous questioner asks: Why aren't you on Facebook?

I go back and forth on this, but really, I'm not too crazy about another site. I'm on Linked In, Flickr, and Twitter and sadly on MySpace (there's nothing to see there, really). I'm not sure I really want something else to look at. Besides, remember Friendster? Yeah, well MySpace is already going the way of Friendster and I think we can all say that Live journal is less vibrant than it once was (sadly - it was the one place you could find people who could write a whole sentence). I'm worried that Twitter and Facebook will be yesterdays news pretty quickly.

I guess I'm trying not to join Facebook because I know that will be the moment that Facebook will have become totally uncool. Not that I'm worried that much about cool, but I know that the parade would have moved on somewhere else. I just wish I knew where it was moving to.

Oh, and I love Twitter, but it's already reached the point where it is now being marketed to, and then it fills up with more folks trying to advertise than actually trying to connect. It's like when MySpace became more marketing tool for bands and media companies than an actual community. It's the one thing LiveJournal hasn't become. I guess it comes down to the fact that people want community, but don't really want to be bothered by what would actually make the site a sucessful ommercial venture.

That being said, I'll probably give in and join Facebook sometime soon, but I hate those little "sell your friends" games.

I'm out of questions. This may be a good thing, but we'll see. I'll still take them. If you have a question, comments are screened if you go to THIS post. Keep asking away.
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I think I'm ready for this year to end. 2008 was certainly full up ups and downs and many changes.

2008 was the first year where I attended more funerals than weddings, but yet I had a wedding of my own. I did the east-coast west coast thing again ending up at Disneyland and New York City in my travels. I met new people and shied away from them at parties as usual. I got a new job and then had to tell people how much their investments had lost as the stock market went down, down down.

It was another year with my fantastic husband, and the first year I could truly call him that.

It was a year where we elected a new leader, and we are just waiting for him to take office, but it was tempered by the fact that bigotry remains a party of this country.

The first half of the year was much better than the second half. I think most of us will be ready to move on.

With that said, here's some things I hope won't make it into 2009:
Novelty Shoe Fashions (aka Uggs and Crocs)
High Gas Prices
So-called tolerant preachers
Hannah Montana
Magic Underpants
Israeli-Palistinian Conflicts & War in general
Cancelation of good shows (or at least better than the normal crap)
The phrase "Where's MY bailout?"

Things we need more of in 2009:
More marriages for my friends
More facial hair
More jobs
More friends
More good times
More calm nerves
More progress
More love
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Now that we've been wed for a week now, it's about time I drop a few wedding photos on you. First are my two favorites:

Chris and I kiss Chris' mom, who was our witness, outside of the county courthouse.

We hold the booklet that the state of California gives to all people applying for a marriage license. I now know I need to take more folic acid when I get pregnant.

And in the ceremony...

The big "I Do!" to do. Held in beautiful conference room B at the Lake County Courthouse.

More photos behind the cut... )
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So, what's happened in the last 24 hours?

Well, we arrived in Lake County, California here for Chris' father's funeral. Last night as I was cooking some dinner for myself, Chris proposed. Since we talked about this last week, and I was already in the yes column, well I did go ahead and say yes.

So today we went to the county seat and to the registrars office to get a marriage license. The county makes appointments for civil marriages on Wednesdays and Fridays. The clerk said they are booked for weddings tomorrow, but since we were from out of town, she would do it today. We went back to the house to pick up Chris' mom and his Uncle Bob, and we did the deed.

Heck, we didn't really have time to change into fancy duds. I look like I do on a Jeans Friday at work!

Yes folks, I'm a married man. Finally he's made an honest guy outta me! Surprisingly I got married before my sister who has been engaged to her fiance about as long as Chris and I have known each other. I guess that means we rushed into this!

I am a little sad that we didn't get married on Halloween. That would have been good. The county clerk who did the ceremony then made us even sadder that we couldn't get married on Friday when she said she was going to be dresses as Elvis.

Apparently the county clerk's office has a Vegas theme for Halloween. The window where we signed the license was decorated as a blackjack table. Nothing like signing a legal document on something resembling a gambling table. The clerk also gave us our California Marriage Handbook over the pile of chips.

When the clerk mentioned that marriage is not something to be entered into rashly, I thought - well, it's been 18 hours or so, so we should be OK, right?

We didn't have rings. We used the ring I normally wear that I bought at the renassance festival a few years ago. When everything else blows over, we'll shop for some real rings, and maybe we'll have a real ceremony and a wedding registry. There's nothing like wedding presents, right? Right now none of that was that important.

Now I have to tell my parents. They are voting for McCain. At least this couple's votes will cancel their's out. Not sure how they are going to take this news.

Well, I guess this is our little part of saying "No on 8!" We can't vote in California but we did give. If I knew where an office was I'd put a magnet on the rental car. Still, we decided to do it because of the impending possibility of not being able to - and that in the long run, it really doesn't change who we are as a couple, but it's a nice thing to do.

Photos to come.

I love you Chris, and was happy to make it legal - in selected areas only!


Oct. 27th, 2008 10:01 am
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Chris' father died suddenly and unexpectedly on Saturday. Chris has
been working on plans to go to be with his mother in California and helping with the finances, which his father took care of. It's come as quite a shock.

While Chris will be gone for a week or so, I'm trying to figure out
about going out there for a couple of days to attend the service.
We've already found that bereavement fares for the airlines aren't really worth anything, and I wouldn't qualify for them anyway.

Chris' parents have been very good about making me feel like one of the family, so I want to repay that by being there during this
difficult moment. While I don't have to be there for the family
business, I have already given Chris some information on how to begin moving family finances into his mother's name.

It's an odd thing, but as we are going through things, and making plans for this weekend it becomes blazingly clear that we aren't
married, and the difficulties of that situation. I have to go to
work today and see if I can get a few days off to go out to California. I've never made a big deal about my relationship at work, so I don't know what hurdles I'll need to go through, especially when we are busy and it's hard to take time off. Yes, Chris is my beneficiary and my emergency contact, but we don't take domestic partner benefits or anything, so it's not like there's a lot of evidence to go on. I doubt I'll get bereavement pay, but hopefully they will let me use some vacation days I still have.

I remember a few years back having to work with HR at an older employer to get bereavement pay for Big Ed when his partner suddenly passed away. It was interesting as the HR department hadn't dealt with the situation before.

It's one of those things where it makes me think about the No on Prop
8 fight in California and how important it is. I wish we could vote while we are out there, just to help the cause. Both Chris and I have donated, doing out part, I guess.

We did talk about the fact that since we would be in California this weekend, should we look into getting married? It might be the last week, you know. Still, I think we came to the conclusion that though we'd be fine with marrying each other, to just run to do it for some deadline wasn't really the right thing, and it doesn't change anything for us - especially here in Texas. Besides, we can still get married in Massachusetts or Connecticut.

Since California doesn't have early voting, this still could be a good moment for Chris and I to do a little No on 8 testimony with his family - just by being there. Nothing obnoxious or overt, just us being ourselves.

I've never had to buy airline tickets this close to when I'm going to
fly. It's difficult to find something good! Right now I'm looking
to go out Friday and return Monday - probably making it more expensive, but I don't know what I can take off yet. Does anyone have some airline booking tricks up their sleeve?

I'm doing what I can for Chris, but I think he's still in shock and it will likely be that way until he gets on that plane and is actually heading home. That makes me sad because I can't be there for him on
that flight. It's odd, because I thought we'd be going to my
father's funeral before his, but life is strange, as always.
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● Chris and I like the Austin City Limits Festival so much that we have already bought tickets for 2009. They went on sale yesterday for those on the mailing list. Here’s hoping there’s some great acts next year, but it’s always a good excuse to get away to Austin. I hope more people will join us!

● Chris is going to Anaheim today to enjoy Miley Cyrus' big birthday bash at Disney. My travel budget is already shot for the year, and I already was close to Miley this year when I was in New York. I don't think I could take any more excitement like that. I was already at Disneyland this year too, but not with the 30,000 gays they are predicting for this weekend. Maybe next year, if everything is good, I might get to go.

● I’d like to give a shout out to and the column/blog How the World Works by Andrew Leonard for keeping me informed about the financial credit crisis. Although I work in the financial world (at an extremely low level), I'm not a business major, economist or even an accountant, I have a large learning curve on some of the issues. I was warned about the mortgage crisis a long time ago (a hat tip goes to Trey ([ profile] arkanjil), and I even had to learn about mortgage-backed securities and selling short when taking my licensing tests, but it’s been getting the broader picture, on how this has swelled into a lending crisis that’s hurting businesses that’s been the education lately.

● Again, I’m lucky to work for a company that’s financially strong, but since we aren’t a bank, and our retirement accounts are mostly annuities, not brokerage accounts, we have many callers who are concerned since we’re not FDIC or SPIC insured. Luckily since we’re a not for-profit company, we aren’t leveraged to the hilt. It's tough to re-assure people when their account balances are falling. Still, people don’t understand, even if they have been trough recessions before, that investment in the stock market can and will go down at times. Investment involves risk, plain and simple.

● Even though the House may vote for the $700 billion bailout bill today, that will be just a band-aid for what the economy is going through at this time. Even with the ability for banks to place bad loans at the feet of the US government, there’s severe trouble in lending right now that’s affecting businesses and consumers. Just like the gas shortages in the Southeast, we are a society that is so used to “just-in-time” logistics and deliveries, so when those deliveries don’t come, there’s no inventory to rely on. Many companies now take short term loans to help them meet payroll and purchase equipment, etc. This is done on a very short time table, rather than having a long term financial plan for financing, especially for small employers. When they can’t get the credit, or the small loans they require, business ends up having to curtail growth, laying-off workers and stopping production.

It’s going to be a while before money is flowing as freely as credit has been, if it ever does again. Many banks were far out-leveraging themselves to make these loans happen, and now with fewer big players, and the specter of more regulation on the horizon, both businesses and consumers are going to have to take a hard look at how they spend, and how much credit they will be able to access.

The biggest problem is that American’s have been made to consume everything at a rapid, get it today pace that really shouldn't be allowed. The desire to live beyond your means has been encouraged not only by big business, but by the Bush administration as well, and blame needs to be laid there on his feet. It’s this administration’s effort to not have any American have to sacrifice that has led to big deficits and an economy that was unable to sustain itself as there was no fundamentally sound underpinning. I wonder if Bush was just hoping to get out of office before the bubble burst. He sure looks like he’s just waiting for the bell to ring in January.

I’m wondering how the American people are going to take to a message of tighten your belts when we’ve been coddled so long by a system that says if you want it, get it, damn the future.

What’s interesting is hearing about the far flung suburbs, especially places like the inland Empire in California where tons of expensive McMansions were built and sold for inflated prices to people who couldn’t afford the mortgage payments and now can’t afford the gas prices to commute to and from them, so the houses are foreclosed, the people abandon the homes, and leave all their possessions creating ghost towns out of these suburbs as no one wants to buy them, even at bargain prices. I’m surprised we don’t see more of that in Texas where it seems the cities have grown so far out from the city core, that it’s created more, smaller city cores to compensate, but is that enough to justify driving for miles for everything?

The next president, who ever he, or perhaps she given some odd twist of fate, is, will have the very difficult task of having to pull us along through an economic crisis that may resemble the 1970’s. There’s likely to be some comparisons to Jimmy Carter, who inherited the spiraling inflation, high unemployment and stagnant economy from Nixon/Ford, and he found it very difficult to find a way out of it. Something tells me that no matter whom the president is, 2012 will be a big election year as well.

● Funny thing is that today at work they are feeding us, and passed out a slip of paper with a picture of a baked potato on it that we are to redeem for our lunch. Some people have said that one potato will not be enough, and others have said we should copy the paper in order to get two potatoes. With that there has been talk that we would just create a crisis if there were more slips of paper than potatoes and that the value of the slip of paper would fall as there was no promise of a potato backing the value of these “potato-based securities.” We’ve been having fun with talk of the failure of the potato market and since the delivery of potatoes hasn’t come in yet, the fact that the slips are based on nothing but the full faith that potatoes will appear. There’s also been word of a modern “potato famine” here in the office, but we are waiting for a bailout from management. It’s a funny way to apply the economic lessons we’ve learned these past few weeks.
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A few notes today:

● First, I watched the season premier of Heroes the other day, and I think we can start a drinking game with the number of stolen plots. Sure, they say there are only 153 plots in the world, but when you can clearly see they are stealing from “The 4400”, “X-Men”, “The Sixth Sense” and every other movie where the villain is somehow related to the hero. It doesn’t feel fresh and new. Of course, reading comics for so many years makes most of the plots and characters seem kind of old.

Although they didn’t introduce many new characters, there’s too many of them out there, and they rarely work together in any meaningful way. Sure, the idea is that at the end of the story, everything comes together, but the writers seem to have a hard time with that. Here are a couple of thoughts. Kill some characters. We’re starting to get some redundancy in powers and it just muddles everything. When you do kill some of them, then let them stay dead. There’s no way the audience can feel for the danger the characters are in if everyone can easily come back to life.

Speaking of new characters, there was the one “villain” who was locked up with the others in the paper factory. He is a cute Hispanic cubby, but since he apparently has been switched out with Peter Petrelli, now that he’s escaped, we the audience only see Peter, and the cute cubby in mirrors and reflections. It’s a lazy way to not have to explain to the audience that he’s really Peter, but that could be explained in dialogue. I’d rather see the cubby.

It’s also interesting how they are spending their effects budget. Some effects look great (the freezing, the speedster’s streak) others look terrible. I know you are working on a television budget, so you need to choose carefully.

Hopefully with the extra time off, Heroes writers worked harder to put together a season-long story arc like there was with the first season. There’s some indication of this, but it is tough to see how some of the storylines work together. One last thing. Too many characters can see the future. One is OK, but you have dreamers and travelers and sometimes they see different visions. It’s confusing to the audience and it’s used as a cheap way to build a threat – much like our current administration warning about attacks that haven’t happened. Let’s limit the visions of the future on this show.

● The Emmy Awards show was terrible, but I like both Mad Men and 30 Rock. It’s rare that I like the shows that win.

● I love that to try to preserve the economy until at least a week into November the Bush Administration wants to have an unelected official have the power to distribute 700 billion dollars of taxpayers’ money to banks and investment firms that couldn’t control their own businesses? No way. The Bush Administration has done terrible damage to the country grabbing powers that were not a part of the executive branch, or once had oversight by other branches of government. Congress has too many times rolled over to let them take it’s oversight power, or allowed the administration to write in restrictions to judicial oversight. Sorry, but this time we need to say no, even when the economy is tanking.

The bailout will happen, but it needs to be on terms that protects taxpayers and works to protect the government from falling into deeper debt. Mortgage lenders don’t like the idea of the government coming in and re-writing loan provisions, but it’s better to prevent foreclosure and have people pay back the loans rather than to have them just walk away. This was done in the great depression and can be done now. I hope Congress will have the guts to demand it.

I’m sure Republicans will try to block the bailout legislation if it comes in with a lot of oversight. They will say that the Democrats were just trying to grow government and put in a lot of wins for them, but the Republicans can easily use the bill to try to make political points as well by refusing it. Since Republicans like to say they are for free and open markets, they can say, oh, the bill didn’t pass because there were too many demands (like the CEO pay bit) that made it unpalatable to business, and argue that business will drive the economy if it’s left alone. Bull. These companies got into trouble and are driving the economy to ruin. I don’t want long-term oversight, or government ownership, but there has to be restrictions and accountability. I don’t think the Republicans are up to the challenge. Hopefully the Dems will be.

● I’m getting ready with Chris to go to Austin City Limits Festival (ACL) this weekend. I’m ready to get away from the calls and callers we’ve had these last two weeks. It’s been crazy as people are looking for advice, but we can only provide information and a bit of guidance. People always pick the worst time to take action with their retirement accounts, selling out of funds when they are down, and buying “hot” funds when they already are at their highpoint. It’s tough to tell them that. I also hate when we are told to reduce our lunchtime due to the high volume of calls. I’d be happier to stay later than cut my lunchtime.

● As for ACL, I don’t think there are many people we know going. I’ve heard from a couple, and of course we are excited to see Nakia ([ profile] austinchubbylimits) take the stage at the event. It should be cooler this year, too. 90 degrees instead of 108. There’s a lot of overlap this year during the afternoon hours where two or even three good bands are on at the same time. There will be lots of choices to be made.

● Damn, I’m already wanting lunch and it doesn’t come until 2:30 today. The person who popped popcorn needs to die.
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● My parents said their lights came back on last night. I got the answering machine earlier, so I knew things were good. Several parts of their area are still out, and it will take time before all power is restored in the area. My mom was quite happy that she could start washing clothes again, as she has a bit of an OCD thing with laundry.

● The market crisis has been interesting to see how the government and the presidential candidates have handled it. I find it interesting how much it shows that President Bush really has no real power here. Everything is being done by the Fed Chairman and the Treasury Secretary. Even the Congress is getting upset because these big money decisions are being made without their input. I saw the President blathering along, trying to assure people that the free markets are strong, even though we just federalized a major insurance provider. That’s not a free market, laissez-faire move there, that’s the move of a socialist country. When did Republicans become Democrats?

Obama seems to be keeping his cool, trying to show leadership, but he isn’t making headlines. McCain is making headlines, but more for his gaffes than for his leadership. McCain is trying so hard to look like he’s in charge, it makes mistakes like saying he would, as president, fire the chairman of the SEC (or as he said ones, the FEC, a totally different regulation group), which the president does not have the authority to do, look like he doesn’t know what he is doing. Finally the media is noticing this, and calling him on it.

It’s sad to see McCain try to blame everyone but his own party that was responsible for the de-regulation that caused this problem in the first place. It makes him look like he’s floundering, not trying to lay blame on Bush, or other Republicans, but on the regulators that have been de-clawed by legislation and the businessmen who were allowed to run free as they lobbied for the right to do so. Who’s asleep at the wheel here? It’s hard to say you are going to reform “something” when everyone knows you are cozy with the people, and corporations you’re trying to say are bad. It’s bad to be the insider trying to wear the outsider’s clothing.

Otherwise, the bailout plan looks to be another huge taxpayer-funded band-aid on the problem. Much like the Savings and Loan scandal in the 1980’s (which McCain was also involved in, see the lobbying scandal called The Keating Five – it rarely gets talked about), the government is going to open a clearing house to buy up all the bad debt these investment companies and banks have on their hands. As Chris said today, we’re letting them purge, but we’re not putting these companies on a 12-step program to actually deal with the problem.

It will be interesting to see if either candidate actually proposes real regulations to prevent the return to relying on these leveraged investments that had shaky foundations in the first place.

● I’m glad that I worked last weekend, and not this one. This week has been such a drain, especially with people getting out of stocks only to see that the market is regaining most of its losses. Of course it’s hard to tell people to ride it out, or to convince them not to sell at a low point. Heck, I have enough trouble with holding pat in my 401(k) seeing the losses this year, but I try not to think about it too much.

● Something less political, or financial – this weekend looks to be busy. First for me is trying to get goodies at the “Mobile Pie Hole” – the trailer that ABC is using to promote Pushing Daisies. It will be at the Addison Oktoberfest this weekend. My sister wants a pie cutter that they will be giving away. Hopefully there won’t be a whole line of people waiting to get one.

After that, there’s gay days at Six Flags, along with many other pride weekend festivities here in Dallas. I don’t know about going for the parade, but I know I will go out to the rally on Sunday. Chris has to work, so he may join in later.

Somewhere along the way I need to do laundry. Lots of laundry. That’s one thing I wish my mother still did for me.

● Lastly, I’ve come up with a name of the workplace. The Shooting Gallery. The reason is that the office building is next to a skeet range. It’s far enough off that you don’t here people shouting “pull!” but the actual rifle shots echo off the building. Luckily there are trees in between us, and a few horses. They aren’t shooting towards the building. They do shoot towards I-35E, though.
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Happy Birthday!, originally uploaded by eggwards.

It's Chris' Birthday today. This picture was taken about a year ago in Seattle. I have no idea what we are going to do to celebrate. Probably go eat somewhere and play some games. We are a very exciting couple.

Eating Out

Aug. 22nd, 2008 12:08 pm
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I like my in-laws. They are very accepting and supporting, but man, I’m always feeling that I have to be on point with them. Not only do I have to be a good guy, but I have to be witty and smart as well. It’s kind of intimidating.

In a way, it’s a feeling I seem to share with Chris. Having his parents around seems to make him a bit nervous and on edge as well, especially when our dog is being exceptionally needy around them.

It was a nice, if uneventful visit. They stayed at the house and generally just watched the Olympics, taking over the couch, with the dog. They also brought snacks. Lots of snacks. Personally, I try to stay away from snacks, but luckily the snacks they brought I wasn’t tempted by.

Chris and I tend to eat our meals late. Part of this is simply because of our work schedules, but we do tend to push dinner later than we should. Now add in Chris’ parents who have been snacking and don’t feel like getting off the couch, and suddenly it becomes even later. Eventually all you have is late night fast food that’s available, which is fine for them, but unlike me, they just want someone to go get it and bring it back so they can keep watching the Olympics.

Here’s a pet peeve of mine. I really don’t like takeout. If I’m going to eat out, I would rather eat it at the restaurant. This even goes for Taco Bell. I don’t like bringing bags of quickly cooling food home, and then have a mess because of it. I’d much rather have either a waitress take it away, or just be able to throw it into the nearest “Thank You” embossed bin. No muss, no fuss. If I’m going to make the drive for food, I might as well get it hot and fresh.

This includes lunch. I will often go out and someone else is at the same fast food place getting it to go. What, come back and eat over my desk? Eat in the breakroom? No thanks. I should be bringing my lunch more often to save some cash, but that’s different than if I’m going to take the trouble to go to Whataburger.

I know, you are thinking, well, here’s why he never learned to cook. He just likes to eat out. Well, sort of. I do like to eat out, but I never learned to cook because my mother decided to stop cooking when I was in jr. high. She was given a microwave for Christmas one year and that was the end of true cooking. You have never had Thanksgiving until you’ve had an all microwaved Thanksgiving.

My mother has even given up on that, though. The last few Thanksgivings I was with my folks we went out to Steak and Ale because it was one of the few places open. Why mess up her never-used kitchen? Now that Steak and Ale and Benigains are permanently closed, what are non-cooking people going to do on holidays?

Cooking is fine, and I like to eat food at home when I actually get around to doing it, but I do not like to eat my chili-cheese burrito out of the plastic bag while watching drag queens on Project Runway. It just feels white trash.

Out of frustration Chris cooked for his parents one night, which was very nice of him. Basically it was a cooked snack, rather than no-name cheese doodles. It was much better match with the millionth hour of girl’s gymnastics.

This is not to say that Chris’ generous parents didn’t take us out to eat. Oh, and also bought gifts for the two of us. I’m always a little worried about receiving gifts from the in-laws. They are always very nice, but I feel bad because my parents don’t give gifts to Chris. It’s not philosophical or political or anything, heck, my parents don’t get me gifts anymore either. I shouldn’t make a big deal if one group is more giving than the other, but I do feel more obligated that I should get them something as well. I’ll have to work on that.

Sitting with Chris’ folks over the last weekend did pretty much finish off my Olympic Fever. I’ve seen more hours of some of the silliest sports around, trampoline, equestrian, rowing. It’s all what you do when you are eating on the couch.

Another Day

Aug. 4th, 2008 09:00 am
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The last weekend just confirmed that my 40's are here to stay.

41 seems to be such a non-event, and after the excitement of my vacation not so long ago, there really wasn't much to be done for my birthday. Although it's always nice to be acknowledged, I really didn't want to make a big effort or make a fuss.

Chris and I went out to Dave and Busters for a while and played some games. Chris finally got enough coupons to pick up Guitar Hero III for the PS3. I'm not sure how long he had been hanging on to all of those points. We came home and he played the game for a while while I napped. It truly was that exciting of a day.

Chris did cook for me last night. Note that this takes some measure of effort because I won't eat just anything. I'm super picky. Most of the recipes that Chris wants to cook he'd just be cooking for himself. I can only cook hamburger helper and mac and cheese, so I'm not much of a help as he's trying to eat healthier and trying to not eat out as much.

On Saturday we went to two pool parties. One was in the middle of the day, and I think it was a miracle that we didn't have a bunch of dehydrated men after the 105 degree heat and a lot of alcohol. It wasn't a party where I felt particularly comfortable as I think you needed a Big Muscle Bears Profile to get in. Normally those guys won't talk to me, and I make myself look more unapproachable as I sit silently amongst the crowd, with my shirt on. There were a lot of skimpy swimsuits, and plenty of good looking fur to watch, but I get ignored by most of the people. There were a few people I talked to here and there, so not a total loss. The hosts, however are very nice, and really put out quite the effort for these folks.

The evening's pool party was much more relaxed, thought the earlier party had me kind of closed in and anti-social. Still the people were friendlier and I actually did get into the pool this time. It made for a better evening.

My parents called me to wish me a happy birthday last night and my father and I got in an argument about politics. As much as my father tries to deny it, he'd just pushing the talking points he hears on talk radio: "We have plenty of oil if we'd just be allowed to drill it", "Alternative energy is dangerous and unreliable", oh, and my favorite "Obama is a communist" Really? A communist? I know you lived through the cold war, but I don't think you even know the meaning of the word anymore! Socialist, maybe, but not communist. I try to counter that the current administration is corrupt and a house cleaning is needed, but that doesn't seem to catch on. I said we needed to agree to disagree, and get off the subject.

So that's the excitement. Another birthday come and gone. Quiet and unassuming. For those who sent your wishes, thank you very much. I look forward to next year as I should be learning the secret to life, the universe and everything, right?
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Time for a few answers...

First, [ profile] braddumm asks: "Explain the moniker "Eggwards"

Back in college all of the Tubads - the tuba section of the Univ. of Houston Marching Band - got nicknames. There's a some thought put into the names and a big naming ceremony for the new guys, much like what you see in "Animal House." I was given the nickname "Egg". Two reasons for that, first, I was new to playing tuba and second it was a description of my shape - belly shape mostly. Needless to say, the name stuck.

When first getting on the internet i needed a name, and I was surprised to see that Egg was already taken. Occasionally people would take my last name, Edwards, and mix it up with the nickname putting it together, hence Eggwards. It's been my online persona ever since.

Once i started getting involved with the bear community I still used the same name and never really changed to something bear or cub related.

Second, Peter ([ profile] texaspenguin) asks: "What's your favorite part about Dallas?"

That's a tough one. I like that the restaurants are easy to find. heh. There's some good people, but it's hard to get together, especially when you're not one to be outgoing and get everyone together.

Really, Dallas for me means a connection to my family, but it's more of a past connection when my grandparents were still alive. now that they are gone, i find I don't have that much of a connection with the rest of the family, or the city. For all the bragging, Dallas is pretty dull and average. Frankly, San Antonio and Austin are really more interesting cities, though I doubt I'd move to either one.

Sorry, I'm a poor ambassador for the city.

Then there's a barrage of questions from Carlos ([ profile] paladincub21):

"Have you ever found me attractive?"

Well, I'd have to say I've only seen a couple of pictures of you, and there's some good things, but I'd really have to meet you to know better.

"More seriously, being gay and being into sports is easy for some, hard for others. What has your experience been putting the two together."

Well, I'm not sporty. I seem to lack the physical makeup and the skills to really play sports well. I liked playing softball, but I knew I sucked, and the team wanted to be more competitive so it wasn't fun anymore. I'd love to play on a less-competitive basis, but there's not a league that I've found like that here in Dallas.

As for being a fan, i think I was a bigger fan when I was alone and sports were a good way to kill the time. Right now I just don't have many people in my life that really watch sports, so I find myself drifting away from getting involved there as well. I'll still watch an Astros game now and then, and I'll watch what's going on when we go out to sports bars, but that's about it.

Still, I'd love to get back to playing Fantasy Baseball again. I wonder if I should ask if people on LJ would be interesting to try it again.

"You weren't out very long before you started dating/partnered? I know you love your husband, but how do you feel about how quickly it all happened?"

It was fast, but I think I had gotten to the time of my life where I was looking for something like that. I was more than happy to have something solid and lasting among all of the chaos. I think if Chris wasn't in my life, and I was just going out here and there, I still wouldn't be out to my parents right now. I probably am still a little naive because I didn't spend a long time in the pool, a little less well versed about the community and such, but I think it's worked out great.

And lastly, "What do you like best about your partner? What do you like the least?"

Put me on the spot will you? I like that he understands me, mostly, and he does understand that I'm still a little undercooked and emotionally difficult. Heck, I don't always know myself who I am, and I'm less than confident in many ways. He deals with that well.

I think we both share the worst trait, and that we're both a little passive-agressive. Sometimes i'd like him to take the lead, and often it's the same time he'd like me to do the same. This often comes up when we are going out to eat dinner and we haven't decided on a place. We both just want the other to make a decision, but neither one of us wants to put out an idea that might be shot down. Sometimes decision-making can take a while for the two of us.

Should you be inclined to ask me a question, you can do so HERE, where comments are screened.
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Moose and Cub

Five years ago today I met a guy at a restaurant known for it's fried food and queso. It was a little meeting at lunch, since we missed meeting each other the week before as I had gone to austin at the last minute, and didn't go to a Rugby game in Houston.

Nothing was said on that day that was to show what was to come, except a little note in my entry that over lunch I kept babbling on and on. While then it was from being nervous, i still find that I'm the one that can babble more about nothing than he can.

Somewhere along the way I thought last year was the five year mark, but a check the other day of my journal showed that I was wrong. I won't say it's our anniversary, it wasn't the day we fell in love, or decided to date or anything. Today is but a date to remember when we first met.

Still, five years. Not too shabby. I, for one am damn glad it happened. And like I still love fried foods and queso - sometimes even together, I still love Chris as well.
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✬One more day of work before Christmas tomorrow. My excessively grinch-y overseers are closing the office early, but instead of being nice and just giving us the time, they asked up to get up early and come in early so we can still work our full shift.

The company I work for has a similar demanding tone with little recognition for your effort that I experienced at Target many years ago. Thanks to lack of planning, we've been on "mandatory overtime" this entire year. Still, they refuse to bring in help, or acknowledge that the upturn in volume is anything more than an aberration.

Happily for us, we are so loved. My boss, who after several months still doesn't know what we do, came around with an envelope stating that it was a bonus for all of our overtime. I opened up the envelope and saw a laminated card with some words of thanks and blah-blah-blah, then signed by our Senior Vice President. I looked back in the envelope looking for a gift card or something...nothing. The card was it.

Makes you feel like the effort to go above and beyond is so worth it.

❆I have a couple of words to mention about James' ([ profile] jamesbeary) funeral services. First thing, it was very, very cold last weekend. The graveside service was pretty miserable, both for the reason and the cold.

In a way I felt like more of a placeholder for all the others in the bear community who couldn't be there. In some ways i felt like I didn't know James all that well. Chris and I seemed to be there more for support for [ profile] urso than anything else. There weren't a whole lot of bears at the ceremonies, and the service itself seemed to gloss over this part of James' life. Really, the only member's of James' family that really talked to us were his nephew, Eryk and his wife, who greeted us with "so you're the bears?" Eryk was the one who was emailing, IM'ing and texting people about James' passing, so he seemed to be the only one who knew the range of people who James had touched.

Only the couple of eulogies provided during the service seemed to capture a little about James. The nice-but-formal pastor seemed to be on autopilot for the service.

It was also interesting being in a room with so many deaf people. The hands and arms were gesturing wildly. Urso could pick up things here and there and Eryk could converse as well, but it was tough trying to mingle with the crowd when you can't say much. It made for an odd afternoon.

✯I've had a couple of nudges saying that I should post more, and I should post more of my political rants. Really, I keep up with politics, but man have I been burnt out on it. I may have to give a new opinion for the presidential race, but really, don't we just wish that it was time to just vote for 2008 and it it over now? Do we still have ten months to go?

❄Otherwise, it's a quiet Christmas here. Chris is busy cleaning the house while I've been extra lazy. We were trying to figure out what to do for christmas dinner between the two of us, and it pretty much comes down to the the fact that I really can't cook much. I really should learn to cook more than Rice-a-Roni. Though I do love Rice-a-Roni. Having shopped early and already given Chris his gift, there's really not much to be done, otherwise. If I could come up with some time off during the christmas season some year, perhaps we could plan to actually travel, but for now we'll just be at home.

Since I was way too lazy to get out Christmas cards this year, I'll just have to tell everyone here that I wish them a Happy Solstice (belated), Happy Haunukka (also belated), Merry Christmas, Meaningful Kwanzaa, and observant Hajj, and we'll see you around New Years.

☆Chris has already given me one gift. He got me a membership to LA Fitness. He's been motivated seeing as I've been going to the gym at work for the past year and a half, so now he's trying to get into it as well. We've gone together a few times, but I get to choose between our little gym at work and the new LA Fitness across from the Baptidome.

So far the eye-candy hasn't been all that, mainly because the LA Fitness location is new and doesn't have a lot of members. Personally I wish it would stay that way. Fewer people to see how winded I get doing laps in the pool (besides the fact that I'm in the pool in the first place). The nice thing about the gym is that it has more equipment than the gym at work.

❆Personally I'm ready to move on to 2008 and see if we can take a few more risks and make a few things happen. It is once again a time for change, especially in the work life. Heck, with less TV to watch, maybe I'll work harder on getting my resume into the right hands. Perhaps some good could come out of the writer's strike.
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It's Chris' birthday today. He's somewhere in his early to mid Thirties. The picture was taken last night as we had dinner with [ profile] alphaschnitz who was in town. After that Chris came home to play more Metroid.

Chris has been working hard, and like me working some long hours. We're both in a panic about packing for our upcoming trip, and because of the trip neither one of us has a lot to spend on Chris' birthday this year. I think we still have a gift card to Morton's though - maybe this weekend.

Chris has been the best thing to happen to me. I can't imagine life without him, and I'm glad he puts up with my insecurities, immaturities and other faults. He's kind, patient and loveable - and he lets me talk all the time. :-)

I love you. Have a happy birthday, Chris.
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Alright, time to turn on the randomizer...

* First, there's a pick-up truck in our parking garage - one of many as you might guess, we have people driving everything from trucks with acetylene torches for welding to ones where the guy advertises his cattle ranch. Seriously, he'll sell you fresh beef from his ranch. Still, this one truck is out there and the entire bed of the truck is filled with empty oil bottles. On the back window there's a sticker that says "Save Ocean Wildlife".

Luckily for the seals the oil slick is under this guys truck, and not out at sea.

* Next, apparently Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia defended the US use of torture by giving his support to the efforts of fictional character Jack Bauer. He stated, "Jack Bauer saved Los Angeles. ... He saved hundreds of thousands of lives," Judge Scalia said. Then, recalling Season 2, where the agent's rough interrogation tactics saved California from a terrorist nuke, the Supreme Court judge etched a line in the sand.

Yes, Jack's techniques work because the writers wrote that it would work. That's kind of like endorsing vigilantism because Batman's effective.

Really, does anyone in Washington know what reality is anymore?

* Here's an odd, morning addled conversation Chris and I had, as much as I can recall it.

I'm at the computer and a noticeably hungry Chris is ready to go get breakfast. I turn and ask him where he's going, and he states he has to get something to eat before he comes over and eats my hand off. I said, "So, eat my hand off, huh?" He replies, "Yeah, then what are you going to do?" "I don't know, wait for the bleeding to stop then stump you?"

Stumping - verb - A sexual act of penetration involving an amputated limb.

Chris, clearly put off by the image starts to walk down the stairs. I needed to pile on. "So, would stumping be something like "Phantom Fisting?"

Chris was done with me for a while.
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Chris' flight back from San Francisco was delayed and hour and a half, so I have to wait until midnight to go pick him up. Thanks American Airlines.

Still, I had plenty of time to watch the start of Top Chef 3, which was good. I like Dale, but I think he's going home really fast. It's not Project Runway, but it certainly is a favorite, and probably the best thing on this summer. I'll say that until the new series of Doctor Who starts up.

I'm at a bit of a fashion crossroads. For the last several years I've been wearing boxer shorts - mostly the heavier cotton boxers from Big Dogs that have the embarrassing sayings embroidered on them. This is all well and good, but I find now that my body must be changing a bit, and these things ride up in ways i don't find goo or amusing. i guess all the workouts on the elliptical machine are starting to pay off with my butt and thighs.

So I'm just not enjoying the boxers anymore, thought they do make great loungewear. I recently bought some boxer-briefs from UnderArmour. they sell some larger sizes on their website, and they feel great - a little snug, but it's great for my workouts. Working out in the boxers, well, that was just stupid.

So the UnderArmour boxer-breifs are good with all of that sleek feeling that makes me feel a little sexy even, but the underwear is a little expensive. Yeah, the Big Dogs boxers weren't that cheap either, but they have lasted a long time and they are often on sale. Buying off UnderArmour's website means no sales and a shipping charge. I need something cheaper for more of an everyday kind of thing.

Here's the question, who makes good boxer-breifs that I can easily get in a 2X (or maybe 3X, depending on fit)? I looked at the JCPenny website and didn't like anything they had. I have a couple of pairs of old Hanes Boxer-breifs when Target used to carry my size, many years ago. their fine, but I can't even find them on the Hanes website.

Let's face it, I loathe shopping at Casual Male. Dillards has no-name underwear, and little of it in stock, and even worse, seems to have stopped having sales on their Big and Tall clothing all together. Does someone have a supplier I don't know about?

Last question, does anyone know where I can get square-cut swim trunks? Am I just too big to show off like that? Maybe so, but I'd at least like to try it if I can find it. Come on guys, where do you go shop for this stuff!?
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It's now been a year that I grabbed up some of my belongings and moved into this house. It's been pretty good. I certainly love the TV! The companionship has been nice too. I'm also glad to have a dog in my life again. It's taken a little getting used to, having Chris around everyday as opposed to the weekends that we had shared previously.

Sure, we're both a little tough to talk to, and occasionally it's lead to some misunderstandings and some hurt feelings, but I'm going to guess that happens with every couple. Personally, I don't know. It's still my first time around. Still, I think we have learned to understand each other better in the past year and hopefully we'll get even more in synch.

Of course we're both pretty darn stubborn. I think I beat him in this in a lot of ways, especially with my eating habits. Chris doesn't like that I won't eat veggies, and a lot of the recipes that he knows have something in them that I won't eat, so we just end up going out to eat all of the time. It's something I need to work on because Chris would like to cook more and I could use to save some of the money we spend going out.

The real gripe about the big move has been the job. I won't dwell on it much tonight, but let me say that I think I was told things about this job that it clearly isn't. Still, I'm happier that my current boss is much more receptive to my wanting to do more, and be more than my previous one who only talked to me at my review. 2007 is definitely about setting myself up for, and getting a better position.

One of the biggest changes was the sleeping arrangements - and I'm not just saying this because we had both slept on the same side of the bed when we were single (on the left). I made the move over to the right. However, there's a study that said that couples get less sleep than singles do, and I believe it. The study says couples lose up to 49 minutes of sleep a night. I haven't seen exactly why this is, but I have some ideas.

for one, you're somewhat conscious of your partner while you're in bed. Not just in the way that when they move you might wake up, but there just seems to be a little instinctual thing that makes you a little bit aware of their presence. I know that when I move around I kind of "feel" where Chris is, so I won't kick him.

Strangely, I'm usually the one who stays in my zone. It's probably from the many years I have spent in a twin bed, even as an adult. My tossing and turning can be kept in a relatively small space. I think that this technique was improved over many band road trips where I'd have to sleep with someone in a hotel bedroom, and try not to touch them because I was scared that the other person would think that I was "that way".

Chris will slide his legs over to my side of the bed sometimes. I don't know why, but he likes to sleep diagonally. Since we both have CPAPs and are usually connected to tubes all night, we don't get to do a lot of spooning. Spooning's nice, but it usually wipes both of us out for the next day.

Of course there's one other element that has changed our sleeping arrangements over the last month or so. Joey the Dog has been joining us at night because my soft heart doesn't like sending her out to sleep on the porch on a cold night. She's a big 50 lbs lump who likes to sleep on top of the comforter in the space right between Chris and I. Somehow she steals the comforter off of me on many a night.

She's gained the privilege to sleep with us as she can stay still for most of the night. I remember when she was a puppy and I'd be over we tried to let her sleep with us, but she'd run around and bark and yes, she once peed on the bed while we were in it. Now that she's grown up (she just turned three), she's usually well-behaved. As it gets warmer again, I think we'll put her outside at night, so I hope she doesn't get to used to it.

For a few years I did sleep in my small twin bed with my family's wiener dog, Fritz. He was a pretty big dachshund, so there wasn't a lot of room for the two of us, but he liked to burrow under the covers. Joey certainly does not want to be under the covers. She likes to sleep where she can have a good view of everything.

There's a nice feeling, though, of once you put your CPAP mask on, that there's someone there who loves you. Just as you drift off there's a light touch from your partner, or maybe you hold hands for a little bit. It's nice, and reassuring.

Of course, it's a big bed, which is great. We go to hotels and suddenly we're in this small bed and there's no elbow room! Talk about having a tough time getting to sleep! I guess we're both guys who need our space. Still, our bed's up pretty high, so there are times where i worry that I may one day fall out of bed - though it's been years since I've done that.

Yeah, my life changed quite a bit over the last year, but it's been a good thing, something that's helped me grow up, and be more responsible in thinking about two instead of just one. Decisions I make, and the moods I express effect him, and his effect me. It's a different world.

I love being here with Chris. Really, it isn't about Dallas. I haven't found all that much to brag about, city wise. It's all about the relationship and learning about Chris and learning about myself. It's about the everyday lives of two people, and the difference in everyday living as opposed to dating, or just seeing each other on special occasions. Luckily the transition has been a good one.

Though I'd say I'm most grateful I didn't have to buy an HD-TV of my own!
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First I'd like to thank ESPN2 for their World's Strongest Man Marathon today. Love it. I'm hoping Kevin Nee and Josh Thigpen will continue to do well for years to come (because they are hot!), and please, more events in the water that makes these guys lose their shirts!

Wow, 2006 ended fast, didn't it. For a year with so much change and turbulence in the world, you'd think it would have seemed longer. Of course the political landscape changed, somewhat for the better as it seemed people started to wake up, but the damage that's been done will take years to fix, and in the meantime I'm sure there will be plenty more problems that come from the actions that have take place over seas and from our horrible domestic policy.

Entertainment seemed to be playing it rather safe this year where many movies seemed to be made by committee and music seemed to be re-treading the same ground. A few risk-takers got noticed, like the Dixie Chicks and Scissor Sisters, but it didn't always show in album sales. Still I enjoyed the Magnetic Fields, MorningWood Snow patrol and Belle and Sebastian. I still love BNL, but the newest album didn't totally wow me.

Movie standouts included Casino Royale and Cars, but what, there were six or seven movies with singing and dancing animals this year? Borat was funny, but will it hold up over the years? Heck, I can barely recall other movies I saw this year. Pirates of the Caribbean II? Better than the first, but that's not saying much.

I read more books than saw movies. I think the outstanding book was the biography of John Adams by David McCullogh, while I wasn't as excited about Son of a Witch or The Devil Wears Prada which made a better movie (not saying a lot there) than a book.

Television had a really great year, as more shows took big chances. I really love shows like Battlestar Galactica and Lost that continue to blur the lines on just who's a good guy and who's the bad guy. I'd have cancelled HBO if it wasn't for Big Love which made for interesting complications to the family drama. I found myself enjoying the campy fun of Ugly Betty and the new Doctor Who. I seem to have a love-hate relationship with Heroes which can be fun but also full of holes in both story and characters.

Moving to Dallas was an interesting thing, I'll admit I was expecting a lot, with friends and the city that didn't always come through. I guess I found myself to be a lot more closed-off and shy about the new surroundings than I thought I'd be. Truly, I stick pretty close to Chris in most of my social situations here, which doesn't make me really do well with going out of my comfort zones. Going out to meet people or stay at home? I'd likely choose to stay at home. I guess that I shouldn't be surprised that I really haven't developed strong ties here.

My trip to Boston was the highlight of the year and I loved being there and loved the city and it's people. I loved going back to Austin City Limits Festival again, and enjoyed several acts there, as well as meeting new people. I look forward to our planned cruise next year, and maybe I'll be able to squeak out a weekender trip somewhere as well. I guess I need to get back down to Houston again soon, as I really miss some of the people and places there. Over the last few years I've found out how much I love to travel and hope I'll get more opportunities.

It's been interesting developing the relationship between Chris and I. I had to get used to living with someone again, as it had been years since I'd had a roommate or lived with family. It's very different living with someone who you have a close relationship. Roommates, if they are having a bad time, or are depressed, there's a detachment you can have, but the same is not true when it's your partner. I still think that we both have some work when it comes to communication - especially about being clear with each other when we have a problem with each other, our habits and our likes and dislikes. Personally I need to work on being better about showing affection and not staying so stoic like my father.

Of course Joey the dog is great, except when she hogs the sheets in bed.

I took a step back with my career. It's been troubling me, and I feel like I'm working more to get out of the situation and move forward. That means looking for new opportunities and trying to make the most out of a bad situation. Still, I'm being though highly of by my co-workers, and occasionally by management, but I've found that there's a big disconnect between managers and their employees. It really troubles me and I know there's so many opportunities for improvement that they are missing just because they don't notice what's happening beyond a few numbers. While I'll continue to look for other opportunities, I think I can make my mark in 2007 by working on improvements and making suggestions for training and growth.

I'm also finding out how much I'm really spending, and didn't quite make the changes needed when my income lowered. I really need to work with Chris in getting things in order, and look for places I can save some cash. I wonder if I can make up some of the difference with more overtime this year.

My biggest improvement this year was getting into the gym. I do a few hours of cardio and some light machine weight each week, and it's been easy with the gym in the building at work. I like to say that it's the best thing about my job. I lost 40 pounds this year, and I think I look and feel better because of it. Now I don't look like a World's Strongest Man contestant by any means, but I'm trying! I've been disappointed in the last couple of months as I really have plateaued, but hopefully in 2007 I'll break trough a big and work to get my lovehandles under control!

So, what's up for 2007? Really, working on my relationship with Chris, I love him and I need to be a good partner for him. I need to work on my career, as I know I can do more and be a a great asset to my employer. I need to expand my fitness goals and do more to improve my health and work to make my body the way I'd like to see it.

I need to take bigger steps to be a better member of the community, and not isolating myself. Maybe I need to take up a hobby or join a group that gets me some exposure. I need to try to see if there's something I should be doing in life, maybe it's my mid-life-crisis, but I feel that there's something missing, mostly from a career and maybe artistic place, and I really need to discover what that is. I also need to do better in keeping the connections and friendships I've made over the years. There's no sense losing out by not interacting when it's easy to do so.

That's a lot for a year that will probably go by just as fast as this one, but I'll try. All that and working to survive my 40th birthday this coming summer...what a year 2007 will be!


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